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Meet Sarah: Her Journey to Silver Hair Began at 15

Sarah’s journey to silver hair began when she was just 15 years old.

Now that she’s 62, Sarah is explaining why she never dyed her silver hair, even when others told her she should. 

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Video Transcript:

I guess my philosophy was that I was just going to be what I am, what I got, you know, “This is what I got, so this is what I’m going to work with.”

I started to go gray when I was 15. You know, this one little, two little, three little, four little. 

And then, when I was in my mid-20s, people would say, “Oh, you’re turning gray. You’re turning gray.” And I was like, “Yeah, okay, it’s happening.”

And then, my mother. Every time I saw my mother, she’d always come up to me and hold my face and say, “Oh, honey, I wish you’d do something with your hair,” because she always did something with her hair. And I just wasn’t going to do it. I mean, that’s too much work.