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10 Pro-age Ideas for Your Bucket List

Here at BOOM!, we love bucket lists. 

When you write out a bucket list, you challenge yourself to live your best, pro-age life. You’re inviting new change, imagination, relationships, adventure and reinvention into your every-day world. It’s easier to embrace every new year—and age—when you’re constantly embracing new challenges. 

You’re giving yourself space and time to think through all those things you always wanted to try someday—but never quite got around to. 

That’s why we recommend that you write a new bucket list for every year of your life. Once you cross everything off that bucket list, we encourage you to write another list with more challenges for yourself (and another after that, and another after that… and so on). 

These bucket lists can take on so many forms. They can include places you want to see, skills you want to master, hobbies you want to try, fears you want to overcome, discoveries you want to make, professional challenges you want to tackle, relationships you want to rekindle or even changes to your beauty or self-care routine.

As a pro-age woman, there are literally dozens of items you might add to your bucket list. So today, we’re going to focus on just a few pro-age bucket-list items that can help reinvent your beauty and self-care routine. 

Read on for these 10 pro-age beauty ideas for your bucket list.

1. Try silver hair for awhile—just to see how you like it.

Years ago, our Boom founder, Cindy Joseph, became a silver-haired model on the very day she let her hair go fully silver. She was 49 at the time. Since then, we have spoken to so many Boom women who love their natural silver hair. 

So if you haven’t tried it yet, you may want to add “experiment with silver hair” to your bucket list. Or even try adding a silver streak to your hair, if you’re not ready to go full silver yet. (You can see our tips for going silver here.)

2. Declutter, declutter, and declutter some more.

It’s so easy to collect more lipsticks, eyeshadows, lotions, tubes of mascara, random makeup samples and elusive “other” items than we really need.

It can be a very cathartic experience to go through your drawers, cabinets, closets and makeup bags and throw out (or donate) all the makeup you don’t use. Our rule is: If you haven’t used it in three months, toss it. This may be a recurring item on your annual bucket list.

3. “I’m beautiful, because ________.”

Self-confidence is beautiful on every woman.

Every woman has something to be confident about—whether it’s a particular physical feature you like about yourself, or your incredible intelligence, or your amazing parenting skills, or your sense of humor, or your kindness, or your adventurous spirit or a combination of these. 

So why not focus on these beautiful traits you love about yourself? 

When you look in the mirror, try telling yourself: “I’m beautiful because ______.” (Be sure to fill in the blank with something specific you love about yourself.) Try this every day for a month or even a year and see how it affects your self-confidence.

4. Try meditation or a different form of meditation.

Meditation is fantastic for relieving stress.

Less stress means healthier skin and a healthier lifestyle overall. So if you don’t have a regular meditation practice, you may want to add this to your bucket list this year.

You can also try a different form of meditation for awhile just to change things up. This different form of meditation may simply be focusing on what you’re grateful for in your life or tuning into the parts of your body that feel stressed. 

5. Replace your foundation or concealer with a moisturizer.

Pro-age makeup is about revealing, rather than concealing, what already makes you beautiful at whatever age you happen to be. 

If you’re ready to try a more pro-age look, replace your foundation or concealer with a simple moisturizer, like Boomsilk, for a week (or even a month). Just see how you like it. You may find you don’t want to return to using foundation…ever. 

6. Take an honest look at your beauty routine: 
Are you doing it out of fun or fear?

Our founder, Cindy Joseph, used to say this all the time. 

Whenever a woman asked Cindy’s opinion if she should dye their hair or try any new cosmetic and Cindy would respond, “Are you doing this out of fun or fear?”

If you’re trying something new because it sounds fun, because it will bring you pleasure, then Cindy always said, “Go for it!” But if you’re doing something out of fear (like fear of looking your age for example), then she would advise you to pause and ask yourself why.

You can do the same thing with your entire beauty routine. Look at the cosmetics, beauty products and skin care you wear every day. Go through your items one by one and ask yourself: Do I wear this out of fun or fear?

You may find you can eliminate many of those “fear-based” cosmetics and beauty items.

7. Try an exfoliating mask.

When you exfoliate, you strip away any dull-looking skin from your face, and make room for your freshest, most vibrant-looking skin. 

If you’re not already regularly exfoliating, you might add this to your bucket list. Try giving yourself a relaxing exfoliation mask a few times a week just to see how your skin responds. 

(If you’re using a gentle exfoliant like Boom Scrub, you can actually try exfoliating daily.) 

8. Workout in a new and unusual way.

This allows you to reinvent your daily routine. Simply choose to workout every day for a month in a completely new and unusual way. 

For example, if you always run on the treadmill, take a ballroom dance or yoga class. Or if you do yoga every week, try mixing it up with a boxing class or daily swimming.

Add this to your bucket list annually so you can keep changing it up.

9. Set your alarm to go to sleep.

Not getting enough sleep? Try setting your alarm to go to sleep at the same time every night. 

Make this part of your bucket list so you continually set this alarm for at least a week (or even a month or year). See how it impacts your body, skin and overall health.

10. Be a pro-age inspiration to every other woman.

Strictly speaking, this doesn’t count as “self-care.” But it is a caring thing you can do for all the other women in your life. 

You can be a pro-age inspiration to other women, just through your own example. Show them what it means to be a woman who loves her life at every age. 

You might even talk to your daughters, granddaughters and friends about what it means to be “pro-age.” Explain why every year of your life is a gift and should be viewed that way. 

Add it to your bucket list so you make a point of making it happen. 

These are just a few of the dozens of pro-age ideas that might be on your bucket list. Tell us: Do you already keep a bucket list? If so, what’s on it?