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LIVE! Behind the Scenes

I am modeling for Coolibar! See behind the scenes of my newest modeling gig in Savannah, Georgia! Find out what Coolibar clothing is all about. Check out my make up too! Fake eyelashes, full makeup…..…

this isn’t exactly the pared-down approach of BOOM, but it’s fun!  Hear me explain why I think I have the best job in the world in this Facebook Live video!

Video Highlights
Cindy has makeup on
0:28 SPF Clothing
0:37 Coolibar clothing
0:51 What Cindy uses instead of sunscreen
1:18 We’re in Savannah Georgia
1:37 What is Coolibar Clothing?
1:50 Meet our producer
2:13 Look where we’re shooting
2:30 Why I have the best job!
2:47 I’ll be back!

Video Transcript
Boom! Check it out, check it out. I got a little makeup on, don’t I?

This isn’t exactly the BOOM! look -au naturel- this is fake eyelashes, lipstick, ooh la la, and look at this.

Look at this outfit, okay, this is like a cool summer dress, comfortable, I can move, I can wad it up and it won’t wrinkle, and this is SPF! SPF is what I’m talking about.

And here’s a whole array of clothes, these are the kids. I’m here with Coolibar, and Coolibar is a clothing company that specifically specializes in SPF clothing.

And they’re the only ones listed with the American Cancer Society, so it’s pretty amazing.

And you know I’m always talking about, “Don’t put those chemicals on your skin.” Well, you can protect yourself with hats, with umbrellas, with clothing.

Coolibar, so come on, check it out.

Come over here. This is one of the models I work with. This is Ray, Miss Coolibar.

And here is the table with hair and makeup. We’re underneath this beautiful pavilion in Savannah, Georgia, yeah!

So do you have any questions, do you wanna know what’s going on here, how I do it, how I got here, what’s up?

We’ve got our camera guy that might be able to read your questions if they pop up. We are live in Savannah at the Coolibar photo shoot.

I’ve been modeling with them for a couple years and they are a clothing company that make SPF clothing.

Okay, we have birds, we’re outdoors, we’re at the beach, there’s our wonderful producer. She brings us coffee, she keeps us up to speed, and fed, and happy.

And watch this: this is where we’ve been shooting, at the beach, because after all, SPF is all about the sun, right?

Look. Oh, there they are. So they’re shooting. The photographer, Michael, the stylist, my buddy Chuck is one of the models.

And I was out there this morning, running in the water, playing with the kids.

So basically, I have the best job in the whole wide world. I get dressed up in really nice clothes, I have like three people doing my hair and makeup, and then they say, “Go have fun and we’re gonna photograph you doing that.

” I’m very thankful. Yay! So I’ll see you again, I’ll be back.