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Meet Wendy

“Actually, I felt liberated. That was my first step to feeling free.”

Sometimes, it only takes one key decision to start feeling comfortable with yourself and begin your own journey of self-discovery.

Find out what that key decision was for Wendy in our latest video, and come back soon to hear her full story!

Video Transcript:
When I was in my 20s, I had gray hair actually, but I could not show it.

I was a brunette and I refused to let my natural color come through because I was so young. And I was always in what’s the latest fashion and the makeup.

And since I was 40, I decided to go natural. That was my first step to feeling free and actually feeling like I’m liberated.

I wasn’t bound to hair color anymore. And that began my journey of how else can I live my life that I can be me and be comfortable with who I am, and comfortable with my face, and my hair, my skin and… It’s just been a process.

It’s been a journey and I love where I am.