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Meet Ellie

Ellie is the latest member of the Pro-age Revolution on our blog. Her journey towards celebrating her own age began by watching her mother.

Get her inspiring story in today’s video.

Video Transcript:

My mom aged so gracefully.

She didn’t buy into all the products. You know, she was blessed with beautiful skin, but she was a confident lady, so I was so lucky because I had that all through my life.

And I think it made my decision making on how I’m going to take care of myself and make myself beautiful was based on what I saw through her.

You know, she’s human so I used to see her in the mirror and lifting here and pulling here. She goes, “Oh if I just did this, it looks…” Yeah, I definitely heard that conversation like, “Oh I’m getting wrinkles here and there.”

But then she sort of just walked away from the mirror and that was it.