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078: Yahoo Style and Beauty!

I just went LIVE with Yahoo Beauty to show how much fun BOOM!’s simple, paired-down skin care and cosmetics are to use.

And to prove it, I gave my host a makeover in only 30 seconds!

And of course, I did not leave out my pro-age philosophy!

We are sold the idea that as we age we get worse. That we go “downhill” after 30..

I have only experienced and witnessed myself and others getting better as time goes by. We can only add to our self-knowledge, experience, wisdom, adventures, challenges, education, skills and more.

Therefore, we become better as our lives continue!

This video is about having fun with simple, easy to use organic skin care and cosmetics and celebrating yourself at any age!

Video Transcript
Beth: Good morning. We are live from Yahoo Beauty with the founder, and CEO, of BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, Cindy Joseph.

Cindy: BOOM! Hi!

Beth: Model, makeup artist, and creator of the line BOOM!, which many of you are probably familiar with. So, I think we’ll do… We’re going to do a little bit of a tutorial?

Cindy: Sure.

Beth: Okay, but before we do that, can you tell us and our audience a little bit about your inspiration behind developing the line and just the philosophy behind it?

Cindy: Absolutely. The philosophy is, you are perfect just the way you are, and whatever age you are, whatever size, whatever shape, whatever texture, and whatever color, and makeup is for fun. Because what truly makes a woman attractive is how much she’s enjoying herself. And you can see it in everybody else, but when we look in the mirror, it’s really hard to be objective. So I designed a line of cosmetics, and calling it a line might be a little bit of a misnomer because it’s all about pairing down and keeping it simple.

Beth: We love that. I love that, absolutely.

Cindy: Right?

Beth: Yes.

Cindy: I mean, we’ve all taken our lipstick now and again, and thrown it on our cheeks real quick to race out because we didn’t have our makeup bag. Well, you can have an entire makeup bag of cosmetics with just three little Boomsticks.

Beth: Amazing. What do we have in there?

Cindy: All right. And I love questions, I love hearing from you guys, so if you want to talk, and write in, or however this live thing works, please do.

Beth: Yes.

Cindy: So, one stick is for color.

Beth: Here you go.

Cindy: BOOMstick Color. Now, the big challenge is for you to know that one color fits all. Okay? Open it up.

Beth: So there’s not a range of tones, there’s just one?

Cindy: And this looks really dark, but it’s sheer. And it’s sheer enough for your skin tone to come through and customize the color just for you. So if you are porcelain, or chocolate, or anything in between, this color is for you.

Beth: Amazing. What, so…

Cindy: And you can watch it, right here.

Beth: All right, let’s see.

Cindy: Now, this is the thing to know. This isn’t a blush, like an accessory to your wardrobe. If you’re wearing pink, if you’re wearing purples, if you’re wearing oranges. It’s not about matching your outfit. This is about having your circulation look like it looks when it’s revved up. So, after you’ve been dancing, laughing, working out, making out, your complexion revs up with color. So this recreates that. So this is really the look of a happy woman.

Beth: All right, make me happy.

Cindy: Now watch how quickly this goes on. So she looks gorgeous, she’s perfect, and she just wants to add a little pop, look a little polished, look a little dressed up. This is what we’re gonna do. Little color here, little color here, a little across the forehead because we often get color there when our circulation is revved up.

Beth: Put it on the cheekbone, you want?

Cindy: Right on the cheek, right? Okay, and kissy-face. A little on the lips. Okay, that took all of 15 seconds.

Beth: Wow.

Cindy: Now we’re gonna just blend this in so we don’t see the edges. Blend it in here. You can put a little on your neck, and voila.

Beth: Amazing.

Cindy: Look at the camera. Smile! Say hi!

Beth: Hi. What’s particular about this formulation that makes it able to be used everywhere like that?

Cindy: Oh, that’s a secret. That’s between me and my chemist. Well, I did makeup for 27 years, and I was making up, you know, models, and actors, and actresses, etc. Let’s do a little more lip. Now, she could’ve done this by herself without a mirror, right? Because it’s very forgiving.

Just pop it on. You don’t have to use the lip-liner. The whole idea is a very honest, kind of realistic approach to makeup. And making yourself up with fake eyelashes, and eyeliner, and all that is a blast. I’m not saying no to that. But if you just want to look put together, and look like you look when you’re happy, you can do it with this.

Beth: What do you use personally? Like, what is your go-to when you leave the house?

Cindy: This.

Beth: This? Okay. A little mascara?

Cindy: Well, I wore mascara because I knew I was gonna be on camera. But yeah, no, I rarely wear makeup at all.

Beth: Okay.

Cindy: But the beginning is healthy skin, right?

Beth: Yep.

Cindy: So your skin may moisturize itself naturally, which is how we’re designed to work, but with weather, pollution, maybe not the best diet, going through some changes, if your skin isn’t moisturizing itself, it’s good to have a good moisturizer. And women are sold that they need about 12 moisturizers, right? You’ve got to have a very good eye cream, only for your eyes, and that’s about $250 a pop, right? And then you need a good face cream.

Beth: Morning and night.

Cindy: Well then, yes, exactly, exactly. And then you need a hand cream, and then you need a body lotion. And don’t forget the elbows and heels. And then you need a cuticle cream. And don’t forget a lip moisturizer.

Beth: Okay. And so…

Cindy: Well, guess what? If you go to those companies, and you look at their jars, every single one of them, have the same ingredients. Now, a little bit of a texture change is helpful. We make our moisturizer, which is one moisturizer, one body, from head-to-toe. This is all you need. You can put it on your cuticles, you can put it on your lips, you can put it around your eyes, you can put it everywhere. You can even put it on your baby. This is edible. This 100% organic.

Beth: What’s mainly in this? Can I look at the ingredients?

Cindy: This is everything from the beehive… Here, take the jar.

Beth: Okay.

Cindy: Mixed with olive oil and water.

Beth: Wow.

Cindy: And that’s it. You can make it at home, but easier for me to make it for you.

Beth: Easier to just get it.

Cindy: So that is BOOMsilk.

Beth: Oh, it’s delish.

Cindy: This is like… The Trio and the Boomsilk are really what Boom is all about. So guess what? One of the BOOMsticks is BOOMsilk in a stick.

Beth: Oh, great.

Cindy: And we did that just for the convenience of it.

Beth: Oh, it’s a very light, barely any texture.

Cindy: Right.

Beth: Really natural.

Cindy: So this is exactly the same thing. A little more beeswax, and a little less water. Now this will change color from jar to jar, because the bees collect honey…I mean, sorry, pollen at different seasons, different times of the year. So sometimes this is a little greener, sometimes a little more yellow. And then this you can also use to moisturize your face, your cuticles, etc., etc., when you’re on the go.

Beth: Great for just carrying. Right.

Cindy: Exactly. So look up for me, and we’ll just put a little under your eyes, and you can get a sense of what it feels like, and just get it rolling here. Whoops, got a little chunk there.

Beth: Oh, that’s all right.

Cindy: Sorry about that. Okay.

Beth: It feels good.

Cindy: Yeah, here, you play with it.

Beth: Yeah, you barely need to press. It’s nice.

Cindy: Yeah. And if you wanna try to add this color, just to…

Beth: Oh, on me?

Cindy: You know, just to show them you can… No, no, no, on your cheeks. On your cheeks.

Beth: Sorry, I’m trying…

Cindy: Just a little dab. Oh I thought she was going to do it without the…

Beth: Okay, okay. I can feel real good.

Cindy: We’re so used to doing that, right?

Beth: Yeah, I know.

Cindy: I love it.

Beth: How’d I do?

Cindy: Beautiful. Yeah, I don’t know if everybody can see the difference in this particular situation.

Beth: Right. I love this all-in-one. It’s amazing how sheer it is.

Cindy: So the other BOOMstick we have – there are three of them – so, Moisture, Color, and this I call the Bling of the BOOMstick Trio.

Beth: Okay, great.

Cindy: And this is really fun. This is not frosted, it’s a little pearlescent. And we’ve all seen those gorgeous photographs, or covers, where the woman has the sheen on her cheekbone, and her brow bone. Well, you do that with BOOMstick Glimmer. And I’m just gonna put it on one side of your face so you can kind of see the difference. You can also put it on your decolletage, your shoulders, your collarbone in the summer.

Beth: Love that.

Cindy: When you’re going to a party, you can put it on your bone here.

Beth: It feels very light, and there’s not an overwhelming scent at all, which I love.

Cindy: Yeah, everything’s unscented.

Woman: Can we see all three of them together?

Cindy: Absolutely.

Woman: So, here’s the difference.

Beth: Moisture…

Cindy: Moisture, Color, and Bling.

Beth: Bling.

Cindy: Glo…

Woman: Let’s point them out, so…

Cindy: Okay, this is Color, this is Moisture, and that’s the Bling.

Woman: So Bling is like a highlighter?

Cindy: Yeah, BOOMstick Glimmer. I think maybe I should change the name to Bling, BOOM! Bling.

Woman: So some viewers want to know where they can get the BOOMsticks.

Cindy: Oh.

Beth: Good question.

Cindy: Yes. I like that question. You can Google “BOOM!,” you can Google “Cindy Joseph,” or you can go to And remember, watch the demo videos. These are… BOOMsticks are so simple and easy to use, they need an explanation. And once you get used to it, you’ll be doing it to your girlfriends, your daughters, your grandmothers, everybody. It’s the first pro-age cosmetic line, and I really wanted to stress that because, all of us, from age two to age 90, are told that age is bad.

Beth: And this is coming from a woman, you started your modeling career at 50, correct?

Cindy: Started at 50, I’m 65 now. It’s still going.

Beth: Now, how…

Cindy: And I’m still alive, and I still feel and think.

Beth: How was it for you to start modeling at such an older age? I think I heard you talk about this a bit before, you’d kind of stopped caring, you know, being so worried about what other people think. I think that’s a benefit of getting older.

Cindy: Absolutely.

Beth: How did that help you?

Cindy: Absolutely. If I had been asked to model when I was 15, or 23, I don’t think I would have felt comfortable in front of the camera, because that critical, critical, “Oh, am I too fat? Am I too this? Is everything okay?” And, at 49, I was like, “Really? You want to take a picture of me? Okay, knock your socks off.” But I just relaxed, I had fun. And I remember one day, I was in the studio, and I was thinking, “Okay. She’s a makeup artist, he’s the hairdresser, photographer. What’s my job here? Not just showing pockets and collars. My job is to feel good.

Beth: That’s amazing.

Cindy: I thought, “I’ve got the best job in the world. I’m being paid to feel good.” Because if you don’t feel good, you’re not gonna look good. It doesn’t matter if you have the perfect makeup, the perfect hair, the perfect clothes.

Beth: Sure.

Cindy: But if you’re feeling good, that’s where the juice is.

Woman: So, just for some viewers who might have come in a little later, Audry wants to know what the BOOMsticks do. So if you can quickly let her know.

Cindy: Okay, good, good. BOOMstick Color adds color to all the places you naturally get color when your circulation is revved up – cheeks, lips, eyes, forehead, neck – so you’re blushed and healthy-looking.

Woman: Okay, let’s see it quickly for her.

Cindy: And it’s also…

Beth: It’s one shade for everyone, which is amazing.

Cindy: Right, one shade. And it’s moist, because skin is alive. You don’t want to powder it, and deaden it, and flatten it. Keep it alive. So keep moisture in your makeup. The other is Boomstick Glo. This is a moisturizer in a stick. So we have a moisturizer in a tub, and we have a… Well, here we are.

Beth: Here, I’ll show it.

Cindy: Moisturizer in a stick. Throw it in your bag, carry it on the airplane, moisturize your knees, your shoulders, your face, your lips, your cuticles, anytime you need to. And the other Boomstick is Boomstick Glimmer. This adds radiance, glimmer, without being frosted, or fake-looking. It’s just lightly pearlescent, and it’s sheer so your skin-tone comes through, and customizes it for you. Watch the demo videos on the website, And if you feel this moisturizer is too heavy for your face, my customers begged me to make something with less shine. So we love shine, we love dewiness, but we don’t like greasiness.

You can also get BOOM! Cotton. BOOM! Cotton is a different formula, and it stays more matte on the face.

Woman: Can we see both of them together, and then maybe on Beth’s  hand so we can see the texture difference?

Cindy: Thank you, Beth, for asking. So this has little pearls of moisture, and when it hits your skin, they melt.

Woman: Put some on.

Cindy: Well, yeah, that’s a good idea. The thing is, when you first put it on, it’s gonna be shiny, but Boom… I promise you…

Beth: This one’s wetter.

Cindy: Boomsilk, is…

Beth: It’s just firmer to the touch.

Cindy: Bit denser, right, right.

Beth: Yeah, requires more pressure.

Cindy: And then, for those of you who want to continue caring for your body, in other words, all of these products are safe. They’re lipstick formulas, they’re designed to be ingestible. You can read about each one, you can look up the ingredients. So, after hearing from many women, pre- and post-menopausal, for a sensual lubricant, we designed Boom Touch. And BOOM! Touch is BOOMsilk, with no honey in it, because you don’t want to put anything with sugar in it in your private parts, for fear of yeast infections. So this is another good sign. Do you see the pooling of the oil there?

Beth: Mm-hmm.

Cindy: Well that means there are no emulsifiers, no binders, nothing to keep the ingredients from separating. These are all made by hand, in small batches. And this is BOOM! Touch. No honey, olive oil, propolis, beeswax.

Beth: Well that’s a nice surprise.

Cindy: Boom Touch, sensual lubricant.

Beth: I have a final question for you, which is, to what do you credit your amazing attitude toward aging? Because it is not, unfortunately, the most common attitude. But it’s just so happy, and healthy, and…

Cindy: Thank you.

Beth: I mean, was your mom an influence? Where did this come from?

Cindy: I think that it’s, you know, it’s a whole life. It’s a whole life, but when I was… I started getting silver when I was very young, but just in a little patch. So by the time I was 35, I had this cool kind of stripe, and, you know, I was still very young in my face and my body, so people would come up and they would say, you know, like, “Wow, that’s cool. Do you do that?” or whatever. So it was kind of fun.

Beth: It’s cool, at first.

Cindy: Well, by the time I hit 43, it had grown in all around my face, and I remember one day looking in the mirror going, “I’m not ready for this.” And I went and got a bottle of dye, and I dyed my hair. And I did that for six years. My kids were like, “Mom.” And my boyfriend at the time, who was much younger than me, was like, “I love your silver hair. Why are you covering it?” I was like, “Just leave me alone. I’ve got to do this.”

And then I met a group of women who were celebrating their lives and their ages, and they were talking about how life gets better. That we’d been sold this concept that as you age, you get worse. You somehow become a lesser version of your previous self. We’re also sold this idea that there is a prime of life, that there’s this peak.

Beth: Absolutely.

Cindy: And that it’s around 30 years old. Well the means the biggest percentage of your life, if you live to be the average lifespan, is downhill. It’s insane. It is unsustainable, and it’s just not true. And I think we all know it deep-down, because we look at each other, we’re looking forward to our future. And if you think that life gets worse, or you get worse after 30, you’re doomed. There’s nowhere to go from there.

Beth: It’s really depressing.

Cindy: So I just turned my head around, I looked at that bottle of dye, I threw it away, I let my hair grow out. My hair was about to here, and the day – and I promise you this was not a fake thing – I cut off the last bit of dye, I was approached on the street by a casting agent, and asked to model for a worldwide campaign for Dolce & Gabbana.

Beth: Amazing.

Cindy: It was like…

Beth: The day you let yourself come through.

Cindy: And I just said, “Thank you, universe, for acknowledging me for doing this really scary thing.” I get letters every day from women that are like, “Oh, but your silver hair is pretty.” And, you know… And it’s like, you cannot tell by two inches what your hair’s gonna look like. You’ve got to grow it all the way out, if you want to try it. And if you don’t, I’m like, “Right on, girlfriend. You do what you need to do to feel good about yourself.”

Beth: Absolutely.

Cindy: But if you want to go natural, that’s one way to do it.

Beth: I think that’s the perfect place to end.

Cindy: Okay, great.

Beth: Thank you so much, everyone.

Cindy: Yay!

Beth: BOOM! by Cindy Joseph.

Cindy: Bye!