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Dark Circles

How we think about under eye circles has changed a lot…I remember when models wanted me to put dark circles under their eyes because of how smokey and sexy it made them look.

But many fans have asked me how best to conceal them, so if you’re concerned about dark circles then this video may be able to help you out

Video Highlights:

0:05  A lot of us have them
0:10 Reasons for dark circles
0:30 How Cindy used to make up models
0:48 They don’t have to be bad!
0:57 Texture and dark circles
1:20 how to cover

Video Transcript:

A quick word about dark circles under your eyes.

A lot of us have them and we have a lotta concern about them. The first thing I recommend is, consult your physician. It could have to do with your health, allergies, diet, all kinds of things.

Once you’ve covered all of that, covered, you can then consider it may be hereditary.

I remember when I was a makeup artist back in the early ’80s, we actually put dark circles on our models because it made their eyes look smokey and sexy, and, you know, it added character to their face.

Dark circles don’t have to be considered bad. It really has to do with why they are there.

If you try to cover dark circles, you are putting makeup, texture, concealer on the very thin delicate skin under your eyes, and if you have any texture under there at all: fine wrinkles, heavy wrinkles, bags, you are going to add to that.

So you may take away the darkness but you’re going to add texture.

So what I recommend instead of using something heavy and thick, you can use a very light foundation if you really feel you wanna try to camouflage them.

And it’s perfectly reasonable to camouflage ’em a little bit until you find out, until you get in agreement with how beautiful they really are. And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.