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075: What Motivates You?

Let’s Get Personal

Are you curious who the most influential woman in my life is? Or whether or not I’ve ever had plastic surgery?

Then you have to watch this new blog video because I answer these personal questions and more from a few of my amazing fans.

Video Highlights
0:05- Cindy’s back
0:30- Cindy takes viewer questions
0:55- Cindy on cosmetic surgery
1:25- Good Lighting
1:45- Judging yourself
2:00- It’s okay to look your age
2:20- Find what motivates you
2:40- Expiration dates of BOOM!
3:23- Are BOOM! products organic?
3:58- Working with brown spots
4:16- Using concealers
4:30- Describing a strong woman
4:52- The most influential woman in Cindy’s life
4:05- I’ll be back

Video Transcript
Cindy: What did I tell you? I’ll be back. I’m back, live. What’s up? And I’m not in Hawaii anymore, even though it looks like I am there. Right? Look at all this beautiful foliage in Northern California. What do you have to say about it? Anybody out there want to ask questions? What’s up? What’s happening? I could talk about other things. I am live.

Interviewer: We got a question here, Cindy.

Cindy: Okay.

Interviewer: It says, “What’s your favorite thing about yourself?”

Cindy: What’s my favorite thing about myself? Oh, man. Come on. We got to turn the tables around on you. That I’m alive. That I’m surrounded by loving, wonderful people. That I live on the planet Earth. I love it. It’s gorgeous. Think about rainbows. Think about those huge waves. It’s wonderful. I’m glad to be alive. That’s about life.

Interviewer: Okay. A question we get a lot here, “Have you ever had cosmetic surgery?”

Cindy: Good question. I have never had cosmetic surgery. What I do have is really good lighting. And one of my Saturdays with Cindy, I take the camera and I move around and get in different kinds of light. Why do you look like you have bags under your eyes and turkey neck one day and the next day you’re thinking, “Hey, I’m looking pretty good. All that stuff is gone”? Well, number one, we’re gonna talk about judging that. But number two, it’s the lighting. It’s the lighting. I have never had cosmetic surgery. I have never done Botox. I have never done any of that.

Some photographers of magazines like to retouch me and make me look like I looked when I was 35. And what I say to all men and women is, if you’re thinking about that and you have negative judgment about the way you look because you look old, because you look like you’ve been living for a long time, because you have crow’s feet and silver hair and skin that’s getting pulled down by gravity, it’s okay. That’s good stuff. That’s a sign that you have been around for a long time.

So maybe you’ve gained some wisdom and some knowledge. But if you just can’t live with it and you decide that you want to do something like Botox, cosmetic surgery, or just dyeing your hair, what I like to suggest is, what is motivating you? Are you motivated by fun, or are you motivated by fear? Because if it’s fear, I don’t know, double check that.

Interviewer: Lyn Cochrane-Bergen, says she likes your hair.

Cindy: Oh, thank you. My little baby fine hair.

Interviewer: Okay. We got another one coming in. Are there expiration dates on your products?

Cindy: Yes. Interestingly enough, expiration dates on all products are one year, not just mine, but all products. FDA requirement. I have noticed that some of our products last way, way longer. I have had women bring Boomsticks to me in the silver package which we had six years ago and they’re still using their Boomstick Color. For sanitation reasons, it’s like how much attention do you pay to your cosmetics? Are you really clean and really careful with them? But year is the standard rate.

Interviewer: We got a lot of people on the line. We’ve got well over 130 people.

Cindy: Welcome.

Interviewer: One person wants to know, “Are your products organic?

Cindy: Some products are organic. Some are not. Some we know are organic, but we can’t say they’re organic. Interesting thing, the bees fly around and collect honey from everywhere. How do you keep track of what they collect from? They tend to stay in a closed area and all the plants around them are organic, but if one or two bees fly a mile away and come back with pollen from a rose that was sprayed with a pesticide, you cannot legally call it organic.

Interviewer: What product would help most with brown spots? Someone wants to know.

Cindy: Brown spots. Here’s one. I got one right there. I have friends with big brown spots on their face. What are good for them? Anything that’s good for your skin is good for brown spots. If you’re talking about covering them, that’s a whole ‘nother ball game. I have no concealers and nothing to camouflage or hide anything that happens naturally to the skin.

Interviewer: Thank you, Cindy. Can you describe a strong woman in three words?

Cindy: Guns. No. You talking about strong spirit? Someone that trust themselves, trusts life, and is not afraid of death.

Interviewer: Good answer.

Cindy: Thanks.

Interviewer: One more, “Who’s the most influential woman in your life?”

Cindy: My daughter. I love her dearly. Okay, guys, I think I’m heading out, but I’ll be back. Remember, I’ll be back.

Interviewer: All right. Bye bye.