0:10- Cindy has makeup on
0:28- SPF Clothing
0:37- Coolibar clothing
0:51- What Cindy uses instead of sunscreen
1:18- We’re in Savannah Georgia
1:37- What is Coolibar Clothing?
1:50- Meet our producer
2:13- Look where we’re shooting
2:30- Why I have the best job!
2:47- I’ll be back!

Video Transcript

Boom! Check it out, check it out. I got a little makeup on, don’t I? This isn’t exactly the BOOM! look -au naturel- this is fake eyelashes, lipstick, ooh la la, and look at this. Look at this outfit, okay, this is like a cool summer dress, comfortable, I can move, I can wad it up and it won’t wrinkle, and this is SPF! SPF is what I’m talking about.

And here’s a whole array of clothes, these are the kids. I’m here with Coolibar, and Coolibar is a clothing company that specifically specializes in SPF clothing. And they’re the only ones listed with the American Cancer Society, so it’s pretty amazing. And you know I’m always talking about, “Don’t put those chemicals on your skin.” Well, you can protect yourself with hats, with umbrellas, with clothing.

Coolibar, so come on, check it out.

Come over here. This is one of the models I work with. This is Ray, Miss Coolibar.

And here is the table with hair and makeup. We’re underneath this beautiful pavilion in Savannah, Georgia, yeah!

So do you have any questions, do you wanna know what’s going on here, how I do it, how I got here, what’s up? We’ve got our camera guy that might be able to read your questions if they pop up. We are live in Savannah at the Coolibar photo shoot.

I’ve been modeling with them for a couple years and they are a clothing company that make SPF clothing.

Okay, we have birds, we’re outdoors, we’re at the beach, there’s our wonderful producer. She brings us coffee, she keeps us up to speed, and fed, and happy.

And watch this: this is where we’ve been shooting, at the beach, because after all, SPF is all about the sun, right?

Look. Oh, there they are. So they’re shooting. The photographer, Michael, the stylist, my buddy Chuck is one of the models. And I was out there this morning, running in the water, playing with the kids.

So basically, I have the best job in the whole wide world. I get dressed up in really nice clothes, I have like three people doing my hair and makeup, and then they say, “Go have fun and we’re gonna photograph you doing that.” I’m very thankful. Yay! So I’ll see you again, I’ll be back.

  • Julie Reeves

    Did you wear foundation for the shoot? What brand?


      Hello Julie, yes. For some photo shoots for other companies, Cindy does wear foundation. She prefers the Armani Luminous Silk Brand.

  • Martha Coscarart

    Cindy you look so energized! I can’t wait to head over to the Coolibar website and check out the SPF clothes. I live in the south so it sounds like a perfect line of clothes for the summer heat. Thanks for sharing!


      Thanks for your interest, Martha!

  • Charmaine Creighton

    You are amazing!


      Thank you, Charmaine!

  • Deborah

    Love the look! Savannah is the one town I would move to. Vacationed there years ago & loved it’s. Great job! Love my Boom body cream.


      Thanks Deborah!

  • crystaldeedee

    Cindy, I loved the video. I have a question about Coolibar. Years ago I purchase some clothes with SPF for when I play golf. Well, they were SO warm I couldn’t stand it and gave them to Goodwill. They were not cheap, but the dress you have on looks very light. Does it at all change your body temperature? Honestly, that one outfit was so uncomfortable and I thought I was being so clever not using Sunscreen all over. Also, love that you are growing your hair back. I liked it longer.


      Thanks so much for your interest! The dress worn from coolibar was very light material. We recommend checking out their site and asking their staff more questions about the specifics of their clothing: http://www.coolibar.com/home.jsp?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=coolibar&utm_campaign=Coolibar&gclid=CjwKEAiA9s_BBRCL3ZKWsfblgS8SJACbST7DzPKJmQmIeg6bPXMfOOQWt70uEuRpoQv1uJmx-vW4nxoCfDXw_wcB

  • Christine

    Looks like you’re having fun, that’s what its all about! You look great and love that dress on you <3


      Thank you Christine!!


      Thank you, Christine!

  • Love the dress and can’t wait to go check out the website. I always have to slather SPF on or wear long sleeves – hot – so can’t wait to check the clothing line out. I love every product in your line and share with friends (which I’m not feeling stingy, hoho). Keep up the good work and you look marvelous dalink!!


      Thank you so much!

  • Lynne’ George

    Yes! You do have the Best Job in the Whole Wide World!! You Look Gorgeous…Really Love that Dress! <3
    How's the progress on the Christmas Specials coming along???
    Much Love! <3


      Hi Lynne,

      Thank you! As soon as our holidays specials begin, we will send you an email to let you know!

  • sharon stanley

    aw, you look great! what a pretty place!!


      Thank you, Sharon!

  • Thankful to see your happy spirit, Cindy! Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours 🙂


      Thanks Daal! You too 🙂

  • Debbie Paul

    I was so shocked to see you were in my area!! I am loving my Boom. As you saw, the weather in Georgia is unpredictable in the fall and winter- hot as heck one day and chilly 2 days later. Glad you got to be in my little corner of the world. If you are ever back in the area, try to visit Jekyll Island- much more beach and sand dunes with less people and commercial activity.


      Thanks for the tip, Debbie!

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