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Katya’s Story

It wasn’t until Katya had twin granddaughters that she realized she was getting older. And it changed her ideas of beauty forever. See why in her new featured video!

Video Highlights:
0:10 Being an adventurist
0:45 look for comfort
1:10 Katya’s skincare routine
1:40 BOOM! Silk
2:20 Becoming a grandmother
2:45 Growing out my hair
3:13 A stage in life to embrace
3:42 Going through changes
4:09 Being sensual
4:30 Dressing up & feeling sexy

Video Transcript:
Katya Luce, 64.

I never felt like I tried to fit into an image. I’ve always been an adventurist.

I didn’t have time to primp in the mirror a whole lot but, of course, you know, I like to have mascara, lipstick, and a little cheek color. For the most part of my life, I’ve had long hair so I can pull it back in a ponytail or a braid, and just get out there and jump on my horse, or run in the woods.

Of course, I’d spend more effort, you know, if I’m gonna go out and, you know, play. You know?

I love to look at magazines and images, and I used to sew and, you know, make my own styles as well, too.

But when I’m really comfortable, I feel I can smile with more ease, and naturally, and laugh. If my feet are killing me in high heels, I can’t even smile.

So I need comfort. I dress, number one, for comfort. And when it comes to makeup, it’s gotta be easy.

My skin care routine is very simple, basic, and pure. Where I live is northern New Mexico, and it’s dry and it’s high altitude.

You just…your skin is just thirsty all the time for hydration. Water, water, water, and more water. I just tried the BOOM and it’s amazing.

I like the hydration it gives me. I’m really excited that I’ve got a new product that hydrates my skin, that’s the most important thing.

I’m excited to use the mask, it looks awesome. I tried it on my hand and it was, like, ooh, that’s really nice exfoliation.

And the Silk, I’ve been using the Silk on my face in the last two days, and it’s beautiful. It drinks it in really nice, too, it doesn’t stay on the surface.

I feel more attracted to products that are simpler ingredients, and that’s what I was really impressed about BOOM, is looking at the…reading the ingredients.

There are just a few ingredients in there. It’s like, yeah, that works, you know, it really works.

And pure and simple, that’s been my motto, simplicity, just keeping things simple to enhance the natural beauty and not try to create an image of who I’m not, you know, just be really, you know, honest with myself and who I am.

I have twin granddaughters, they’re just two years old, and that just changed my whole life.

That’s when I realized I was getting older. I did go through a little stage of coloring to see what I looked like with the deep red hair, so I went, you know, with that nice mahogany, rich, brown-red hair.

And then, when I decided it’s time to let that one go and go back to my own natural hair, I was surprised to see that there was some, you know, whites coming through.

I thought my grandmother had the most beautiful white, snow-white, fluffy hair. I thought, okay, if I can, you know, look like that, that would be awesome.

Especially when the grandchildren, you know, start…it’s like, oh, grandchildren are coming, the twins are coming, and I’m gonna be a grandmother.

It’s a strange feeling, it’s like it’s a new role. And so, I felt…you know, and it’s just part of it, so just be it.

You know, it’s part of, you know, our process and stage in life. So, embrace it.

Always, as a child, I had the crow’s feet from laughing and smiling, so I already had that from a young age.

So, I got used to that, and I noticed…well, I guess it was here, you know, that’s when I started noticing.

That was, like, around 40. It’s been really growing fast in the last four years, the change of, you know, your menstrual cycle and, you know, it…just, it all changed suddenly.

When I look at the pictures of myself younger, my hair to my butt and, you know, I was a gymnast, dancer, and a yogini.

It’s like, whoa, I was just drop-dead gorgeous and I didn’t know it.

I didn’t think about my sexiness then. I was sensual, I was always sensual in my life, you know, had babies really young.

I just was being it without thinking about it, and I never used my sexuality to get what I want or anything like that, so it wasn’t anything I thought about.

Of course, you know, I’d find some dresses and put things on and know that, mm, I’m looking a little, you know…

I’m just really happy I was born a woman.