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  • As Rachel says, “life happens.” That’s why she recommends you enhance your life. Today, she’s showing you how in this video. Video Transcript: Close your eyes every once in awhile. And just reflect what it’s like to feel. How you feel, not how you look. Let how you look be an expression of how you feel, not try to fake it. Oftentimes the stress and the environment and our jobs will drag you around and make you puffy and make you blurry and blotchy and that’s when skin care products come in really handy. When I’m not shimmering enough, you know? Because life, life happens.

    Meet Rachel: How to Enhance Your Life

  • At 49, Charlotte is loving her life, and she’s excited to see what comes next. This is her story of love, marriage, motherhood, struggles, and why she embraces the evidence of all these life experiences on her face. Watch her video, and let us know: Do you feel the same way about your life? Video Highlights: 0:04 Being 49 vs. 29 0:21 Can relate to people better 0:44 Love living in Alaska 1:14 Been married for 28 years 1:41 Raised four daughters 2:14 Struggles make you stronger 2:23 Lines are proof of my life 2:50 Not going to change my gray hair 3:20 What makes a woman beautiful 3:46 A smile makes you gorgeous 3:57 You get stronger as you get older Video Transcript: Charlotte, I am 49 soon to be 50. Oh, how did it feel to be 49 versus 29? It's incredible. I think I'm just much more comfortable with who I am. I've had some life experiences, lots of wonderful joys, but some hard times too that have kind of made me more well-rounded. I can relate to people better and hopefully I've matured a little bit, and have been a little bit more understanding of others and just...I feel comfortable being 49 and I'm excited to be 50. I think I have more of a sense of groundedness that I value relationships more and other people. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and it's very inspiring: Juneau, Alaska. Just being surrounded by nature and the gorgeous sunsets and just seeing the landscape of beauty in its natural form is really energizing to me. So I do a lot of walking and thinking and processing and just spending time being present and enjoying my life and where I'm at, and the people that I'm with and such a beautiful place. I've been married 28 years. I married when I was a wee young person. My husband, Ken: he's an Alaska native, Tlingit Indian, and he is a trombone player. And I was attracted to him originally with his musicianship. Something about a good musician I really found attractive. And so I met him and we went to college together and then got married. And we've raised four daughters together. Really try to encourage them to have a positive self-image, to not think about what other people think of them always, to really be aware of who they are and to love and appreciate themselves for their own gifts and abilities, and try to get them to focus not so much on themselves but on other people and giving. And I think as we give and we share our lives and what we're passionate about, blessings and good things come back to us too. As we go through struggles in life, that's really what makes us stronger and more capable of helping others. And like on the lines on our faces, you know? I don't think of this as a frown line I think of it as a thoughtful listening line. As a mark of proof that I have gone through a few things, and I'm on the other side. And that is hopefully giving hope and inspiration to other people that you can do it too. Why would I hide my face when it is a mixture of all of my life experiences? When I first saw the gray hairs coming in I was a little surprised, but you know I was getting around the middle of my life and I thought, "That's gonna happen." And it's starting a little bit more, but my mom has some really nice gray highlights, and I was noticing I kind of like that. I'm not gonna try to change that. I'm gonna just work with it. And so it's come on more and more the last few years and I don't plan on changing anything of it. I think I'll just keep it like it is. Oh what do I think makes a woman beautiful? I think the women that I know who I think are truly beautiful—they are very caring, loving, confident women. They kind of shine from within. And they have a spirit of love and confidence as well, but they also are grounded in kind of a grounded beauty. I think one of the most beautiful things—and I've been noticing this a lot lately—is that everyone is beautiful when they smile. No matter what age you are, a smile is gorgeous. I feel that I've gotten stronger as I've gotten older. I think that some things in life—you only get strong by going through tough times. There's just no other way about it, that some things are unless you've done it, unless you've been there you just cannot relate and you just don't know. It's just like a muscle that you use. It's not gonna become strong unless it's torn down a little bit to build back up. And I think as we live and as we are facing challenges, we get stronger.

    Charlotte’s Story: Feeling Incredible at 49

  • (Hint: Great Advice for Any Age)

    by Jessica One of the most illuminating questions we’ve asked the women of the Pro-age Revolution is, “If you could go back to your 24-year-old self and give her one piece of advice, what would it be?” Their answers have been so beautiful and inspiring, and they are showing how we gain so much amazing insight, perspective, and joy as we age. So much of their advice was about happiness and gratitude and feeling good. It’s really been making me reflect on how much more I know about pleasure and happiness now that I’ve got a few decades on my younger self. Happiness and feeling good on the inside are what make a woman look great on the outside. As our women of the Pro-age Revolution are showing us—that ability to feel good on the inside only expands as we get older. Here are a few of those pieces of advice that are really sticking with us...

    Life is too short to be worrying about the future.

    Many different women echoed this same idea. Each woman had a different way of expressing it: “Don’t worry so much!” “Don’t feel you have to make everything happen right away.” “Life is going to unfold in exactly the right way, you don’t have to do it perfectly.” But it all comes down to the idea that: It’s all going to be okay. Even women who have gone through really tough stuff as they got older developed the strength and resiliency to not only endure those harsh times, but to evolve, grow and learn from them. So many of us wish we could go back in time and tell our younger selves not to worry so much about what will happen—to just let life unfold. And the great thing about that? It’s still true. When I catch myself worrying about the decades ahead, now I have enough experience behind me to remind myself that I didn’t need to worry then—so I don’t need to worry now, either.

    There’s no “perfect time” for anything.

    I noticed that many women admitted they kept themselves on a really specific—and unforgiving—clock when they were younger. By such-and-such age, they thought they had to be at some particular point in their career, or be making a certain amount of money, or be married, or have kids, or own a house. And most women’s lives didn’t unfold “on schedule”—at all.They told us how perfect life’s timing turned out to be, and if they could have trusted that when they were younger, they would have had a lot more room for relaxation, fun and pleasure. I remind myself of this one every day. There’s no clock we’re supposed to be on, no schedule our lives have to match. Everything happens at exactly the right time for us, and everyone’s version of “perfect timing” is different.

    You are already so beautiful—just the way you are.

    Almost every woman we spoke to talked about how stressed out they’d been in her 20s about fitting society’s beauty ideals. Most of us spent a lot of time that decade worrying about whether we were thin enough, curvy enough, “pretty” enough, whether we fit the mold—and what that would mean for how our lives unfolded. Without exception, all the women we interviewed told us that not only did they recognize their own unique beauty a bit later in life—but they looked back on their younger, insecure, worried selves and saw just how beautiful they always were. Society’s myths about how we’re “supposed to look” to be beautiful are just that—myths. The older we get, the more time we have to practice shaking off those myths and recognizing what’s really true for us—including the fact that we are already beautiful. What piece of advice would you give your 24-year-old self? Let us know in the comments below!

    What I’d Want My Younger Self to Know

  • As Charlotte says, “If you have no wrinkles, are you living?” Hear her philosophy on wrinkles and aging in today’s video. Video Transcript: I think wrinkles are the storytelling of our lives. I don't think wrinkles are a bad thing. I think that it shows that we've cried, that we've smiled, that we've laughed, that we've endured, that we've persevered, that we've kept on. And that we've enjoyed life. We're living. It's proof that you're living. If you have no wrinkles, are you living? Are you smiling? Are you raising your eyebrows? Are you laughing? Are you enjoying your life? I think the proof of that will be on your face and that's a beautiful thing. I am just thrilled to get to be alive and living and growing, and celebrating the aging process.

    Meet Charlotte: Wrinkles Are Proof that You’re Living

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