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3 Tips for Switching to Less Makeup

Less makeup is always more.

That has been our mantra since BOOM! first began almost a decade ago. We always recommend simplifying your makeup routine—especially in your 50s and beyond.

Practically speaking, wearing less makeup saves you time getting ready in the morning. These are valuable extra minutes you could spend sleeping, working out, meditating, or just relaxing. All these can improve your overall health, and help you look your best every day.

It also gives you the freedom to just be yourself.

By wearing less makeup, you show the world that you’re confident in who you are. You don’t need to hide behind a lot of makeup. You’re comfortable letting your own natural beauty shine through. That confidence is more attractive than any amount of makeup can ever be.

If you’re looking to make a switch to wearing less makeup this year, we have a few ideas on how to get started.

Give your skin a little extra care first.

If you have been wearing a full face of makeup for years, chances are your skin can use a little extra care. Wearing a lot of makeup tends to dull the skin after awhile, and steal your skin’s natural radiance. It also gets under your skin and clogs your pores.

We suggest focusing on your skin first. Try replacing your daily foundation or concealer with an all-natural moisturizer like Boomstick Glo or Boomsilk instead.

Get in the habit of moisturizing your face at least once a day. See how long it takes before you start to fall in love with your skin as is—without any foundation or concealer.

You may also want to exfoliate your skin. Try a gentle exfoliant like our Boom Scrub that can both reveal your freshest skin and deep-clean your pores at the same time. (It’s a quick way to remove any old makeup that may be lurking in your pores.)

Try going without makeup for a week.

Once you’ve been moisturizing every day for a few weeks, challenge yourself to give up makeup altogether for one week.

This is where it gets interesting.

For seven days, give up your eyeliner, your blush, your bronzer, your eyeshadow, your mascara, and anything else you wear on your face. Commit to only washing and moisturizing your face—and don’t wear a stitch of makeup.

Think of it as an experiment or an adventure. This is your chance to see how the world responds to you when you don’t wear any makeup. (You may find that no one even notices—or they have a lot of positive feedback.)

Keep in mind: You’re only doing this for a week, just to experience what it’s like. It may feel uncomfortable at first if you’re used to wearing a lot of makeup. But stick to the time limit.

You can even challenge a girlfriend—or several friends—to take the “no-makeup challenge” with you. Make a point of going out one night with these friends. Get dressed up. Add some fun, colorful jewelry. Moisturize your face. And have a fun night out without makeup.

You may just find you feel freer and more yourself without all that makeup.

Create your own “less is more” routine.

Completed your week without makeup? Great, now you’re ready. You’re ready to create your own “less is more” makeup routine.

We suggest you start this new “less is more” routine by continuing to moisturize daily. Then start adding back a few of your cosmetics one at a time based on what you enjoy wearing.  

For example, several Boom customers have told us they love using our Boomstick Trio with a little mascara. These women love the ease of using three cosmetic sticks and a little eye makeup as their own “less is more” routine.

For you, it may be a little different. Perhaps you’ll find you love using a moisturizer like Boomsilk with a little creamy foundation and eyeliner—and that’s it.

As you’re building your new “less is more” routine, try to keep your routine under 10 minutes. If you’re applying makeup for longer than 10 minutes, chances are you’re no longer doing a “less is more” approach. If you need ideas, check out our 10-minute guide.

Tell us: Are you already using a less is more approach to makeup? If so, what do you use, and what do you suggest for other women who are looking to make a switch?