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Aerhee’s Story

This is Aerhee. At age 57, she has finally learned where her confidence comes from, what makes a woman feel sexy and why she felt so anxious in her 20’s.

She shares it all and more in BOOM!’s new blog video! 

Video Transcript:

Aerhee Lee. I hate to admit it, but I am 57. But don’t tell anybody about that. You know, when you’re lying on a pillow there’s a little crease on your face, and you’re younger you just forget about it. And then I noticed that one and I’m like, “Why is crease still there?

Then I realized like I was sleeping a little earlier, it didn’t go away. So that’s when I first noticing that my crease was staying longer, the bounciness was less. And I saw a little white hair coming out and I what I try to do is that…but then I also remembered American Indian woman when I was at school had this beautiful long white hair, and my grandmother in Korea had a very long white hair.

They used to roll it in a bun and put little stick, little like a golden stick behind it. And my grandmother first opened her hair, it just kind of draped very long…it’s kind of shocking for me to see. She was older like in her 70s and she has a long hair, and then she braided it, she rolled it up and put in the back.

So I remember then I’m thinking, this is what I would like to have, a long white hair. When I was 20, I was pretty ambitious and I felt like there are some things I have to do like houses, and get married and it was important to me that I was a professional, and they were totally respectful of me and I think that was very severe standing on that ground.

And I remember feeling very anxious aged 29 and say, “What have I accomplished?”

You know, even though I’ve done a lot I just couldn’t see what I’ve done. And I just feel like I had a middle life crisis aged 29.

You know, and then life happens and you learn your lessons, and you learn that that’s not what life is about. I feel like I earned everything that happened to me either my choices, so I became more responsible claiming the responsibility for my choices, my decisions.

I think by doing that you take responsibility for the wrong choices and you can also take a credit for the good things that happened. And I realize that’s what gives you confidence. When I was 20, I didn’t know what they mean by sexy. I thought sexy was just like, you know, sexual things.

I was perplexed by the word because that’s not how I associate myself. It was a little degrading. I felt like…then I’m looking in my internal or I’m smarter than that. So I was a bit by rejecting that. As I get older, I don’t hear the sexiness from the outside, I feel sensual and sexy in a way that I could make things happen, I feel sexy because I can do things.

And I have a diamond ring, beautiful diamond ring, well, it used to be on the left hand now is my right hand.

And if you go, “Why are you wearing right hand?” And I say to them because right hand I can make it… is a woman who makes things happen. And then I saw a commercial like in a wall they said, “Diamond ring left hand is to a woman that good things happened to.

The right-hand diamond is a woman who can make good things happen…quick things happen.” I’m like I’ve made that up.

I feel like our external body is like a lamp shade, and then how you are inside is sort of light up outside.

The real look as you get older comes on the width side and kind of light up to you and so people assume that you’re beautiful when you are…they like your company. Just being in your presence they feel love and acceptance, or something about you that this person is comfortable in their skin. That they will be honest and truthful to you.

And I’ve seen people who don’t want to age, you know, they wanna erase it and I think kinda ashamed.

And I see that happening because that’s what is connecting to you and me, you know, I look at your eyes and you have a kindness and you have a wrinkle on your eye. You know this person lived and that’s why you’re connected to each other.

Our society is a young society, I think in our Asian country, Eastern Europe and Asia that is not the case. I think there should be a balance about…in the middle and older person should be more seen.

Because we are the ones making money whether one is making spending money they should be catered to, our view, our group. The needs are not met because they are given to us what they think we should have which is totally not.

If you look at the Mick Jagger generation which is older generation than I, they have not left the stage yet.

I love that little like a blush even though it looked a darker color and I only apply it in this very…it doesn’t cover you. It does not give you like red color, but you sort of like to be that nice little blush and I also like the highlight of my eye.

I seem to be opening my eyes up, so I like that. I remember being worried about what I look like color, but people are too busy worrying about what they look like to already worry about you.

So I think the…you know, I love blue makeup because it’s sort of like you don’t have to cover anything. It’s a little symbolic how life is, and you don’t cover, you can see through it better and you can connect with the world outside better.