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Meet Rosalyn: Proud to Say “I’m Sexy”

As women, we are not just sexy as we age. We are also proud to say the words, “I’m sexy.” (According to our latest pro-age woman, Rosalyn.)

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Video Transcript:

Sexy in my 50s as opposed to sexy in my 20s: I know who I am. I know that I’m smart. I don’t second guess myself like I did when I was a lot younger. 

There was always something that always—I held back. As much as I might walk boldly into any room—and I do that, and I have done that since I was a kid—that was a facade. Now, it’s kind of for real. 

I’m not absolutely sure why society tells women as they get older they get less attractive. 

We are sexy, and we are proud to say we are sexy; so, I think things are changing a little bit. 

But, I really don’t get it, because men are sexy at 70 and 80. 

I’ve found that some younger men have been looking my way, too. And I have to say, “No, we may not have that much in common.” 

But, you know, I might change my mind about that.