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Cindy Featured In beauty issue of L’elite


Cindy Joseph and BOOM! By Cindy Joseph were featured in the May 2012 beauty issue of L’elite Magazine.

The cover feature entitled, “Beauty Through the Ages” included a six-page Q+A with Cindy, which discussed her career as a model turned entrepreneur. It also discussed her organic make-up line BOOM! By Cindy Joseph and her mission to make aging beautiful.

Cindy stated, “I believe women of every age are beautiful and that there is nothing to conceal or hide, only to enjoy and celebrate. Older women have beauty in the character they have earned with age. Young women are beautiful as well, with their shape, size and unique features they were born with.

A prominent color photo of Cindy Joseph was featured on the cover of the publication. Additionally, color images were included on the masthead page, the table-of-contents and within her Q+A feature story. Cindy was credited as founder and CEO of BOOM! By Cindy Joseph.

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