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What Would You Tell Your 24-Year-Old Self?

If you could look back in time, what would you say to yourself in your 20s?
What wisdom would you share? What hard-earned knowledge would you freely give?

Today, 11 women reveal what they would say if they could go back in time…

Video Transcript:

Deborah: My younger self was really not as confident or as sure of herself as she should have been. And she certainly should have been.

Anna: If I can give myself advice in my 20s…

Amanda: I would go back and hug me.

Anna: I think I would say, you know, embrace every minute.

Jody: Stop seeking other people’s approval.

Hadley: Find your own truth.

Cami: Don’t take yourself so seriously.

Diana: Be more accepting.

Lucita: I don’t think I would be able to tell my 24-year-old self what to do. She has to go through life, she has to experience it.

Anna: Drink less.

Deborah: I would definitely tell her not to be so timid.

Nikki: Celebrate your differences.

Tamara: Don’t even think what other people think of as beauty.

Karen: Just love who you are. Who you are is already beautiful.