It’s about women. It’s about beauty. It’s about time.

Meet Sharon: We’re Beautiful Says This 75-year-old

Now 75, Sharon has a unique perspective on beauty and how society shapes our perception of what’s considered beautiful.

To her, that’s why the Boom message is so important. Watch the video to hear more.

Video Transcript:

Women should hear the Boom message, so that they can enjoy who they are, and not have to think about or be bombarded by advertisements telling them that they have to remove those smile lines or wrinkles.

It’s healthier to just really enjoy who we are, how we look, and what we do. Why shouldn’t we?

Society seems to program us into thinking that we’re not beautiful anymore. We’re beautiful. That’s not for someone, some advertising person, to be writing about how we’re supposed to spend all this money to look like we’re 20-years-old.

We still look good.