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What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

As we age our definition of beauty changes, and we’re on a mission to find out what makes women over 40 feel the most beautiful.

So we asked the women at a recent BOOM! photoshoot, and the answers we got were so empowering!

Hear what these women had to say about beauty in this week’s blog video! And tell us, what makes you feel beautiful? 

Video Highlights:
What Makes You Feel Beautiful?
 :10  Conquering challenges is beautiful!
 :20  Feeling comfortable and confident
1:19  Doing the right thing
1:37  It’s time to celebrate
2:05 Self-confidence, and silver hair!
2:23  Feeling healthy

Video Transcript:

Woman 1: You know, I’m…I don’t even think in terms of beautiful. I think in terms of being able to conquer something. The harder the better. And I think there’s just a beauty that comes out with it.

Woman 2: Feeling comfortable, feeling confident, connecting with other people. It helps to have a good hair day.

Woman 3: Being loved by my family, first and foremost. And also just being who I am. Allowing my inside to come out through the outside and not covering it up.

Interviewer: What makes you feel beautiful now?

Woman 4: Knowing myself.

Interviewer: Awesome.

Woman 5: When my husband looks at me when I know I don’t look beautiful, and he gives me a big smile and says, “Your beautiful.”

Woman 6: Giving to other people. I think when you’re being benevolent when you’re being kind to someone else. Kindness, there you go. Kindness. Kindness is beautiful.

Woman 7: I make myself feel sexy

Interviewer: Awesome answer.

Woman 8: If I’m feeling okay with myself, if I feel like I’m living right and doing the right things by the people around me, and treating myself right, I feel beautiful.

Woman 9: Wisdom, knowledge, experience, life, all of that make me feel beautiful because I feel like all of that starts to show on the outside. And it’s how you express yourself and how you’ve lived life, that shows the most in your skin.

Interviewer: And we can celebrate that.

Woman 9: Yes.

Woman 10: Confidence to me is something that makes me feel beautiful.

Woman 11: I know when I look at myself, my face, my hair, and my whole well-being, I feel beautiful, yeah.

Interviewer: Just being…

Woman 11: Being, yes.

Woman 12: What makes me feel beautiful? Really, my sense of self-worth and my confidence is what really makes me feel beautiful. But then, you know, there’s the added, you know, silver hair, which, yeah, I just…I love it. It feels good on me.

Woman 13: What makes me feel beautiful is really, truly, being outdoors and having that sun shine on my face. Just feel healthy. I think feeling healthy makes me feel beautiful. I think if you’ve got that, you got everything else going in the world. Then you can put on some BOOM! and, you know, your day starts.