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  • From 26 to 66, Emily Vickers would never go back in 100 years: "At 26, I was insecure. I knew that real, true happiness was going to be in my future, but it wasn't there at the time… Before 60 I was always trying to please other people — at 60 I just became liberated!" We introduced you to Emily a couple weeks ago, and you can watch her full story here! Video Highlights :20 The expansion ring :55 How she was at 26 1:25 This age is where it's at! 1:55 She would never go back to 26 2:20 It's time to make a life, not a living 3:08 Not having to hold back opinions 3:45 Feeling happy and looking beautiful 4:15 Emily is so happy with her body now 4:55 "I'm an extraordinary 66 year old" 5:18 Her experience with BOOM! 6:10 The best facelift is a big broad smile 7:00 be grateful every day Video Transcript: My name is Emily Vickers. I am 66 years young. I was in a book club, and I hated it. It was all chicklet, and I hated it. So I dropped out of my book club, and I started an arts group, and I call it the Expansion Ring. The rings on the bottom of a can, that's to keep the can from exploding if the internal temperature gets too high. So the Expansion Ring is a group of women. We meet once a month, there's a theme, and each woman brings to the party a piece of work, and it's been revolutionary for me. I am literally, I think, just peaking. At 26, I was insecure. I knew that real true happiness was going to be in my future, but it wasn't there at the time. I was sophisticated to a degree, but I didn't know what the hell was going on. Starting at 60, I think, is when I really decided that this is where it's at age wise. Before 60, I was always trying to please people. I was always trying to please other people.And so, at 60, I just became liberated. I started to rise, but now I'm soaring. I just feel that confidence and comfort with just being who I am is phenomenal. So 26, 66, I would never go back, never in a hundred years. I think a switch turned in me, and I said, "You know what? You have a degree in Art History. You're an artist, and you need to get all those things off the back burner that I had put aside to make a living." And I decided I've been making a living since I was 17 years old, it's time to make a life. And I started doing my own work. Waking up in the morning and knowing that I didn't have to get on one of those stupid conference calls, where people are sitting around listening to themselves speak, and instead being able to go out, deal with my animals, my gardens, my farm, and jump on my bike, do whatever I want, that's what changed. I didn't owe anybody anything anymore that I didn't have to. I didn't have to hold my tongue. I didn't have to hold back my opinions. All of those things made me feel so much more confident, so much more outgoing, and really more charitable, too, because I know how fortunate I am. I think that once I hit 60 and I have the silver hair, and people started telling me, "Wow, you really look great." Well, people never told me that before. The happiness that you feel, it comes out. And if you're not happy, you're not gonna look happy. Exercise. Exercise is primary. That to me is the secret of aging. Well, I'd look better naked now than I did when I was 30, swear to God. I look better. I could take my clothes off right now, and you guys would just drop. I think I could be a nudist. I'm so happy with my body. And there were years where I just didn't...you know, covering up, you know. I was too thin. My breasts didn't have the shape they do now, you know. I mean, Pilates is great for that. I'm sitting down to it. I can pass the pencil test, no problem at all. Oh, you know what it is. You put a pencil under your boob, and if it stays, you've failed the pencil test. It has to fall down. I mean, I get looks from men, and when I was in my 40s, I didn't get looks from men. I was just ordinary then. I feel like I'm an extraordinary 66-year-old and I was an ordinary 45-year-old. Let me tell you the story about BOOM, because way before this, I had seen Cindy Joseph on Facebook with the BOOM products. And at the time, the only makeup I was really using was a mineral-based, you know, powder kind of thing, and I read what she said about women should never use, you know, powdery products, because, guess why, because it creases into the lines. And I'm like, "Wow, that is so true." I stopped using makeup all together at that point, but I never tried BOOM. I just hadn't. Just having the three products, easy-peasy. I'm on the go all the time, and the last thing I need to do is spend a ton of time in the bathroom making myself up. If I can just...quickly, then it's great. And it's gonna be better than not wearing any makeup because I know it's gonna be healthier for my skin. And my mother always told me the best facelift in the world is a big broad smile. And I think the biggest compliment that I ever got from a guy was, "You know what? You've got the best smile and the best ass I've ever seen." So that was it for me. That was the compliment of the century. But humor, and just feeling fortunate, and being grateful, and knowing what your blessings are, staying positive, never letting the negative, you know, drag you down, I think that it's essential to look at life with as much humor as you possibly can. Be grateful every day for everything that you have, and share. Share that positive energy with other people in every way.

    104: Emily’s Story

  • Meet Aerhee: Aerhee is one of the amazing women we interviewed during BOOM!’s recent photoshoot. And when we asked her what being a woman over 40 feels like for her, this is what she said about youth, natural beauty and getting better with age. Video Transcript: Youth, from inside, is beautiful. So they come beautiful as they are. As they get older, the youth diminishes, but at the same time, other things come through with it, you know, some essence. That's why the French women say fine wine ages. I like BOOM product because I believe that makeup should not cover you, nor mask you. The BOOM product that I've used allows you to reveal yourself, but it does not block your light. But yet, it's natural and it allows you to be who you are. It allows you to reveal yourself.

    103: Meet Aerhee

  • CAN WE SEE BEAUTY IN OURSELVES AS WE AGE? I’m 66. We baby boomers have reinvented every decade of our lives, never having accepted the status quo. Now we’re in our 50s, our 60s, our 70s, and we’re still at it. We have proven that as life continues we can become smarter and wiser. We only add to our experiences. I subscribe to the concept that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I have noticed that it is so much easier to see the beauty of youth and age in others. We are so critical when we look in the mirror. When we look in the mirror, we are the beholder. It is up to us to see the beauty in ourselves at every stage of life. I believe each decade brings a new and different kind of beautiful. I’ve experienced inner and outer beauty as inseparable: People we find truly beautiful aren’t those with the most symmetrical features, or the most “flawless” complexions, but those who radiate from within and are taking joy in themselves and their lives. I feel a different kind of beautiful now than I did as a young woman. And for me, that viewpoint has come from what I have learned over the years--and having the time to build my confidence, through experiencing life longer. So how do you get to the place where you can hold that viewpoint about yourself? Take a leap... When I first stopped dying my hair, I’ll admit it: I was scared. Would people suddenly start treating me like an “old lady”? Or would I simply become invisible to others? I couldn’t reconcile the fact that I knew I was getting better with age, with the fact that I kept trying to cover my grey. So I took the leap. I felt the fear---and I did it anyway. And you know what happened the minute I did that? I was scouted on the street to model for a worldwide fashion campaign. That never would have happened if I’d still been hiding my silver hair —if I wasn’t feeling strong, confident and happier than ever. What we feel shows! It emanates from within. Again, we can see it so much more clearly in others. It takes a leap of faith to choose to see it in yourself--to just say “hush” to the voices we’ve been listening to for decades. But once you do? You’ll be shocked at the affirmation you get.

    Embrace what we have been convinced are “flaws.”

    This is a scary one for lots of us. When we’ve been told by society that the way to be gorgeous is to look as young as possible and cover up our lines, our scars, our wrinkles, freckles and so called “imperfections,” for some of us, it takes a little doing to get comfortable in the idea that those are exactly the things that make us beautiful, because they’re the things that make us unique. But one of the most precious types of Japanese pottery is called kintsugi—ceramics that have cracked and been repaired with gold. Kintsugi treats the normal cracks that come with use as the most beautiful part of the object, highlighting them by filling them with precious metal. In the 15th century, this form became so valuable that collectors deliberately smashed precious ceramics so the cracks could be repaired with gold! The more cracks, the more “flaws,” the more signs of a life well lived, the more valued, beautiful and precious a work of kintsugi. What could happen if we looked at ourselves that way? —I suggest we all consider spending less money on hiding our age--and more on feeling good and doing what pleasures us. And that takes practice and support from friends and family! As a nation, we spend billions of dollars every year on Botox, pharmaceutical anti-wrinkle creams, hair dye and cosmetic surgery. How many of those things actually feel good or give us true fulfillment? When I’m making a choice, I ask myself what’s motivating me. Is it fun, or is it fear? What if you considered investing your money on things that were pleasurable to you, like wonderful food, travel, new adventures, or massage? What if you invested in feeling great “in your skin,” instead of things that hide it? What do we have to lose? I say, give it a try—and see how it makes you feel!

    See the beauty in other women...

    The more you allow yourself to be truly seen, the more you encourage other women to do the same. Know what happens next? Their increased confidence and visibility reflects back at you, and suddenly, we’re all shining a brighter light on each other. It’s contagious. I’ve seen it happen with my friends and colleagues, and I’ve watched it unfold magically as BOOM! spreads its pro-age message to more and more women.

    Celebrate your life...

    and your beauty, as you are today, openly, honestly and proudly— and share that with your kids, your grandkids, your friends, and your community. Own the fact that you are just as vital now as you ever have been. Try experimenting and getting in the conversation with friends and family about what attractiveness and beauty really is. You’ll be amazed at how letting your own light shine encourages other women to do the same, and how exponentially more beautiful we all become as a result.

    102: How To Grow More Beautiful As You Age

  • Emily loves exercise, and she’s on the go all the time

    Whether it’s pilates class, walking, bicycling or cross-country skiing, the last thing she wants to do is spend a ton of time making herself up…

    Why waste another minute doing something you don’t love?

    Emily chooses BOOM! because it gives her more time, and you can meet her in this short video!

    Video Transcript: I do the Pilates, I walk, I ski, cross-country ski. I bicycle. And the endorphins that come with exercise, it's magnificent. I'm on-the-go all the time, and the last thing I need to do is spend a ton of time in the bathroom making myself up. If I can just ... quickly, then it's great. And it's gonna be better than not wearing any makeup because I know it's gonna be healthier for my skin.

    101: Meet Emily

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