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076: From Hive to Jar

I just traveled to Hawaii to make this video so I could share with all of you exactly how our beekeepers transform raw honey into pure BOOMSILK.

I even got to fill a few jars myself

High-quality handmade small batches are what separate BOOM! from all those big cosmetic brands we grew up with.

I am so proud of our products! I traveled all the way to Hawaii just to show you how we do it!

So come make a jar of BOOMSILK with me!

00:10- We are in Hawaii
00:30- Let’s meet our bees
00:52- Cindy meets one of the hives
01:10- The bees can feel your vibe
01:32- A sophisticated system
01:54- We open the hive to see the honey
02:15- BOOM! only takes the surplus, never what the bees need to survive
02:30- A close-up look at the honeycomb
03:00- The importance of each amazing ingredient our bees make
03:40- A tour of the BOOM! factory
04:04- Check out how we make Boomsilk
04:30- Filling the jars
04:47- From hive to jar

Video Transcription:

Hi, as you may be able to tell, we are here in Hawaii. Beautiful, gorgeous, healthy, clean Hawaii and this is where we have chosen to make most of our skin care.

So I’m gonna take you behind the scenes so you can see how we do it.

Okay, here we are. We made it to Hawaii. And we’re gonna go visit the bees. So follow me. Oh, I have to put my hat on. As sweet as they are and the wonderful honey they make, they might like some of my honey.

Okay, so our good friends, the bee keepers, have told us that it’s best to stand away from the opening of the hive because if I stand right in front, the bees might think that I’m trying to block their way.

And also, just your general vibe. If we come close to them with fear or anxiety or anger, they can feel it.

So I’m staying very calm and very happy and really feeling a tremendous amount of gratitude for these beautiful creatures.

As you can see, the bees are very busy and they have an extremely sophisticated system of taking the pollen, the resin, and the nectar from all the beautiful trees and flowers, and plants around them here in Hawaii to make propolis, honey, and beeswax.

Okay, so he’s smoking the bees so they calm down because he wants to open the hive so we can show you the honey.

This is so exciting. Wow. Wow. And one of the things that I always wanna stress to our customers is that we only use the surplus from these hives.

We do not take anything that’s critical and important for the survival of the bees. Our bee keeper friend was kind enough to give us a close-up look at the honeycomb. Check it out.

Beekeeper: What our product is all about is the beeswax and the honey. Here’s the beeswax and the honey, how it comes out of the hive.

The bees put this capping on and underneath is honey, this is their winter food.

And what we do with it is we use this wax here, that’s what goes in the skin cream and the honey obviously underneath.

Cindy: Isn’t it beautiful? And each ingredient serves a very important purpose in our products. The honey has incredible repairing properties for the skin.

The propolis has natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities. The beeswax provides a protective mantle over the skin, keeping the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.

I’m gonna take you through the entire process of how we make Boom Silk.

This is it. This is where it all happens, come on in. Look at this.

This is where all of our Boom Silk or Boom Cotton, so many of our facial products and our body products or skin care is made.

This is it. You are in the factory where we hand make small batches just for you. Check it out.

So first, we use a huge handheld mixer to combine all of the ingredients. Then, we pour the combined ingredients into smaller processors for further emulsification.

It’s so smooth and silky. Next, we transfer the fully emulsified cream into pastry combs which we use to fill each and every jar of Boom Silk by hand. And finally, each jar is inspected and tapped to settle the ingredients before being sealed, capped, and shipped out to you.

And finally, each jar is inspected and tapped to settle the ingredients before being sealed, capped, and shipped out to you.

So there you have it. From hive to jar. That’s how our Hawaiian skin care products are made.