Video Highlights
0:05- Cindy’s back
0:30- Cindy takes viewer questions
0:55- Cindy on cosmetic surgery
1:25- Good Lighting
1:45- Judging yourself
2:00- It’s okay to look your age
2:20- Find what motivates you
2:40- Expiration dates of BOOM!
3:23- Are BOOM! products organic?
3:58- Working with brown spots
4:16- Using concealers
4:30- Describing a strong woman
4:52- The most influential woman in Cindy’s life
4:05- I’ll be back

Video Transcript
Cindy: What did I tell you? I’ll be back. I’m back, live. What’s up? And I’m not in Hawaii anymore, even though it looks like I am there. Right? Look at all this beautiful foliage in Northern California. What do you have to say about it? Anybody out there want to ask questions? What’s up? What’s happening? I could talk about other things. I am live.

Interviewer: We got a question here, Cindy.

Cindy: Okay.

Interviewer: It says, “What’s your favorite thing about yourself?”

Cindy: What’s my favorite thing about myself? Oh, man. Come on. We got to turn the tables around on you. That I’m alive. That I’m surrounded by loving, wonderful people. That I live on the planet Earth. I love it. It’s gorgeous. Think about rainbows. Think about those huge waves. It’s wonderful. I’m glad to be alive. That’s about life.

Interviewer: Okay. A question we get a lot here, “Have you ever had cosmetic surgery?”

Cindy: Good question. I have never had cosmetic surgery. What I do have is really good lighting. And one of my Saturdays with Cindy, I take the camera and I move around and get in different kinds of light. Why do you look like you have bags under your eyes and turkey neck one day and the next day you’re thinking, “Hey, I’m looking pretty good. All that stuff is gone”? Well, number one, we’re gonna talk about judging that. But number two, it’s the lighting. It’s the lighting. I have never had cosmetic surgery. I have never done Botox. I have never done any of that.

Some photographers of magazines like to retouch me and make me look like I looked when I was 35. And what I say to all men and women is, if you’re thinking about that and you have negative judgment about the way you look because you look old, because you look like you’ve been living for a long time, because you have crow’s feet and silver hair and skin that’s getting pulled down by gravity, it’s okay. That’s good stuff. That’s a sign that you have been around for a long time.

So maybe you’ve gained some wisdom and some knowledge. But if you just can’t live with it and you decide that you want to do something like Botox, cosmetic surgery, or just dyeing your hair, what I like to suggest is, what is motivating you? Are you motivated by fun, or are you motivated by fear? Because if it’s fear, I don’t know, double check that.

Interviewer: Lyn Cochrane-Bergen, says she likes your hair.

Cindy: Oh, thank you. My little baby fine hair.

Interviewer: Okay. We got another one coming in. Are there expiration dates on your products?

Cindy: Yes. Interestingly enough, expiration dates on all products are one year, not just mine, but all products. FDA requirement. I have noticed that some of our products last way, way longer. I have had women bring Boomsticks to me in the silver package which we had six years ago and they’re still using their Boomstick Color. For sanitation reasons, it’s like how much attention do you pay to your cosmetics? Are you really clean and really careful with them? But year is the standard rate.

Interviewer: We got a lot of people on the line. We’ve got well over 130 people.

Cindy: Welcome.

Interviewer: One person wants to know, “Are your products organic?

Cindy: Some products are organic. Some are not. Some we know are organic, but we can’t say they’re organic. Interesting thing, the bees fly around and collect honey from everywhere. How do you keep track of what they collect from? They tend to stay in a closed area and all the plants around them are organic, but if one or two bees fly a mile away and come back with pollen from a rose that was sprayed with a pesticide, you cannot legally call it organic.

Interviewer: What product would help most with brown spots? Someone wants to know.

Cindy: Brown spots. Here’s one. I got one right there. I have friends with big brown spots on their face. What are good for them? Anything that’s good for your skin is good for brown spots. If you’re talking about covering them, that’s a whole ‘nother ball game. I have no concealers and nothing to camouflage or hide anything that happens naturally to the skin.

Interviewer: Thank you, Cindy. Can you describe a strong woman in three words?

Cindy: Guns. No. You talking about strong spirit? Someone that trust themselves, trusts life, and is not afraid of death.

Interviewer: Good answer.

Cindy: Thanks.

Interviewer: One more, “Who’s the most influential woman in your life?”

Cindy: My daughter. I love her dearly. Okay, guys, I think I’m heading out, but I’ll be back. Remember, I’ll be back.

Interviewer: All right. Bye bye.

  • Carmen lowry

    When are you going to introduce eye shadow, liner and mascara?


      Hello Carmen, thanks for your interest! At this time, we do plan to introduce eye shadow, liners, or mascara. Glimmer works great on your eyelids! Also, This short video blog may be helpful. Cindy created it based on her years of experience as a makeup artist and she offers a great tutorial on how to apply makeup as well as offering many brand recommendations:

  • awww, this was terrific! love seeing cindy and can’t wait to get my hot little hands on these new yummies! cindy, you are so genuine and POSITIVE that it inspires me to embrace my age, my circumstances and my life…thanks!


      Thanks so much, Sharon!

  • June Kellogg

    looking forward to these new products !!!


      Thanks, June!

  • Mary Hopper

    Looking forward to the new products. All positive thoughts about all the other products. Keep up the great products, Cindy.


      Thank you, Mary!

  • Claire Sanders

    Looking forward to trying these healthy products! Will you come out with a sunscreen (please)?


      Hello Claire, thank you for the suggestion!

  • Beth Fiore Kral

    Did I miss hearing when the new products will be available to order?


      Hello Beth, they should be available in a few weeks. As soon as they are, we will send an email notification. Thanks for your interest!

  • linda

    Cindy, you are a tremendous inspiration to all women. I love your vision, your positive outlook on life in general, and your loving spirit. All wrapped up in a beautiful package! Keep up the important work you do for women of all ages.


      Thank you so much, Linda!

  • Bonnie


  • Debra Weingarten, RN

    I’m over the moon, excited…this is what I’ve been waiting for. I can’t wait. When I got my first order and used it for a week all my other makeup went into the trash, except for mascara and an eyeliner. I’m a busy, Mom, Granny and RN still working full time in a busy PACU(recovery room). The fact that it’s easy and quick to use, even in the car!!! I am totally in love with BOOM cotton, its great I love that it is not shiny, for work. On weekends i use BOOM Silk.


      Thank you, Debra!


      Thanks so much, Debra!

  • Janis

    Just ordered all the BOOM products today! I always wear makeup, mostly Chanel. But I am excited to try BOOM, even though I am a little nervous about having a “naked face”! lol! I am your age, Cindy. I will not go “gray”! Do you think I will “love” your products? Thank you.


      Hi Janis, thanks for your interest! We hope you love them as much as we all do!

  • Suzanne

    Thank you Cindy in regards to the brown spots lol 🙂
    I never give them much thought until I see a picture of myself 🙂
    I want to be that mom, sister, friend who even with a quiet spirit gives others the confidence to approach getting older with grace. That is what you have done for me. I have always wanted that approach but oh my, the pull of media can easily get us off track. So when I found your products it was a stabilizer to keep me headed in the right direction. My hubby loves my braying hair and my sweet wrinkles.
    Hugs to you Cindy 💐


      Thank you, Suzanne!

  • Cjreeves

    Each of my boom mask always arrives hard as a rock so I must dig it out and mix with water. Is that normal?


      Hello, T

      here is no need for alarm. You have received a high quality product that only needs a little hydration due
      to the nature of the clay.

      To use simply mix a small amount of Boom Mask with a few drops of water until you have the desired consistency. Use your fingertips to apply Boom Mask in a circular motion over your face, avoiding the area around your eyes. Wait 10-15 minutes. Rinse with off with warm water and dry with towel. Then moisturize with Boomsilk, Boomstick Glo, Boomcotton, or any moisturizer of your choice. Safe to use daily. Recommended use at least twice a week. Thank you for your interest in BOOM!

  • Jankathryn

    I’m excited to use your new products! Cindy, what do you think is the difference in bee based products and olive oil? That may be a crazy question! I was thinking olive oil could plug your pores more?


      Hello, we consider both of these ingredients to be non-comedogenic. Products containing bee produced ingredients have many benefits. They are more “alive” than other skin care products, which is one reason they work so well moisturizing, healing and revitalizing the skin. Honey is a natural collagen stimulator and attracts and retains moisture and also a natural preservative. It is the perfect ingredient for an overall eye, face, lip and body moisturizer, suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The vitamins, minerals and amino acids are easily absorbed by the skin. Thanks for your interest!

  • Kim

    Why not post the prices?


      Hello Kim, thanks for your interest! Please visit to see all the prices for all of our products currently for sale. We will be releasing the Boom Clean and Scrub in a few weeks!

  • Suzanne

    You can easily find the prices on her website 🙂 also I think while we wait for the two new products to be posted for sale that includes waiting for the prices to be posted also. So excited for the face wash and scrub!!


      Thanks, Suzanne!

  • Laurie Reeves

    I Love the BOOM trio. When I apply everything I am delighted. BOOM “color” is my favorite. It is the most gorgeous shade EVER. When it is initially applied to the cheeks and lips it is the most stunning make up I have ever owned. BUT…It is gone within 15 minutes. I am reapplying constantly. Am I doing something wrong? Too much GLO maybe? I have tried applying it over my usual tinted moisturizer, which somewhat defeats the purpose, but it still slides off immediately. Is this just due to the natural ingredients? I am on my second BOOM trio and have loads of GLO and Glimmer left….but my Color is almost gone again. Am I doing something wrong? Cindy, I am loyal and will continue buying your product and spread the word….but I feel that my question should be answered.


      Hello, Laurie! It is true that Boomstick Color does not last as long as many typical blushes because of the delicate pigment and sheerness of the formula. That is what gives it such a natural look. Long lasting products have more intense pigments and chemicals and tend to be dry.

      If it disappears unusually fast, you may have to experiment. You can first try using a moisturizer before applying Boomstick Color. Apply Boomsilk, Boom Cotton or Boomstick Glo over the entire face and let it soak in. Then apply Boomstick Color.

      If that does not work you can try going without moisturizer completely. Simply apply Boomstick Color to freshly washed dry skin. That will allow the pigment to adhere to the surface of the skin more readily.

      Thanks again for your interest in BOOM!

  • Linda

    Are all products recommended for all skin types and colorations?


      Hello Linda! Thanks for your interest. The Boomstick Color is a universal color for all skin types. We have two different moisturizers, the Boom Cotton and Boomsilk. Boom Cotton is our “non-oily” formula which leaves more of a matte finish on your skin. Boomsilk leaves more of a dewy finish. We invite you to check out Cindy’s demo videos for each of our products here: Thanks again!

  • Donna M. Ierardi Houghtalin

    Hi Cindy! I’m 62, have always been into natural beauty, never wore makeup before Boomsticks. I just love the Boomsilk I just received and have been growing out my natural hair color for two years. It is white in strips near my face and looks silver everywhere else, because I still have some dark brown in the under layers of my hair. It is also below my shoulders a bit and I’m thinking about getting long layers to make it look healthier and more stylish. So here’s my question: I know you wore extensions, but is there any other way to add more white or lighter silver streaks to my hair? Also, what is the best shampoo & conditioner for silver hair? Maybe you can create one in the future. Your hair is so pretty, I know people will buy it! By the way, I’ve been following you and your Boom journey for a long time and I love your PRO age stance and philosophy! You are a true role model for me and so many other women! Congratulations on Boom clean and Boom scrub! Sounds awesome!! Sorry this is so long! Looking forward to your answers to my questions.


      Hi Donna, thanks so much for your interest! Cindy is not an expert in hair, but we recommend checking out this great database that can help you find a stylist who specializes in silver hair: Also, Cindy used Usana shampoo and conditioner, based on her stylists recommendation. However, your hair may be a different type or texture. Thanks again for your interest in BOOM!

  • The scrub sounds awesome–can’t wait to try it for blackheads. I think I will probably end up using just about every single product you make (although I haven’t received my first order yet, I have a feeling these are what I’ve been waiting for).

    I’m 71 and have only had eyelid surgery (it can interfere with vision so Medicare paid for it) and now that I can finally use eyshadow (had no lids before) I find that you recommend against it. Oh well, one less thing to hassle with 🙂


      Thank you, Linda!

  • Lani Clark

    I’m 71 and I love Boom: color, silk, mask, Glo, shimmer stick, everything! I have very sensitive skin and I’m NEVER going back to the virtual millions of products I’ve tried in the past! Thank you Cindy!


      Thanks, Lani! We are so glad that you love the products!

  • Michele

    When will these new products become available on your web site?


      Hi Michele,

      Please expect them in a few weeks! We will email you to let you know they have arrived and are ready for purchase. Thank you!

  • Gayle

    What are the ingredients in new products? If you can’t mention them all here, tell me where I can find them pls.


      Hi Gayle, we do not have those available yet. However, as soon as the products are available (within 3 weeks) we will notify you by email. We will also include all of the product details, including ingredients! Thanks so much for your interest!

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  • THANK YOU! These are THE products I've been waiting for all my life. After two months of using the GLO instead of my old moisturizer, my skin is so clear and even that I frequently need nothing else on my face.


  • By far this is the best 'make-up' for women over 40. I feel the need to brighten up just a little. Time is showing on my face, which is beautiful, but a splash of Boom is the perfect accompaniment of a wonderful life.


  • Boom is amazing! Just got my order and I couldn't be happier! I've spent a lot of $$ on products over the years that have been a complete waste of money, but Boom is worth every penny.


  • I went to an event last night and all I had on my face was your Boomstick Trio….I'm a natural girl and don't wear make-up…..I had several comments on how great I looked and I just glowed!!! lol, BOOM!


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