SWC 12: Response to Viewers Questions II


Welcome to week Twelve of Saturday With Cindy! This week we are talking about Makeup, Workouts, Facial Cleansers, Veganism, & More! Please watch the video below, then leave me a comment with your thoughts on the subject.


01:45 – Cindy recommends a great workout video
03:35 – How Cindy gets started with her daily workout
04:25 – Cindy’s favorite mascara and facial cleanser
06:15 – Experiment with different shampoos and mascaras – everyone’s hair is different
07:25 – Taking only the surplus honey from the bees
09:00 – Benefits of avoiding ingesting chemicals in your diet
13:10 – Fasting cleanses you of the harmful chemicals in your body
13:30 – Going from good to better

Good morning. It’s Saturday. Nice to see you. I’m back. Strong, rested. It’s very good that I took that time off. So, I’m gonna just do a little bit of my makeup here because I just, I’m not gonna talk about it. I’m just gonna do it and you can see what happens. I know I’ve done this before. I don’t have my glasses on because I wanted to be able to get it all the parts of my face. And, how’s the sound these days? I’ve got a little mic here. So, let me know if the sound is working.

All right. So, nothing on my face. All I’m adding is color. It looks really red right now, I know. Part of it is the camera and part of it is I’m rubbing myself. When you rub yourself you get red. And, that’s it. Talk about getting dressed up fast. Isn’t that amazing? It’s like, okay, I’m ready to go. I had a little Boom Silk on ahead of time. All right. Could comb my hair.

So I have a bunch of things I want to talk about, and one of them is my workout. I have not been back to that [inaudible 01:26] since that intense workout because I’ve been so, so busy. I went up to Springfield mass for the TV thing and then did the radio, and it just seems like I can’t get to the gym. So, I am now starting my trainer’s fitness video. It’s only 20 minutes. And, last night I pushed it. I pushed it yesterday. And, at four o’ clock I said, “That’s it, I’m going to do it.”

So, you see the kettle bells in the background over here? So, I did my 20 minute workout. I sweated like a pig, I felt great, and I only took a half an hour out of my day. So, I’m gonna do that every single day no matter what, no excuses until I get enough strength. And then I’ll go in and see that [inaudible 00:02:17] whenever I can.

Now, I haven’t told him this yet. But, I think he’ll be impressed and I think he’ll be very happy that I advertised his video on Saturday With Cindy. It’s a great video. You can get it on Amazon. It’s $15 and it’s not pretty, it’s not fancy. But, I am telling you it is an intense workout. And, you can start out with no weights, and then, add light weights, and then, keep adding heavier. I’m back to five pound dumbbells and only a five pound kettle bell. I was up all the way to a 15 pound kettle bell, which is really heavy, and 10 pound weights. And, your body will respond pretty quickly. You’ll get a little sore but just keep doing it. It’s a fantastic workout and I’m really not just telling you that because I want Fadine to, you know, be known as the great trainer of the century and sell his videos. It’s really good and you can also get it with your girlfriends, you know, and do it together. You don’t have to do it by yourself.

That’s the thing I find the very hardest is working out by myself, getting up the gumption and the wear-with-all to just do it. And one of the things that really helps is if I put on my exercise clothes, and even if I spend the couple hours avoiding it or putting my attention on other things, I always find something to do rather than exercise. Once I start, it’s like getting into character as an actor. You put on your shirt, you put on your pants, you put on your runners, then you’re ready to go. Maybe you’ll run to the store and back before you do it. Put the video in your computer on your TV screen and turn it on. And, once you start you just keep going. It really really makes a difference.

Okay, another subject. Many of you have asked me, what do I use for facial cleanser? What do I use for shampoo? What kind of mascara do I use? And I’ve told you a lot, but I’m going to tell you again. I use Bare Essentials Buxom in black Mascara. I buy it at Sephora. Bare Essentials Buxom Black Mascara.

My facial cleanser which I’ve used forever and a half is by Usana. They have a skincare line and a bath line called Sense. You can get it online under Usana or you can get it from a distributor. It’s sold like, Amway and Jack Lee, and that type of company. It’s based in Utah. And the reason I use their facial cleanser is because I can rub it all over my eyelashes and my eyes and it does not sting my eyes. And, that’s kind of a test to me for how safe it is. They don’t use preservatives. They have quite a list of ingredients. It seems like they may not be natural, but they have put a lot of attention on putting in the safest most natural products they can into their line. They also make vitamins and all kinds of other things.

I only use their facial cleanser and their shampoo and conditioner. But, if you think about it, all of our hair is totally different. So, if you have coarse hair, it may or may not work for you. You always have to experiment with shampoos, conditioners, and mascara. Because your eyelashes are made of hair and everybody’s eyelashes are different. Some of them their eyelashes get wet and they go straight. Some of them get wet and they get curly. Some of them dry differently than others. So, the mascara is an experiment. So, keep trying until you find one that works for you.

The reason why I like Buxom is because it stays soft on the eyelashes. It doesn’t flake down on to your cheeks. I only put it on the top lashes because when I put mascara on my bottom lashes, it may make my eyes looks bigger and more open, but it makes my eyes look sad. Also, I don’t like to call attention to the mascara. Back to that whole idea behind Boom which is call attention to you rather than your makeup.

Okay, sunscreen. I only use a sunscreen when it’s absolutely critical, necessary. I try to use umbrellas, clothing, buildings, shade, rather than putting those chemicals on my skin. However, if I do, I put a coat of Boom Silk or Boom Stick Glow over the area I am putting sunscreen. Let it soak in, let it do its thing, and then, I put the sunscreen on because it’s a barrier between my skin, my organs and the sunscreen.

Okay. So, what is vegan? Vegan means a lot of different things but it basically means that you do not eat, ingest or use anything from an animal. So that would include honey. So, I am obviously not a vegan. However, I don’t wanna hurt the bees. And, Boom Silk and Boom Stick Glow comes form the hive. But, we don’t take anything that the bees use. They make a massive amount of surplus. So, we only use their surplus. We don’t take what they need to survive because for us to survive and be able to make great skincare products, we want the bees to survive. And also, for humans to survive, the bees have to survive. And, there are a lot of videos out there where you can learn about what’s happening with the bee population, the cycles they go through and how critical it is that we live in harmony together. We need them and they need us. Alright. So, you could be a vegan and eat potato chips, Cola Cola and cookies all day. As long as there’s no eggs, no dairy, no butter, etc. So, let’s move away from the idea of vegan and let’s talk about eating real food. Real food grows on trees, grows on bushes, grows under the ground, grows in fields. People that like to eat carnivore, it grows is animals. But they’re all whole real things that mother nature created. Monosodium Glutamate, Benzoate of Soda, all the preservatives, all of the color additives, all of the chemicals that are being put in food are not food. So,if it needs a label, don’t eat it. That’s the bottom line of how to stay healthy.

A hundred years ago before the Industrial Revolution, we didn’t put any of that in our foods. People grew their own foods, they bought from the local farms. But, now that everything is mass grown, mass produced. So check this out. I don’t know the name of the book right now. I probably should have been prepared. But, there was a father sitting at the breakfast table with his kids and his six-year-old said, “What is this daddy? What are we eating?”. So, he looked at the label on the box and it was probably one of these sweet breakfast cereals. I just noticed that my face froze. So, I’m not sure if this is recording properly. Anyway, he started reading what is in the food and after he said flour and sugar, everything else was chemicals. And so, his daughter said, “What’s that? What’s that?” and he couldn’t answer her. And, he wanted to answer her so he started researching. He has since written a book because he discovered that one of the reasons they put so many chemicals in food, besides so it will last a really long time. Wonder bread has a shelf life of seven years. So, even though it cost more initially to make the loaf of bread, it lasts so much longer. They can keep it on the shelves, because food spoiling is what has the food industry lose money. Do they care what goes into it? I guess not.

So, when you’re making one cake at home, for you family, for six people, you’re putting a little teeny bit of baking soda or baking powder to have it rise. But, when you’re making 2,000 cakes that’s going to be distributed across the nation, you’re creating it in this huge vats, in these massive kitchens. And, when you put the cake batter in, baking soda isn’t gonna do it. They need to put in these hardcore chemicals in there to get it to rise and bubble so the batter doesn’t flatten way at the bottom of these massive vats that two people can get in and clean. So, think about it. I’m not gonna go into any more detail. Please do the research. Please go in the internet and look it up yourself. But, we don’t need those chemicals in our body. Those chemicals are not food. Just eat real food. Take an apple, eat it. If you want a steak, go get a steak that was grown by an animal that ate real food, was treated properly, was not flipped out and, you know, full of adrenaline when they killed it. And, put the things in your body that are real, that mother nature has provided for us. Are we omnivore, vegan, herbivore, frugivore. That’s a controversy, that’s a huge question each person has to figure it out for themselves. But, we’re all smart enough to know that all the added chemicals in foods to make them pretty, to make them smell good, to make them taste good are not necessary and are actually harmful to our bodies. And, that’s why I fast because if I do get some of that in my body, the body cleans it out during the fast.

Okay. Going from good to better. So, if you find things really bad in any situation, it’s a huge leap to go from bad to good. But, if you look at any situation, look at yourself, your skin, your hair, your body, your friends, your relationship, your country, your politics and you find one thing that’s good. Find one thing that’s good about your face. Do you like the shape of your lips, the shape of your eyes, your shoulders, the color of your skin, one eyebrow. All you need to find is one thing right, one thing good. And, it’s amazing what happens. It’s magical. All of a sudden you find something else that’s good and then you find something else. So, when you find something good in the first place, it always gets better. It’s pretty remarkable, it’s magical.

Okay. I’m on a roll. Should I keep going? Or, should I wait for another Saturday? Let’s see. A good philosophy is, leave the party when your having a really good time. Don’t wait until it starts to go down. Or, if you do, and there’s that low, wait for it to go back up and then jump. All right, see you next Saturday.

Beautycism.com – “Model At Age 49.”

I went to a photo shoot on Monday and I got to bond with a great lady by the name of Cindy Joseph. She’s been modeling for 12 years, but get this: She was almost 50-years-old when she got discovered. Her story is soinspiring.

Meet Cindy Joseph, silver-haired and proud!

Cindy getting prepped on set.

Before she began working in front of the camera, Cindy was making her living behind the scenes a makeup artist. After 27 years in the biz, she retired and shortly after was approached by a casting agent on the street. “I thought it was a joke. I thought someone was playing a trick on me. But the next day the agent called and asked me to be in a D&G campaign. That was in 1999.” Once the ad hit, a friend encouraged her to get an agent and Cindy signed with Ford Models. She’s still with them today. “I’m doing the same things I did as a makeup artist—travelling and going to shoots—only as a model instead,” Cindy says. How’s that for a second career?

Cindy in More magazine.

And if that’s not impressive enough, Cindy started her own line of beauty products two years ago called Boom! By Cindy Joseph. The collection includes BOOMSILK, an allover moisturizer made with organic honey, olive oil and beeswax and three BOOMSTICKS for shimmer, color and moisture. She sent them to me and I’m so into BOOMSTICK Color ($24), which is like a berry-tinted cream blush stick you can put on your lips and eyelids, too.

One thing BOOM! doesn’t do is prey on women’s fears about getting older.  As Cindy puts it: “My line is not about concealing, fixing or covering things up, it’s about bringing out the way you look naturally when you’re turned on to life and having a good time. I don’t like the words ‘anti-aging.’ I’m pro-age!”

You gotta love this woman. Are you as inspired by her as I am?

Read The Full Feature Here!

Gotham.com Feature! A Day In The Life











A Day in the Life of a Makeup Mogul

BOOM! founder (& model) Cindy Joseph shares her day.

Cindy Joseph is the CEO and founder of BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, an organic makeup line that is 100 percent paraben- and phthalate-free. After working as a celebrity makeup artist for 25 years, Joseph was discovered as a model at the age of 49 and has appeared in major campaigns for designers like Dolce & Gabbana. Here’s a taste of her busy schedule and healthy lifestyle.

7:00 AM 
I get up and do two sunrise salutations (yoga) in the bedroom. It wakes my body up and gets me limber and ready for the day. Then I head down to kitchen for a fruit smoothie or watermelon.

8:00 AM
I throw on my cargos and a T-shirt and go into my home office to work, starting with my customer service emails. I try to respond to every one of them. Next, I plan a phone call to the bee-keepers in Hawaii that supply my ingredients for many of the products in my line, followed by a Skype meeting with my web marketing team about our next “Saturday with Cindy” video.

11:00 AM
Check in with my bookers at Ford Models to get the details for my Target go-see this afternoon and find out if a booking we have been working on with a major magazine has confirmed and if a clothing catalog job is shooting in NYC or out of town.

11:15 AM
I am ready to move my body! I jump rope 100 times and do a few push-ups just to get my blood circulating. Then I sit on my front porch and take in the nature around me before heading back to the kitchen to make a salad of celery, fresh corn, and garbanzo beans. I take that to the porch to eat, drink some water, and relax. It is so important to make my meals pleasurable and relaxing.

12:45 PM
Get dressed up a bit and do my hair and makeup for a Target a go-see. One of the best parts of having a makeup line is that I know exactly what I’m going to use.

2:00 PM
At my Target go-see, I meet other models I know and have a fun visit with them while waiting for my turn. Go-sees are often where I get turned on to what women are seeing, doing, and thinking about their age and beauty. I want to keep talking, but must head back out of town to avoid the traffic.

3:30 PM
I start my intense workout with my trainer Vadim at his private studio in Scarsdale. He takes me to an old basement to lift a heavy tire and slam a ball on a rope into the wall. Then I put on boxing gloves and get really winded. By the time I’m done, I’m covered in sweat and feel exhausted and spent and hungry!

5:30 PM
At home, I can now have a nice mellow visit with my fiancé and share how each of our days went. And since we live with three others (we love group living!), we chat with other housemates while preparing a dinner of vegetable casserole and salad. We eat on the porch and watch the sun set over the Hudson River. It is stunningly gorgeous. We have watermelon for dessert and a tiny bit of Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt, which is a rare treat I succumb to from time to time.

8:00 PM
We race into the living room to watch one of my favorite shows, So You Think You Can Dance!

9:30 PM
I finally take my shower and climb into bed for cuddling with my fiancé.

10:30 PM
I am sound asleep!
Read more at http://gotham-magazine.com/channels/style/insights/a-day-in-the-life-of-a-makeup-mogul#hRd80SRgZEwKa43s.99

SWC Week 11: A Short and Quick Hello


Welcome to week Eleven of Saturday With Cindy! This video is a short one but I will be back in action next week!


00:25 – Cindy’s recent TV and radio interviews
01:20 – Cindy’s movie date with her fiancé
01:50 – Look out for more next week

Hi. Is it Saturday already? Where did that week go? Man, I’ve been busy.
Have you too?

So I did a radio interview. I did two TV interviews, and one of them is
going to show up in the Connecticut/Massachusetts area on Monday. I will
definitely post the information in case you live around there. And, if not,
I will post a link as soon as they put it up. I’m really excited about it
because we started out with a demo on three different women, different
ages, different skin tones. Very, very exciting.

So I have a lot to cover. And how about this pink glow back here? First
time I’ve had that. Something magical must be going on. It’s raining
outside, so the lighting is very different right now. I’m at my vanity
again. It seems to be a good spot to do this.

So, where do we start? Uh-oh. Someone’s at the door. I’ll be back.

Hey. It’s late. We just got back from the movies. That’s what the knock at
the door was. It was my fiancé reminding me I was supposed to stop working
and go play. So we had dinner, went to the movies, had a good time. So I
hate to not give you more than this, but man, it was a big week, a big
week. And I’ll be sending you all the goodies from that, and I’ll probably
make up for it next Saturday. So stick around, I’ll be back.

SWC: NYC event this Saturday!


I will be giving a two hour Boom presentation including make up demonstrations, a talk on the Pro-Age Revolution and give away in NYC’s  Chelsea Market:  July 21, this Saturday, 75 9th Ave at W 15th St from 4:30 to 6:30!

Blackberry is hosting “The Blackberry Playbook Experience”, a series of exciting events and performances from July 10th through the 23rd.

The entire Blackberry Experience is being held in the back room of Chelsea Market.

See you there!



SWC 10: Cindy On Fasting


Welcome to week Ten of Saturday With Cindy! This week we are talking about fasting!! Please watch the video, then leave me a blog comment below letting me know your thoughts on diet and health!


01:55 – Make sure you can rest while fasting
03:00 – When you’re not digesting your body can focus on healing
03:50 – Cindy recommends books on fasting
04:15 – After you fast you will be attracted to healthier foods
05:00 – The benefits of a plant-based diet

Hey everybody. Oh, man. What a week. Okay. This is the deal. You see that lamp back there, my bed unmade, my life has been on the bed for the past two days because I have had a film crew in my house. Nothing to do with me or Boom. They paid us to use the house for two days. It’s a Google TV commercial, and it’s unbelievable what they did. When I walked in we didn’t recognize the house.

This beautiful room that I have, this sitting room with a library, turned into young college students’ dorm, with stuff all over the walls and dirty laundry. It was like being transported to some college. It was amazing, but it really upturned my life.

So it’s literally the night before Saturday, I was just finishing my work day and all of a sudden I went, “Ahh. I haven’t done a Saturday with Cindy video.” So here I am thinking that I wanted to answer some more of your questions.

One of the questions that kept coming in over and over is about diet and fasting, which I have talked about before, but I guess I need to talk about it a little more.

Okay. When you’re going to spring clean your house and you really roll up your sleeves and dig in and wash the walls and clean out the closets, and dust the chandeliers, and really hard core spring cleaning, do you invite a bunch of people over and have a party, and have to concentrate on something else? No. You close the windows, close the doors. Don’t invite anybody over. Pull your sleeves up, tie your hair back, and you dig in and you work hard.

So when you fast, when you stop eating food and you allow your body to do deep cleaning, spring cleaning, you don’t want to give it anything to do. So you don’t exercise. You don’t work. You rest. Just like you have the flu. You’re just lying there until your body heals itself.

And you don’t give it any food. Because what your body does, when it’s digesting, you can hand it broccoli, or you can hand it meat, or you can hand it something with all kinds of chemicals in it, it’s like, “Huh.” Your body’s like, “Okay. We got to deal with this, guys.” And it’s digesting everything, throwing away the toxins, pulling in the vitamins, sending it in the right direction.

When you don’t do any of that, your body is, like, ‘Oh, cool. I’ve got some time to do some deep cleaning on the pancreas, or the liver, or the bowels. Or allow the heart to heal. It’ got a little damage, and we want to mend and knit and fix.’

But, if all of a sudden, it’s like, “Oh, no, guys. There’s something coming down the pipe.” They have to stop that work and start dealing with the digestion, or the concentration on work, thinking, figuring. All those things that you do. Your body is delivering to you 24/7.

So another word for fasting is rest, rest, rest. And the joke amongst fasters is: The reason they call it a fast is because that’s when you heal the fastest. I highly recommend read any books you can get your hands on about fasting. The Miracle of Fasting is kind of the grandfather book about it. I think it’s great to do it once a year. Fasting is really miraculous.

And then after you fast, when your body is like a new born baby’s body, and you go to the grocery store, you look at all the boxes of processed foods and it just doesn’t compute. Go to the produce section. Go to the meat section, the chicken section. But go to all the real whole foods and you will respond.

And more than likely you will find yourself a little bit, ugh, on the dead flesh and very attracted to the fruit. Fruit is a perfect recipe in a beautiful package. It was made by Mother Nature. You don’t have to thing about it. You don’t have to measure anything. You don’t have to plan anything. You just pick it and enjoy it, and your body loves fruit. It’s the easiest thing to digest.

Vegetables are next. Rice and beans are next. Nuts and seeds are next. Your body loves it all. And, sorry, it’s fruit, and then the next complex is vegetables, and the next is grains. And then seeds and nuts, etc.

So I highly recommend fasting. I highly recommend a vegan diet. There’s a fantastic move called Forks Over Knives. I recommend that and I’ll be recommending more videos in the future. But if you start looking up vegan and reading about it, all those videos will pop up. So I hope you enjoyed this Saturday with Cindy. It was a quickie. See you next Saturday.

SWC 9: Response to Viewers Questions I


Welcome to week Nine of Saturday With Cindy! This week I am answering your questions!! Please watch the video, then leave me a blog comment below letting me know your thoughts!


01:10 – Beauty lighting and dealing with shadows
02:25 -The pressure that society places on women to look beautiful is global
04:05 – Cindy on fillers and plastic surgery
04:20 – Cindy’s fiance
06:20 – Cindy’s variable exercise routines
08:15 – Cindy’s spiritual beliefs
10:05 – Learning to find the choices you made in your past right
11:15 – Using moisturizer with sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful chemicals
14:00 – Cindy’s plant based diet and tips on fasting
15:50 – Vaginal dryness and Boomsilk as a personal lubricant
17:30 – Cindy’s shampoo and conditioner routine

Welcome back to Saturday with Cindy. I hope you liked my exercise video last week. I’m so glad we sped it up so you didn’t see the details. It was a lot of fun. This week I am now presenting the second half of the super long one I did where I showed a video of my makeup demonstration and answered a bunch of your questions. I’m going to continue here as promised.

Today I’ve got a big piece of typing paper. I’m going to show you a side lighting now, my vanity’s over there, I have turned now and there’s less light. So this side of my face is in shadow. I can take this piece of paper and fill the shadow with reflected light from the paper. When there’s no shadows, there’s no texture. When there’s shadow, there’s texture. That’s why they call it beauty light. When it’s above you and in front of you it fills all the shadow and you don’t see the texture, but as soon as the light is raking across your face, then you see the texture. We’re never in this perfect beauty light all the time. Look at that, what happens. Isn’t that cool?

I was showing you how a piece of white paper or white tablecloth, always the best lighting in a restaurant is make sure you have a big white tablecloth, or put your white napkin on the plate. It fills in the shadow. When they’re lighting me and they bring out the fill card I always say, ‘Oh, Fill. I love Fill. He’s my best friend.’ Anyway, just a good thing to know.

So into these video sessions. I get so enthusiastic to start them and I think I’m just going to do a test, but I realized I have not even combed my hair since I woke up this morning, but I wanted to start with the questions that you sent in.

From Stacy, “Are USA women harder on themselves than from other countries?” Well, to tell you the truth, most of the women, models, girls that I’ve met from other countries have a little more realistic point of view about their cosmetics and their beauty care, but I don’t know if any women anywhere in the world get to experience what men do. Do men run around with makeup on? Do they have to run and get their hair done before they go out? No. Women are seen differently than men, and the pressure of society is a totally different thing than it is with men. So I would say all women, from all over the world, experience what women in America do. Maybe on a different level, different intensity, but I think it’s similar. ‘Can you cover dark under eye circles with makeup?’ Final word, yes. You can cover them up, but you will add lots of texture.

Norma, “Did you ever have fillers or plastic surgery? How old is your honey, and what does he do?” I have never had fillers, plastic surgery. I would never, ever, ever do it. I do not judge women that do. I totally get it. I totally understand. I am very compassionate for that position. If it makes you feel better, you will look better, not because of the fillers but because you feel better. Just make sure you’re careful, you do your research. Check your motivations, etc.

My honey was a contractor. He’s a builder. Puts on his tool belt and he works on my house. I love it. He’s now semi-retired, but he produces so much. He’s a woodworker, so he works on a lathe, so he’s always down in the basement making beautiful bowls, and he’s a gardener. He has created the most beautiful garden at my house I can ever imagine, and we are not getting married July 7th. That was the plan, and we’ve decided to push it because that big fat baby of ours, that two year old called Boom is demanding way too much attention.

“What month is your birthday?” My birthday is January 26th, 1951. I’m an Aquarius with an Aries rising, a Virgo moon. My Venus is in Aquarius, and my Jupiter is in Pisces. “Have you ever been married before?” Yes. I was married when I was 18 years old and a California flower child, barefoot and pregnant. We were going to go homestead in Canada and live off the land. You know the deal. “What size do you wear?” Well it depends on how much I weigh. I almost got up to a size eight. I’m barely 5’7″. Right now I’m a six. I just went to Two North Health Education Center in Santa Rosa and was there for three weeks and did a four day water fast and an eight day juice fast, so I lost some extra weight, and I yo-yo. I think I’m typical. I yo-yo about 15 pounds up and down so I go from 128 to 140, but I’d say my average weight is about 132.

Let’s see. “What kinds of exercise do you do?” My exercise routine has changed my entire life. I’ve been to gyms, done the gym thing. I did Tai Chi for a long time. I did yoga for a long time. I used to think there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t stick to one discipline and stick with it forever. Then I realized as long as I’m moving, it’s okay. I took belly dancing for awhile. I love African drums. I had a jump rope for the last two years, and I would just get up and do 100 jumps in the middle of a work day because I’ve never sat in front of a computer before, but now that I’ve created this business, I’ve been doing that for the last two years.

I started working out with [??], my fitness trainer. I was paying him. It made sense. I could write it off because I was modeling. Now I’m not modeling as much, but he and I made a deal, so now he works me out in trade for me being in his exercise videos. Have I taken advantage of it? Hardly because I’ve been so busy morning until night, and I’m loving it, but I’m finally getting back, and I’m going today at 1:00. He does kettle bells. He switches it up all the time. I pull straps. I do pushups. I do all kinds of things on the balls. I think that it’s just a matter of moving. Keep moving. Do aerobic strength and flexibility.

You’re only as healthy as one aspect of, I’m not describing this well. You have to eat well. You have to be emotionally and psychologically healthy, spiritually healthy. Stimulate your intellect. Do weight bearing exercises, that is what keeps osteoporosis at bay. Flexibility. You can be strong, but not very flexible. You can be super flexible and not doing a lot of aerobics. You’ve got to do it all. Do it all.

“What is your faith?” I was raised nothing, so I played around. I’ve been to Jewish temples, Catholic churches, Buddhist temples. I did a lot of experimenting in high school and after that, and I made up my own spiritual beliefs, and I know that I will never be privy to what the real answers are, so I have faith that it’s all being taken care of. I didn’t plan on coming here and whatever brought me here’s going to take me away, so I trust that. That was all from Norma.

Now Elizabeth. “Have you had any children?” Yes. I have an absolutely amazing son, Bo Joseph, who is an abstract painter. He is 42 years old. He was born in Berkeley, California and his sister who is four and a half years younger than him, Julia Joseph, who is a remarkable singer and songwriter, is 38 years old. They both live in New York City, and they’re really incredible people, and I had very little to do with it. I will tell you that. “Stay at home moms seem to be thought less of.” That’s true, but we just have to think well of ourselves and society will follow that.

Susan, “Struggling at 56 with kids, marriage, house. I feel I missed the boat. It’s too late. Don’t know how to stop feeling I did not get what I wanted out of life.” Well that is very entertaining. We can drive ourselves nuts with that stuff, but if you look at how you lived your life and you realized you had a lot of choices and the choices you made were right, hind sight is interesting. There’s no such thing as guilt unless you judge a past time experience with a present time point of view. So your point of view at every point in your life was right, and you made the right choice, and you still have lots and lots of time to do all kinds of great things. If you’re not healthy, get healthy. If you’re not happy, get happy. It’s up to us. We are in the driver’s seat of our lives. We climb in the car, we pick out the car we want, we get in the driver’s seat and we start driving, and then we jump in the back seat and go, ‘Help. Help. Oh my god. Life’s terrible. What’s happening to me?’ We play victim, and we’re not victims. We are not victims unless we choose to be.

Cowgirl. “Sunscreen before or after Boom Silk? Always confused.” Sunscreen is to keep a coating on your skin that will filter the UVA, UVB, UV rays. If you put on your moisturizer and coat your skin with it, then you’re protecting your skin from the chemicals in your sunscreen. Moisturizer first. Sunscreen second.

On to BJ. “How often do you water fast and for how long?” I would like to water fast once a year. I practiced that for about four or five years. The last two years I didn’t do it at all, the last three years, so that’s why I did one this year. The longest one I ever did was 26 days. I will never do that again. I think growing up in the 50s, growing up with processed food, I wanted to clean out all my organs and everything, and that’s why I did that. It was very intense. Very confronting. Very difficult. True North Health Center in Santa Rosa, California is amazing and that’s that.

“What color was your hair before you went gray?” My hair was medium brown, a little ashy and if it was in the sun a lot, it would go a little warmer and get slightly blonde highlights. “I am blonde. Silver gray makes it looks dirty. What should I do?” Well, makes it look dirty. That’s interesting. There’s no such thing as silver or gray hair. There’s only all the colors hair comes in and white. When white is mixed in, it has a silver look to it, but this is white mixed with, and then I still have a little of the blonde from bleaching it for that Nivea campaign.

Nenza [SP]. Nenas. Not quite sure how to pronounce your name. “A male friend said, ‘Don’t go gray because men will think I am grandma material.’ What are your thoughts on that?” I want to be a grandmother so bad. I want my kids to have kids. Grandma. Grandma material. Grandmother has nothing to do with what we’re talking about. We’re talking about image of a little old lady with a bun and her glasses like this past a certain age that represents sexuality and sensuality. I say screw him. Any man that is thinking in terms of grandma material and thinking that’s negative, I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to date him. I think maybe your male friend that said that, he’s being honest. That’s a big subject. Maybe we’ll deal with that one later.

“Love to know about your health routine, diet and how you do water fasting.” Always water fast with doctors and professionals. Fasting is amazing. I’m going to do a whole Saturday with Cindy on that. I eat a plant based diet. I am vegan, but I don’t eat Coca Cola and potato chips. I eat whole ripe fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. Have I eaten meat? Yes. Have I done chicken and fish and fowl and all that? Yes. I’ve experimented from birth on with diet, and if you really do your research and you experiment, the healthiest diet for all human beings is plant based.

If you’re going to eat anything with a hoof, a fin or a wing, make sure it was slaughtered correctly and it was raised with proper food, fresh air. If you’re going to eat the flesh of an animal that was not given a healthy diet, you’re eating all those antibiotics and growth hormones and everything, and the way they treat animals in these factory farms is absolutely horrific. I just don’t want to be any part of that. If all of a sudden I get some craving for a juicy steak, I will go get grass fed, small farm, etc., but the more you stay away from it, the less you crave it, like anything. Now my big thing is staying away from salt, oil and any type of sugars. I’m talking honey, Himalayan salt and the best olive oil from Italy. It’s just pure fat, so away with it all. It’s really difficult.

“Vaginal dryness. Jane offers information.” Vaginal dryness is something that you can get because you’re sick, you could be young or old. A lot of women relate it to menopause, so if you consider that you have vaginal dryness from menopause, you just slap on whatever makes you feel good and gets you nice and juicy, and guess what? Boom Silk will do the trick. It’s amazing. It is amazing, personal lubricant. Try it. Boom Silk has honey in it. Honey is perfectly good for you. It has olive oil in it. Well, if you’re going to put olive oil in your mouth you can certainly put it in other openings of your body. I am going to make a personal lubricant for you, and I’m going to make it without the honey because if you have a tendency to get vaginal yeast infections, probably not a good idea to put sugar in there. So hold tight, but you can certainly use this now. I do. It’s great. It’s fabulous, and it will take care of the situation.

Laura, nutrition detox, juicing, diets. We’ve covered that. Theresa, “How do you get your hair so shiny? Keratin treatments. Shampoo and conditioner.” I don’t do any of that. I use a shampoo and conditioner by Usana. It’s a line of products called Sensai. You can go to their website or you can get it through a distributor. It’s sold like Shacklee and Amway and that type of thing. I discovered it 13 years ago and I have continued to use it. I love it. My hair is really fine and really soft, so I think that that creates a certain amount of shine as well, but it’s very light so it doesn’t weigh my hair down.

I’m going to get through more of these questions but I think this is getting a little long, and I don’t want to bore anybody. So there you go. Let me know what you think and stay tuned because I’m coming back next Saturday.

ZestNow.com Interview


ZN:I know you were “discovered” and became a model at 49. That’s wonderful to hear. I do hope that means that women over 55 are being appreciated for both their attractiveness and their buying power! What’s your thought on that?

Cindy Joseph: I think you hit the nail on the head. And the most important thing is womenare appreciating themselves over 55 now more than ever!

ZN: Your gray hair looks fabulous. When did it turn gray?
CJ: Thank you! I started going silver (I like to use the word silver, because it makes it clear it is of value) when I was in my early thirties, turning to a silver streak by my mid to late thirties.

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