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Beautiful Then & Now: Your Photos

You’re beautiful at every age.

Here at BOOM!, we often say that every decade of your life reveals another kind of beautiful. As you reach your 50s, 60s, and beyond, your features evolve into a deeper, richer form of beauty.

It’s the kind of beauty that only comes with experience, knowledge, confidence, happiness, and true enjoyment of this world.

Take Emily for example.

Awhile back, Emily posted two photos of herself on Facebook—one recent photo, and one from 30 years ago. As you can see, she’s absolutely stunning in both.

Emily inspired us to ask Boom readers to share their “then and now” photos. Our Boom readers did not disappoint!

Today, we want to share these Boom readers’ “then and now” photos with you, and the stories behind these gorgeous photos—in our Boom readers’ own words.

Proof that All Ages Are Beautiful

“Me at 18 and 58. Love the simplicity of Boom.”—Shannon C.S.

“Me at 30… Me at 50… And me at 70—the older, the happier!”—Loes S.

“25 years ago… and one month ago at my older daughter’s wedding. I’m 57 now. I like myself more in virtually every way.”—Christina V.L.

“Then and Now: 1977 & 2018, from a 17-year-old to 58. Love your products, wish I had found them sooner.”—Angie P.

“Then was in 1981 age 22, and now age 60, 2019.”—Kathy S.

“Thank you Boom for liberating me from using foundation makeup and providing products that celebrate the natural look of 60-year-old skin.”—Rebecca A.

“Me at 40, and at 67.”—Diane C.T.

“It hardly seems possible that I was only 33 in 1988, and I just turned 64 last month. I would tell my younger self to take better care of my skin! I’m glad there are products like Boom to provide the natural coverage that I think looks best on our mature skin. I love my Boomstick Color—it’s the best!”—Candi R.

“The before photo, age 19. Today age 69! Loving being me… finding my inner power and enjoying life of wisdom and abundance while enhancing my inner radiance within outer glow by using Boom! So grateful!—Sandy E.

Even More Beautiful and Confident Now

“1988: Soon to be 35. Glad I was well educated to take care of myself… saved additional money for retirement… just wonder what could/would have happened had I left Ohio sooner (1982), and ventured further west… Idaho, Montana, Oregon, etc. But no regrets!

“2018: 31 years later, soon to be 66. Cancer free, (IBC), since 2014. Stay out of the sun, eat healthy, be happy, travel frequently, enjoy friends, stay active… retiring in May.”—Jane M.

“Boom products are making my skin so supple and my only regret is that I use them up so quickly! Here I am in my mid 20s and at age 64. Life is good!”—Mi F.

“That was then in my 30’s. This is now in my 60’s… and I still love a hat!”—Iris A.

“Me at 26. Me at 62… Boom!

“I feel so much more confident and comfortable in my body and soul at 63. I’m wearing my daughters prom dress in my 62-year-old picture!I used to weigh 173 lbs and lost 60 lbs due to illness in my 50’s.

“I wish I could tell my younger self that I was fine just being me. I wish I could give her the confidence I have now but realize I had to find it within. I never left my house without makeup, even to go food shopping. Now all I wear is Boom and I feel beautiful and confident. Thanks.” —Susan M.K.

“Myself at 20. Myself about two days ago at 45. You can see the difference in confidence as I grew up about 25 years. Not as naive as back then. Perhaps learning that no matter what happens it will all work out.”—Heather B.

“At the age of 73, feeling radiant… and at age 21.”—Dahlia G.

“1989 at 34-years-old. Young mother of three and worked a full-time job. Had a lot to still learn about life. Was exhausted most of the time and neglected my own needs. I thought it was selfish to say no to what people expected of me.

“Now at 64. I definitely like my life now. Empty nester with my hubby. Get to love the kids and grandchildren by FaceTime now. Retired and waiting for my husband to retire in another year. Feeling happy, healthy and loved.”—Jan C.

“Around 18-years-old… young and pretty much knew I was going to marry my high school sweetheart. I worked full time and loved my life.

“Now at 76… some people say I haven’t changed at all. I see a big difference, but to be honest, I have always loved and still love my grey. I have been married for 55 years to that high school sweetheart. We have three beautiful daughters, eight wonderful grandkids, and two adorable great-grandkids. Life is good!”—Rochelle S.C.

Thank you to all these beautiful Boom women for sharing your amazing photos!

We’ll be sharing more “then and now” photos like these soon. If you’d like to be featured here, you can share your past and present photos on our Facebook page right here. When you post your pictures, tell us how you feel about yourself in both photos. Is there any advice you would give to your younger self?

(Not on Facebook? You can also email your photos to or share photos on Instagram with the tag #BoomThenandNow.)

For now, what do you think of all these beautiful photos? Let us know in the comments!