It’s about women. It’s about beauty. It’s about time.

A Realistic Approach to Beauty: 5 Tips for Women Over 50

As a young woman growing up in America, I was bombarded by beauty advertising and fashion magazines telling me how I was supposed to look, and what I needed to do to look that way.

“Use this cream so you don’t look old by the time you’re 40!”

“Arch those eyebrows!”

“This lipstick will make your lips look fuller!”

When we are young, we are very impressionable—we want people to like us, we want to be attractive, we want to fit in.

I bought into it all.

I spent an hour and a half every morning before school, doing my hair and makeup, and choosing just the right outfit. I wore not one but two pairs of fake eyelashes—all to look like someone else. I was afraid of not being enough on my own.

If I didn’t look right, I wouldn’t be right.

After a year of pouring through fashion and beauty magazines to learn how to conceal, change and “perfect” my features, I did some serious contemplation about it all. I considered my future and what I would have to continue doing to keep up this facade.

I said to myself, “Enough!”

No more makeup, hair spray and uncomfortable clothing. I became a full fledged California flower child. Long hair, sandals and jeans. No more faking it.

It was 1968. I was in full rebellion of the American beauty ethic and the status quo.

Then I started looking at history.

I did some research into the history of makeup and human adornment. I discovered humans have been braiding, piercing, tattooing, and practicing a myriad of other body decorating techniques since the beginning of time.

Throughout history, this body adornment has been motivated by ritual, celebration, social status and fun.

What I saw was the underlying societal message in present day is very different. As women, we are often motivated to change our looks with makeup, clothes, or hairstyles. But it’s not done because of ritual or fun. This motivation comes from the fears that we’re becoming less attractive, or losing attention and value.

The fashion and beauty industry makes billions convincing us we must conceal, alter, and fix something what they say is wrong with us! Why? It sells products.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

As women, choose fun—not fear.

Did you play dress up when you were a little girl? I remember simply having fun, trying on all sorts of clothes.

But as I got older, fear began replacing the fun. I was trying to fix something out of fear that I would not be up to snuff.

I had to change my thinking.

Now I ask, “How much are you enjoying yourself? What really makes a woman attractive?”

You can dress a woman up, give her a fancy hairstyle and perfect makeup, but if she is not enjoying herself and feeling confident, the results fall short.

What is the first thing you see in her? Is it fear, desperation and insecurity? And when you see a woman who is radiating confidence, joy, and clearly enjoying herself, what do you see then?

What you’re seeing is what makes a woman attractive: happiness.

Find a balance.

I eventually found a balance that worked for me. I found it was fun to wear a little makeup now and again, as well as experiment with my hair and clothes. But the difference was I was doing this in the spirit of pleasure and fun.

I say if it’s fun to primp and it is a pleasure to color, dress and adorn yourself, go for it. I simply keep in mind what is motivating me…fun or fear. Then I go for the fun!

BOOM! products are designed in the spirit of fun and personal self care. BOOM’s philosophy is about taking an honest and realistic approach to beauty.

I want to address the most prevalent message women hear throughout their lives. We’re told: “Do whatever it takes to look young and conceal your age!”

That is a tall order to live with. I am inviting women to drop the ageism against ourselves and consider celebrating your age.

I believe as life continues we earn our “silver crowns,” crow’s feet and ageful characteristics. We become more and better as life continues. There is always more to learn and celebrate as time goes on.

If you are ready to re-evaluate and learn some new ways to approach your makeup and skin care routine, here are some tips on how to get started with a few of our products.


Choose the color of happiness.

I have worked as a makeup artist in the fashion and beauty industry for over 45 years now.

What I have observed again and again is that when a woman gets excited and happy, she blushes!

When our circulation revs up, we get color in our cheeks, forehead, lips, neck and anywhere the capillaries are close to the surface. You can see the increased blood flow that naturally comes with excitement and joy.

Boomstick Color mimics this natural “blush.”

It’s sheer and creamy to keep your skin looking radiant and alive, without getting cakey and dry. You can use it anywhere you would naturally blush including your cheeks, forehead, lips, neck, and eyelids to give you that look of joy and happiness.

Boomstick Color is also a universal color that works for every skin tone. It’s sheer enough to allow your natural skin tone to shine through and customize the color for you.

Boomstick Color blends with all skin tones from porcelain to chocolate. (And every color in between.)


1 moisturizer, instead of 12.

Boom Silk is our signature moisturizer. Boomstick Glo gives you the same moisturizer as Boom Silk, only it’s designed in a convenient stick form for quick touch ups and travel.

The beauty industry convinces women that we need anywhere from 5 to 12 different moisturizers. One for our face, another for our eyes, lips, cuticles, another for our body, our hands, another for our heels and elbows and then a whole other moisturizer for night!

Seriously? Have you asked your doctor about this?

If your moisturizer is pure and safe and effective, it can be used for every area of body, from head to toe.

That’s what Boom Silk and Boomstick Glo are designed to do. You can use either moisturizer from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet.

We only use the safest and most necessary ingredients in Boomsilk. There’s nothing extra. No binders, parabens, phthalates, emulsifiers, perfumes, or toxic additives of any kind.

At our customers’ request, we also created Boom Cotton. It has a similar formula to Boom Silk and Boomstick Glo, but it’s for women who prefer a lighter moisturizer for their face.

For those who want a little bling!

Boomstick Glimmer is for the occasion you want to add little bling to your skin.

It will create a natural looking radiance any time you’re in the mood for a little glamour. It’s subtle, not frosted or “fake” looking. It just gives your skin a soft natural pearlescent radiance.

You can use it on your brow bones, eyelids, décolleté, collarbones, cheekbones and lips.

Are you already using any of our products? Let us know what you think in the comments below.