It’s about women. It’s about beauty. It’s about time.

Introducing Jessica: Our new BOOM! Brand Ambassador

Hey, Cindy here;

The Pro-Age Revolution is growing by the day! Thank you for being a part of it. You may have noticed that we’ve begun sharing blog videos of other women’s experiences and viewpoints on aging.

That’s because this movement is about YOU (and I want to hear your story)! This revolution is about all of us and an experience we are all sharing.

I also want to introduce you to Jessica, our new BOOM! brand ambassador! Jessica is an amazing woman in our community and she’s going to be sharing some of her viewpoints and experiences here on the BOOM! Blog. I asked her to write an introduction so you can get to know her. Here it is…


Hi out there!

I’m Jessica, and I wanted to introduce myself as a new member of the BOOM! team.

Like a lot of us, I wear a ton of hats—I have about five different creative jobs, I coach women and men on how to manifest their creative projects and actualize their best selves, and I’m also a mom, a partner, a daughter, and a friend.

I’m proud to be in dialogue with the BOOM! community—in just a short time here I’ve been charged up, inspired and excited by all the incredible women out there who are all getting better, more confident, powerful and joyful with age.

While I’m within the BOOM demographic, my work here has already given me some amazing opportunities to engage deeply with women older than I am–in their 60s, 70s, and beyond. These conversations have inspired me to feel excited about what lies ahead for me, and expanded my assumptions even further about how amazing life can get, the more time we spend on the planet.

I’m honored to be part of the conversation with so many amazing women who are making the choice to keep evolving, growing, stepping into their power and redefining “beautiful” on their own terms—according to what feels pleasurable, inspiring and juicy for them.

I think Cindy Joseph has started a revolution over here—not only by creating some fabulous products (I use them every day, and I feel great about how sustainable, simple and nourishing they are), but also by creating a space where women can come together and share what makes us feel beautiful, expansive, inspired and sexy.

Cindy has articulated something a lot of women feel at a gut level—that society’s messages about women and aging are a bunch of myths invented to sell us expensive stuff, and don’t really line up with the reality that we can become more of who we are and step into an ageful beauty as our lives continue.

What a wonderful thing to have a space where so many of us who feel this way can come together, talk with each other, and support each other on the journey to discover what makes us amazing and beautiful!

So here are some things I believe, that have been nourished and expanded in just the short time I’ve spent here at BOOM, that I’m excited to talk with all of you about!

Women can become stronger when we are in conversation with each other.

Society often sets women up to compete with each other, to think there’s only room for a few of us at the table, and to compare ourselves to each other (especially when it comes to beauty).

But in my own life, I’ve found that when I experiment with dropping all of that and forging alliances with other women—supporting the women around me in being as powerful, joyful and magical as they can possibly be—this incredible thing happens.

They give that energy back to me, then I give it back to them, then they give it back to me . . . and it just keeps multiplying. One of the things I do in my coaching practice is lead women’s groups—and it never ceases to amaze me how powerful a group of women just talking honestly and encouraging each other is. I see women every week transform each other’s lives, just by supporting each other and being honest and authentic together.

We are a force! There are so many ways we can help each other feel beautiful and amazing, and expand our concept of how happy we can be.

Life can get better with age.

I believe that life can be an evolutionary process if we choose to make it one. I’m a little bit of a neuroscience nerd, and one of the things I’m super interested in is neuroplasticity—the fact that our brains can actually change throughout our lives.

Scientists used to think we were pretty much set by the time we entered adulthood, but recent advances in neuroscience have shown that’s not the case. We can keep transforming the ways we learn, think, and feel as long as we’re on the earth—if we choose to.

And the more time we spend on the planet, the more time we have to learn, grow, and optimize our own capacity for creativity and joy.

The inside and the outside are connected.

One thing I immediately responded to in Cindy’s message was how powerfully and beautifully she articulates this relationship. In our dualistic culture, the “inside” and the “outside” are presented as two separate things—“health” and “beauty,” “mind” and “body,” the “inner life” of your feelings, and the “outer appearance” of your face and physicality.

But we are whole people! The inside and the outside are all part of the same thing. It’s an illusion to try to separate them from each other.

We’ve all seen people who are, by all societal standards, incredibly conventionally beautiful—but they’re unhappy, feeling bad about themselves, carrying resentment of others, and so that “beauty” feels more like a mask or a shell.

And on the flip side, we’ve all seen people who don’t fit the societal ideal of “beauty” at all, but take pleasure in life, living from their hearts, connected to others, compassionate and engaged—and they absolutely radiate beauty, drawing others in with the powerful magnetism that comes from joy.

I especially love this part of the message that Cindy is spreading—that true beauty is as unique as each of us is, because the inside and the outside are connected, and beauty radiates from the inside—it comes from our joy.

I’m so honored to be part of the conversation and to get to talk about this stuff with you! What parts of the BOOM message are you most excited to dialogue with other women about? Let me know in the comments below!