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Developing A Pro Age Mindset

Great things happen when we start celebrating our age.  I was 49 years old before I finally cut out the last bit of dye from my hair…

But the very day I fully revealed my silver hair to the world, I was approached on the street to model for Dolce & Gabana.

And you can hear the rest of my story in this short video.

Video Highlights
0:15 Developing a pro-age mindset
0:30 How Cindy got started
1:00 The universe awarded Cindy
1:18 A pro-age cosmetic line

Video Transcript
Hi, I’m Cindy Joseph, and the CEO and Creator of BOOM by Cindy Joseph, the first pro-age cosmetic line. And I am here to talk to you about developing a pro-age mindset in an anti-ageist society.

I started out as a makeup artist. And after 25 years working with supermodels and celebrities of the time, I ended up in front of the camera modeling myself.

I’d been in studios since I was about 25 years old. Nobody ever asked me to model.

After I turned 49 years old, I was approached on the street and asked to model for a worldwide campaign for Dolce & Gabbana.

And that day was the very day I cut off the last bit of dye from my hair because I’d been hiding this silver hair from the world for six years.

And when I threw that bottle of dye away and I let it all grow out, the universe awarded me with a whole new career, modeling.

I knew I had made the right decision. And that’s when I decided to create BOOM by Cindy Joseph, the very first pro-age cosmetic line, and to spearhead the pro-age revolution.