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  • For Roxanne, “less is more” at 45. Today, Roxanne and her mother, Rosalie are sharing their thoughts on how to simplify your life, embrace adventure, and what makes a woman truly beautiful. Watch the video for Roxanne’s and Rosalie’s full story. Video Highlights: 0:05: At 45, less is more 0:28: Confidence is an internal thing 0:38: Starting to pare down 0:55: I want people to see me 1:02: At 20, the more the better 1:34: Love that Boom is organic 2:08: How I use Boomsilk at day and night 2:19: Simplifying my life and cosmetics 2:42: In the Caribbean, they embrace elders 3:11: Beauty is embracing all stages of life 3:40: My most important lesson from my mom 3:57: Introducing Rosalie, Roxanne’s mother 4:04: Self-confidence makes women beautiful 4:13: Portraying positivity about life 4:41: Experience makes women beautiful 5:05: Always be open to new adventures Video Transcript: Roxanne: Roxanne Hancock, I'm 45-years-old. At 45, I feel like less is more. I don't apply the amount of makeup or accessories in my life. I just feel like fresh skin, simple clothing, flat shoes as opposed to high heels—that's what I do now. And I think going forward, having that confidence, it's also an internal thing more than just external. I think at this point I am actually starting to pare down. That's why I don't buy any high heels anymore, or get too fussy with my clothing, or my beauty regime, because I want to be simple. I want people to see me. That's what I want them to see. In my 20s, pretty much, the more the better. I loved shiny, and lots of glittery makeup, and charcoal eyes and coal—all of that. I looked at what other people were looking like, what they were portraying, and was trying to imitate that. Now I look to myself and my own personal beauty, and what I feel is my best self and I put that forward every day. What I really love first and foremost about the collection is that it's organic. And when I spoke to you before, I'm very much about creating my own little products and putting things together to keep my beauty regime simple. What I love is that the same Boomsilk, you can use it on your face as well as your body. So that's two products in one. It goes into the skin very effortlessly, but then there is a protective barrier. So I feel like I'm not gonna be dry in the next hour. On the face, what I do at night is I use a little bit more. In the day, I just use a very small amount and it goes all around and I just glow. I wanna simplify my life. I wanna have maybe three makeup products, two hair products. Actually, I use only one conditioner, and that's what I do. So I want be able to do whatever. If I'm going on a vacation for a month, I want all my cosmetics in this small case, I don't want to have all this stuff. In the Caribbean, there is an embracing of getting older. The elders are looked at as people that have knowledge and you party with them. You know, you go to a party and there are children at 2-years-old, and there's maybe an elder, a great—we call them "aunties" even if they're not your aunt—that is 85. And they're dancing. That's part of beauty is that you embrace all the stages of life. And that's what I want to do. I don't want to be raised here and then lose that part of myself. My mom has gone through a lot in this country. She came to this country in her early 20s, she got married, she got divorced, she became a very powerful business woman, but she's still very humble. So the most important thing I would say is inner strength. And you will be knocked down in this life many, many, many times, but it's the rising, it's the getting back up. It's always going to be graceful because it's your way. And so, that's the most important lesson that my mother has imparted in me. What makes a woman beautiful to you? Rosalie (Roxanne’s mother): Number one, self-confidence. Peace in our heart. Portraying happiness and positivity about life itself. You're gonna have feelings in life, but there is always a positiveness that is gonna come from it in some form. As I always say, you have plan A, you should always have plan B. I always work my life like that. And things have always worked out somehow. Roxanne: I know you've come through. So ask me what I think. Rosalie (Roxanne’s mother): Okay, what do you think? Roxanne: I think experience. I think experience, because you don't become a woman overnight, right? It takes a lifetime. So I think mistakes and how you rise up from them, and you've been a wonderful example of that to me. You have, really have. And always being open to a new adventure. Coming with me today is a sign of that. I know you're a humble woman, but I love the fact that you came with me today to share this with me. So I just... Rosalie (Roxanne’s mother): Yeah, me too. I'm happy for that, yes, yes. Roxanne: I think those are things that make a woman beautiful.

    Roxanne’s Story: Experience is Beautiful

  • “That’s part of beauty. It’s embracing all stages of life.” In the Caribbean, women and men have a very different view of aging. Meet Roxanne, our latest woman of the Pro-age Revolution. Find out how Roxanne’s experiences in the Caribbean shaped her worldview in this video. Video Transcript In the Caribbean, there is an embracing of getting older. The elders are looked at as people that have knowledge and you party with them. You know, you go to a party, and there are children, two years old, and there's maybe an elder, a great, we call them aunties, even if they're not your aunt, that is 85. And they're dancing. That's a part of beauty. It’s when you embrace all the stages of life. And that's what I want to do. I don't want to be raised here and then lose that part of myself.

    Meet Roxanne

  • By: Cindy I believe that the best way to learn how to take care of something is to understand it. Here are a few facts that may help with understanding how to care for your skin.

    Genetics and health.

    There is no question that our genetics and health play the biggest roles in the look and health of our skin. Eating a clean healthy diet and exercise can make a huge difference in the efficiency of your skin’s ability to regenerate and look its best. Here are a few simple things I’ve learned about how skin functions that may help you treat your skin with informed love and care.

    What we put on the outside—gets into the inside.

    Our skin is the largest organ on our body. The body absorbs everything we put on our skin. This is why the “patches” work for seasickness, nicotine, painkillers, birth control and more. Any chemical you place on the outside of your body goes into your internal systems. It’s the same thing with cosmetics and skin care products. So ideally, it’s best to use all-natural, pure, toxin free products that are good for your internal body as well as your skin.

    Your skin is a self-sustaining system.

    Our body is designed to create its own moisturizer. You may have noticed when you wake up in the morning, your skin feels soft and moisturized. Some people find this oil over their T-zone. During sleep your body produces a protective mantle over your skin. It is your skin’s natural moisturizer, customized for you! And yet, most of us wash it off when we get out of bed in the morning. So if you routinely wash your face in the morning, it is important to replenish this natural protection with a moisturizer.

    Healing ingredients we find in nature.

    Medical science has rediscovered honey as a healing substance. Pure unprocessed honey is being used on burn victims in hospitals—and they are healing in half the time with less scarring. Propolis and royal jelly—which also come from beehives—are natural antiseptics, antibacterials and antivirals, which has been reported to heal acne and rashes. These are many of the reasons why I created Boomsilk, Boomstick Glo and Boom Cotton—which include all-natural ingredients like raw natural honey, propolis, and royal jelly. We only use the most essential effective ingredients to protect and moisturize the skin, leaving out all perfumes, parabens, phthalates, emulsifies and binders. We use organic ingredients that are complementary to our bodies’ system. Please share your experiences regarding skin care below.

    How to Take Care of Your Skin

  • If you could look back in time, what would you say to yourself in your 20s? What wisdom would you share? What hard-earned knowledge would you freely give? Today, 11 women reveal what they would say if they could go back in time... Video Transcript: Deborah: My younger self was really not as confident or as sure of herself as she should have been. And she certainly should have been. Anna: If I can give myself advice in my 20s... Amanda: I would go back and hug me. Anna: I think I would say, you know, embrace every minute. Jody: Stop seeking other people's approval. Hadley: Find your own truth. Cami: Don't take yourself so seriously. Diana: Be more accepting. Lucita: I don't think I would be able to tell my 24-year-old self what to do. She has to go through life, she has to experience it. Anna: Drink less. Deborah: I would definitely tell her not to be so timid. Nikki: Celebrate your differences. Tamara: Don't even think what other people think of as beauty. Karen: Just love who you are. Who you are is already beautiful.

    What Would You Tell Your 24-Year-Old Self?

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