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Meet Anna

Beautiful things are possible when you stop fighting the aging process:

Meet Anna, BOOM!’s newest over-40 model. At age 49, she’s learned to stop focusing on the number and start celebrating every year that comes

Video Transcript:
I never wanted to focus on the number, you know, of, “Oh my God, now I’m 29, I’m 30, I’m 40, now I’m 50.”

And, I feel like I actually made peace with it a long time ago, going, “You know what, my parents are 92 years old,” so, and my mother looks amazing.

So, I think she was a great example for me, of being okay with it, and not fighting that aging process. And, in fact, loving every year that went through.

You know, I just kinda didn’t look at the number.

I think it’s such basic knowledge that if you’re happy with yourself, and you’re happy in life, that you look attractive because you put it out there, you know, and people gravitate to you.