It’s about women. It’s about beauty. It’s about time.

SWC 55: Holistic Health


Video Highlights:
0:01 Are you making any New Years resolutions?
0:17 Choose goals that are doable
0:29 If you really want to make an impact on your life choose something you know you are going to do
0:42 Consider just moving your body everyday
1:10 Go after what pleasures you
1:21 Today Cindy is interveiwing a friend she used to work with
1:34 She is a competing triathlete and is raising four kids!
1:48 Cindy is so excited to introduce Lisa Fallon Mindel
2:10 What drives Lisa is to stay happy and healthy
2:23 Through diet and exercise Lisa keeps feeling motivated, energetic and alive
2:31 Having four kids and being a triathlete keeps Lisa going
2:52 Lisa’s clients range from people who want to lose weight to athletes
3:20 Lisa balances the whole foods and the soul foods
3:49 Between the two Lisa balances out your health
4:03 What is a healthful diet?
4:13 Food is your fuel and you are what you eat
4:34 Its all step by step
4:57 Is it that once your clients start to lose weight that they get motivated to continue?
5:20 Naturally you will be cleansing, you will be getting more energy and losing weight
5:46 Your body really wants to be in balance and healthy
5:51 What are some good tips for the average person who wants to improve their health?
6:03 Make short term goals, don’t take things too seriously, incorporate good foods and more water
6:20 The foods that you’re eating have an energy
6:40 You could consult someone like Lisa in the health field
6:49 What if a client of yours calls and says they ate a whole box of Oreos?
7:07 Each day that you bring something good in it will crowd out the bad
7:36 Lisa works with mostly women in their forties and beyond
8:03 There is a whole bunch of things Lisa talks about with her clients
8:17 By the end they understand their body, their mind, and the process
8:33 The first step is being aware
8:55 Everybody is different, everybody is an individual
9:10 Lisa finds that education is important
9:19 You can find lisa at
9:43 You can also find her on Facebook at Lisa Fallon Mindel
9:54 What is the last thing that Lisa ate or drank?
10:42 Thank you so much Lisa!