• Carolyn Richardson

    I so relate to what Karen is expressing. I am a very young 74 and just now came to that same realization. I have not been expressing ME for most of my life. And now I am trying to discover who that ME is and broadcast that. And at my age I figure, “If not NOW, when?” I am dressing differently, expressing differently and people tell me that I glow. One friend told me that I look 10 years younger. I think I like the real ME!! – Carolyn Richardson

    • LaVerne

      At age 62 I feel the same way! I raised my child, I am still and always will be there for them and my grandkids…but now I feel it is my time to shine, I let my hair go back to naturally curly, I am dressing spectacular instead of frumpy! I lost 30 pounds and feel fantastic. I don’t want the drama, or the stress I do what I can do and stay healthy and fit for me! I love my life and wish that I could have accepted myself many years ago as I am sure my life would have been different! Bless all of you!


        Thank you so much for this message! We are so happy to have such encouragement from all within this pro-age revolution! Thanks for sharing.


      Hi Carolyn, thanks you for your message! It’s wonderful to hear how so many women have embraced their age and themselves for who they are! Thanks again!

    • kat_scratch

      Carolyn Richardson I feel I’m in the same situation and I’m a young 76 and just beginning to understand a few things about myself and I know there is more to really understanding ME! My mother relied on me for everything and I felt like a slave all my life but don’t know how to change that so I would appreciate suggestions! I feel so unappreciated even with my kids and they are all grown up but don’t help me much! If they do I pay them most of the time so now I want to be myself but don’t know where to start!

      • Carolyn & Kat – both of you give me so much hope – tx for sharing, both of you, as well as Karen & Cindy 🙂

      • Vivian Swibel

        Hi Carolyn – I will be 61 in January and decided to “be myself” when I turned 50. Well, that didn’t work……for several reasons. Now I have been doing this, “being myself” since I turned 60. How I have been doing this is to REALLY think of myself first in certain situations. I have had to learn how to say NO, which was really difficult when I started this. I still don’t say NO as often as I should but I say it more than I ever have before. I find I do survive if I say NO. I find the meeting or get-together doesn’t fall apart when I’m not there. Yes, things survive without me there and I find I really don’t hurt anyone’s feelings either. And if I DO hurt someone’s feelings, I can talk with them about it (something I didn’t do before “being myself”). It is a big change to us but not to others. And if it is, they can learn to deal with it. Learn to say NO and you’ll be so happy you did!


          Vivian, thank you so much for sharing!

      • Sandra G

        Hi Kat, We are the same age and I feel the same as you do. My parents relied on me to do chores and help my mom and as the oldest child, I had my 2 brothers to care for. Then later as a wife and mother of two, plus my job, I was running all the time. Husbands then didn’t help their wives as they do now. At 76, I have retired and slowed down, but it seems that there is always something going on in the family. I try to keep moving, like walking my dog every day, to keep healthy. Other then that, I am just now trying to learn to do things I enjoy, but, I don’t really know what those things are yet. I also find it is hard to push myself to get out there to try new things. Well, life is good and I know I am lucky to be healthy. I love Cindy Joseph’s Boom because of the products, and also because of the encouragement she gives.


          Hello Sandra,

          Thank you so much for showing encouragement–sounds like you live a life well lived! Also, we are so glad you enjoy the products so much!

  • Vicki Turner Simpson

    I’m with y’all! For so long, I’ve tried to be what other people wanted me to be and inside there’s been the real me just yearning to get out. My transformation started when I hit 55 and I’m learning bit by bit, who I am and who I want to be….I turned 60 this year and really feel empowered by that… now it’s not so much ‘who’s going to let me?”


      Thank you for sharing, Vicki!

  • May Palmer

    YUP!!! Sistah Karen is “so on point” with sharing her inner-most thoughts on her being what she thought others wanted her to be! I am so guilty of THAT and so much more. Now, at age 54 I decided to delve into weight lifting and I love the results from my former 265lbs self! I’ve grown in confidence and the way my friends (i.e., both male & female) look at me is ‘how are you doing this at your age?” It’s hard work but, more than anything it’s all about FINALLY EMBRACING WHAT I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO AND GIVING MYSELF PERMISSION TO EXCEL IN IT!!!! YES!!! GO KAREN AND GO WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!! May Palmer-Las Vegas, Nevada https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c064c38622f6ef13265073282e72dffe3068f8ff52c616b47060c2b578df4d07.png


      Fantastic photo!! Thank you for sharing!

      • May Palmer

        Thanks kindly, BOOM! BY CINDY JOSEPH! My pleasure, Gurl!!!

  • Lisa Liljeberg

    Hi to all of you amazing ladies! I turned 62 this year and had the epiphany that I am fortunate enough to have created a life I never want to retire from! I’ve always lived outside the status quo – at first, simply because I didn’t fit in – and then – by choice!) I became a Life Coach because I wanted to help women liberate their true selves (well, first DISCOVER who that is!) I am constantly blown away by the courage women have to dig deep and begin to express who they know they really are….go girls! (and I use girls on purpose because of the energy it inspires!)


      Thanks for your encouraging message, Lisa!

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