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074: Live from the North Shore!

I can’t stop smiling!

This Facebook Live from the North Shore of Hawaii was SO much fun. And I gave away some of my best advice to fans who wrote in.

And you MUST see how beautiful the view from my beach house!


00:06– Cindy is in Hawaii!
00:50– We visited the Bees! Here’s what happened
02:24– Why we use bee products
03:21– Cindy “cut” her hair
05:08– Testimonial on BOOM!
05:30– What a nurse thinks about BOOM! touch
06:26– Dressing up for a night look
06:56– The “bling” of Boomsticks
07:30– What Cindy is wearing right now
08:00– Another happy customer!
08:15– Cindy on her modeling career
09:18– What inspired Boomstick Color
09:56– The journey of going silver
10:40– Cindys wrinkles
11:14– Lighting makes a difference!
11:40– A little bit of Hawaii
12:27– Where to get BOOM!
12:50– BOOM! in different temperatures!
13:25– Cindy on cuticles
14:00– Our website and demo videos
14:30– Such a blast!

Video Transcript

Ezra: You are live.

Cindy: I am live and I am chilling in Hawaii. We are on the North Shore of Oahu, and guess what we came here for? Well, a little bit of rest and relaxation, for sure, with our BOOM! team, and we went to visit our beekeepers, and went into the facility where BOOMSILK and the rest of our skincare products are made. And we went to visit the bees, and we videotaped the whole thing, which I am so thrilled about. I’ve been waiting six years to be able to show you in person how these products are made.

So we’re going to see the beehives, the bees themselves. Our beekeepers lifted out the actual honeycombs that they make. We went into the factory where everybody is as busy as bees, filling up the tubs of BOOMSILK and everything. It’s just…it was so exciting and so wonderful, and the music was playing, and all these people are having such a good time making these products. So love, fun, joy, health; pure ingredients are all going into these products, and I can’t wait for you to see the video!

Ezra: We got 50 women live with us right now.

Cindy: Oh, okay. Hi.

Ezra: We’re getting a lot of likes on the video.

Cindy: Oh, cool. This is crazy that it’s live.

Ezra: Yeah. So someone wants to know why we use bee products. Like, instead of anything else you could use in the skincare...

Cindy: That’s a really… That is an excellent, excellent question, and the bees make all kinds of amazing ingredients for themselves that are also incredible for people. Hospitals…

Ezra: Judah bear, bring him in here.

Cindy: We’ve got a Judah bear. This is an official Judah bear from Hawaii. He came with us to play and party and have some fun, and he’s got his Hawaiian shirt on. Judah, we’re going to tell them all about the bees. You want to come sit?

Okay. All right, here we are. This is live, baby. This is real, live action. Daily life, for sure. You see what’s over there? There’s a bunch of people.

Honey itself, just by itself, is incredibly healthy and healing for the skin.

Then there’s propolis, which the bees make to keep the hive germ-free. So it’s an antiseptic. You can read all about it on the website. It’s really true. This is not some kind of sales pitch. It is really true, that all of the ingredients the bees make for themselves are really, really good for our skin. And we get testimonials every single day from people saying it’s clearing up their psoriasis and their rosacea, and their acne. It’s like crazy amazing.

Things are going on with these products that we didn’t even expect. We knew they were good, but we didn’t know they were that good. So it’s pretty incredible. Any more questions?

Ezra: Cindy, what inspired you to cut your hair? Repeat the question back.

Cindy: Okay. What inspired me to cut my hair? Well, actually, I didn’t cut it; I took it off. All the hairstylists wanted me to have longer, thicker air when I started modeling 16 years ago. And so, they offered to put these extensions in. And I was kind of excited about it because I never had long, thick, curly hair. I always had short, fine, wispy hair.

And I got the same negative messages about my hair that we all get about aging, right? “It has to be thick. It has to be long. It has to be curly. It has to be shiny.” And I have baby, baby, baby hair. So I bought it. I mean, I bought that concept and that message that thin, fine, wispy hair was bad. So when I was offered thick, long hair, I was like, “Yeah, man, I’m going to go for it.”

And I had a blast. I really had a good time. But I realized that I really wanted to tell the truth. I kind of wanted to come out of the closet and have all my sisters within wispy, fine baby hair feel good about it, too, and celebrate that. Just like we celebrate our age.

Ezra: We just had a woman say “Thank you so much for the great product. First time I’ve had a proper moisture in years.”

Cindy: Another miraculous story. Oh, would you please write that on Facebook or wherever you can, or maybe write us a testimonial and we can post it on our website? Because think about all the other people that would love to have a product that could help them with that?

Ezra: “If I want to be a little fancier at night, how do you recommend I dress up in the makeup department and with clothes for a night look?”

Cindy: I love that term “fancier.” “I want to look fancy.” A little more dramatic, a little snazzy. Well, okay, I missed the last part of the question.

Ezra: It basically wants “How to use cosmetics and clothes for a night look.”

Cindy: I just put on jewelry to look fancy. So I can kind of still hang like I’m hanging out all-natural in Hawaii. But just throw on a pair of earrings and all of a sudden, you’re dressed up. So I do that. And I also use BOOM! Glimmer. I call it the bling of the three Boomsticks. It’s kind of like body jewelry or skin jewelry. So you can put it on your eyelids, your brow bone, you can put it on your clavicles, you can put it on your shoulders, and your declate, and it’s kind of like a body luster, a body jewelry. It’s really kind of fun, play with it if you already have some. And I think just that blushed, happy look is pretty fancy.

Ezra: Do you currently have Glimmer on your eyelids?

Cindy: I have no Glimmer on my eyelids. I probably have a little dewyness from BOOM! Silk and from just being warm and the humid weather of Hawaii. Can you see? And I put on mascara today because we did this video, and I always like to have a little extra eyelash for that. And I put on BOOM! Color, but it’s probably all gone now.

Ezra: Debbie Genteel  says she wants to let you know that she loves your product and “She stands behind you, girl. You’re beautiful inside and out.” And she’s an oversized model, currently.

Cindy: Right back at you, babe. I love it.

Ezra: “Do you think you’ll continue your modeling career?”

Cindy: Well, as long as I want to take my picture, I’ll say yes. I think modeling is a blast. And it’s just really fun to get together with a big team of people and have some fun shooting some great pictures.

And I also really love continuing representing women my age. You know, it is just time, it is happening, let’s keep it going. And any of you out there that think you’d like to try modeling, send your pictures into the agencies and say, “It is time for you to represent someone that looks like me.”

Ezra: So Isabella Duvall just joined, as well as Laura Smith who’s our…

Cindy: Hi, Isabella. Hi, Laura. Hi, Kathy. Hi, Debbie. Hi, everybody.

Ezra: Donna Mueller, who’s been a BOOM! customer for six years. She been with us since day one.

Cindy: All right. Now, you need to write us a letter and get that written down to us, because we need to give you something fun.

Ezra: What inspired Boomstick Color?

Cindy: Boomstick Color was the very first product idea that I had. And I always wanted something that was just simple, easy to use multitasking. Like, I don’t need to have a lipstick and then an eye shadow, and then a blush. I just wanted one thing I could just slap on really quickly and get a natural, dewy, colorful look that I already got if I was working out, if I was dancing, if I was making out; that was the look I wanted, and Boomstick Color was it.

Ezra: “You are an all-natural and such an awesome person. I love your hair without extensions. My hair is going all white, not grey, but white. I stopped dying it in February because you inspired me to do so. What would you recommend for someone who’s just starting on the journey from dyed hair to grey hair, or silver hair?”

Cindy: Keep smiling and keep celebrating it, babe. You know, take good care of it. I have really, really soft hair that’s very delicate, so I use a shampoo by USANA. It’s just a daily gentle shampoo and that’s it. Enjoy it, get fun haircuts, wear it proudly. Yeah, you already made the leap, babe. You’re already there.

Ezra: Susan says, “I don’t see a wrinkle on your face. Do you have any?”

Cindy: It’s all about good lighting, honey. If you could have seen me doing a video for my granddaughters in the other room with the turkey neck and the whole bit…I mean, get close, look at me. I am 65. I got all the stuff, you know? But lighting changes everything, and I do a video “On Saturday with Cindy,” all about lighting. Where I move the camera and you see the difference, as the shadows come and everything.

Man, lighting can…it’s pretty crazy. It really, really makes a big difference. Take a mirror, walk around your house, go to the window, then turn and…how about elevator lighting? That’s the light that rakes down. That will show you everything. Everything.

Ezra: Two hundred and eighty women with us right now live.

Cindy: I can’t believe it. That is crazy. Do you want to show them where we are?

Ezra: Yeah.

Cindy: Check this out. We got a kayaker or a surfer out there, paddle-boarder, I think. And look at all the rocks. We had a seal…not a seal, but a sea lion come in, and was laying right in the rocks the other night. Ah, it’s just gorgeous here. And it doesn’t matter if you’re in a little shack or you’re in some fancy house, Hawaii is a powerful, exciting island.

And if you watch the video of the bees we did today, which we’ll send out in a few days or a couple weeks, you can hear the sounds of the birds and the bugs. It’s just incredible here.

Ezra: Well, it looks like we’re good for today. If there’s anything…oh, we got one more question that just came in. We’re up to 300 people now. “Where do I find your product?”

Cindy: Oh, we sell online. We don’t sell in any stores. And that can be frustrating if you want to smell it, feel it, taste it, all that. So we offer a full, money-back guarantee if you are not 100% happy with your products. So order them, try them out, check them out.

Ezra: Carol says she lives in 102-degree heat in Houston, Texas, but she still loves to wear the BOOM! products, and that they don’t melt in the heat for her.

Cindy: That’s good to know, yeah. We like everybody to know that. I did a whole test with all three Boomsticks. I put in my glove compartment in my car, in New York for an entire year. So they lived through the freezing winters, the hot 100-degree summers, and survived it all. Of course, they get a little softer when they’re in the heat. So just don’t open it up and swipe it on your face, because half of it will come off. You have to be a little careful with that.

But thanks for saying so, babe. Appreciate it.

Ezra: “What do you do to take take care of your cuticles?”

Cindy: My cuticles are a mess. I have, like, the worst cuticles. I always have. I have a really short nail base. I don’t have those long, beautiful tips. And I don’t cut them because I used to cut them and then they grew back all big and chunky and horrible.

So to tell you the truth, this is the truth, the truth, the truth. If I make sure I put BOOM! Silk or Boomstick Glow on them every day, they’re perfect. I just get a little lazy; I don’t always do all that stuff.

Ezra: “What’s the name of your website where I can find your products?”

Cindy: BOOM! by Cindy Joseph. And just Google “BOOM! Cindy Joseph,” “BOOM! by Cindy Joseph,” and you will find our website. And one of the really good things is we offer demo videos. So everything I’ve said here, if you forget it all or if you buy it, and you’re like, “Oh, God, I forgot where to put it,” just go to the demo videos, and you’ll see me putting it on without a mirror. Like, you take this stuff and you just put it on. You don’t even need a mirror, it’s so easy. So check it out. That was a blast. All right, bye, everybody.