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3 Tips to Think More Positively as you Age

Did you know that positive thinking can impact both your health and beauty as you age?

For years now, we have been saying that thinking positively about yourself is a powerful cosmetic, no matter what age you happen to be. 

After all, when you have a positive outlook on life—and you’re truly happy with who you are—it shows on your face. That positivity lights you up from the inside, and it allows other people to see how truly beautiful you already are. 

Thinking positively does more than just help you look your best—it may actually improve your overall health too. 

Over the past four decades, researchers have found that thinking positively can impact a person’s physical health. Positive thinking has been linked to fewer heart problems, less stress, lower rates of depression, increased pain tolerance, and longer lifespans—to name a few. 

So it’s certainly worth it to start thinking a little more positively. Read on for a few ideas on how to switch to a more positive mindset.

1. Change your story: Turn “hardships” into “challenges.”

Positive thinkers are master copers. A positive person knows how to approach each new situation with a spirit of optimism—even in the extremely difficult moments in life.

One simple way to cope with any new situation is to change how you view that situation. Change how you see this new story playing out in your life. 

Even try changing the actual words you use to describe each new situation you encounter in your life. 

For example, say you’re going through a potentially difficult moment. You have a choice. You can see that moment as a “hardship you’re facing.” Or you can choose to see it as “challenge you’re taking on,” or even “a new experience to learn something interesting about yourself.” 

You can do the same thing with any past experiences. Instead of looking back with regret, you can choose to look at any challenging experience—as just that, a challenge. 

It’s an experience that empowered you, taught you something about yourself, and perhaps even helped you become the unique, amazing woman you are today.

This subtle shift in thinking can change your perspective and how you cope with those less-than-positive moments in life. Try it and see what happens. 

2. Take pleasure in positivity, and encourage others to do the same.

Far too many people feed off negativity.

These negative thinkers find pleasure in others’ weaknesses and misfortunes. They love to gossip about the person who lost their job or is going through an illness or is facing some other hardship.

So why not try the opposite? 

Take pleasure in other people’s positive thoughts and actions. In fact, allow yourself to be a beacon of positivity, so you can encourage others to do the same.

For example, when you’re chatting with friends or family, try replacing any negative gossip with positive stories about the people you know. Celebrate other people’s successes, rather than focusing on their losses. When you’re out for the evening, try complimenting other women you see—even if they’re complete strangers. Rather than seeing other women as competition, try telling them how great they look. It’s a simple way to spread a little positivity everywhere you go.

By spreading positivity, you’ll not only start to think more positively—you’ll also attract other positive women (and men) to your inner circle. This will help you surround yourself with even more positivity as you age.

3. Start your day with only positive activities.

How you start your day often determines how the rest of your day will go. So why not make that first hour a positive experience, rather than a negative one?

Try creating a morning routine that encourages positive thoughts and actions for the rest of the day. Instead of turning on the news or checking your phone, try something positive like…

-Spend a few minutes meditating. Focus on everything you’re grateful for in your life.

-Go for a quick walk (or run) to get a few minutes of fresh air.

-Look in the mirror and remind yourself about three positive things you like about yourself.

-Make a point of laughing in the first hour of your day. (Watch a funny video, listen to a hilarious podcast, learn a new joke, etc.)

Whatever you do, try focusing on the positive rather than the negative first thing in the morning. See how that impacts the rest of your day.

As always, we love to hear your thoughts on this. Did you find this post useful? Is there anything else you do to encourage positive thinking? We’d love to hear from you!