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Rosalyn’s Story: The Silver-Haired Attorney at 55

After 30 years as an attorney, Rosalyn has learned how to take life with ease.

At 55, Rosalyn no longer allows clients to stress her out. She no longer worries about the concerns that seemed so important in her 20s, 30s and 40s.

Rosalyn no longer bothers to dye her hair, either. Instead, she embraces the natural, gorgeous silver hair that finally makes her look like the attorney she is.

What do you think? Does Rosalyn’s silver hair make her look even more beautiful and successful? Tell us in the comments after you watch this video.

Video Highlights:

0:04 Her 50s = “I don’t care” mode.
0:27 “Things always kinda sorta work out.”
0:36 Being an attorney means empathizing with people.
1:05 She doesn’t allow her job to stress her out.
1:18 Next two decades = developing new skills
2:00 The story of her beautiful silver hair
2:28 Finally looking like an attorney at 55
3:02 Wrinkles = experience and time spent reading
3:24 Pro-age means you’re not afraid of each year.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Rosalyn. 55-years-old. I’m 55.

I’m in an “I don’t care” mode. Some of the things that I was concerned about when I was maybe 25, 35, even 45, I couldn’t care less about. I just seem to move in my own space very comfortably, and, if things don’t work out, I’m cool with it. If they work out, I’m fabulous with it! 

I’ve learned. I’m educated. Things always kinda sorta work out, and I’ve learned that. That’s what 55 has taught me. 

I’m an attorney. Yes, there are many facets to my job. I mean, it’s the actual skill of practicing law, and being in the courtroom, and the paperwork, but it’s also dealing with people better. Being able to empathize more with them, understand more with them, as opposed to just looking upon it as a process. Everyone’s process is just a little different. And you need to make people feel that they’re special.  

Private practice can be very grueling, and I’m not allowing it to stress me out the way I used to do as I did in my 40s or so. I’m at ease with pretty much everything in my life.

As I look forward to the next two decades, I look at developing new skills. Although I’ve practiced law for some 30 years, I’ve now embarked on exploring different things—the arts, things that are just a lot more fun in some respects. (Don’t tell my clients!) But I’m looking forward to learning new things. I just see something kind of artsy and creative in my coming two decades. That’s what I see. 

Health. Working out, playing a whole lot of golf, eating well—sometimes. And just enjoying all that life has to offer.

I have lots of gray hair that’s in, and I’m not doing anything about it! Not at all. There was a time in my 40s when I was caught up in that “let’s get the dye job, let’s get the touch-up.” I spent I don’t know how much money in the hair salon, and it seemed like every time I washed my face, you could see more gray hair,so it was like every two weeks going in for a touch-up. I released that. I just let it come in. 

People are like, “Well, why?” And I said, “Well you know, for most of my life, I looked like I was 12 anyway, so I’m glad! Now I look like I’m actually an attorney!” 

There was a time I was 35, and I was a judge. And people looked at me and said, “What is a kid doing on up the bench?” I’m like, “I’m 35-years-old, I can be on this bench!” So, I got these glasses so I could look older. 

But you know, as gray hair started—I was happy it was coming in. After I got over that whole “dye it, touch it up.” It’s a lot of money, and why not just embrace who you are? 

So what are wrinkles? Wrinkles are experience. Wrinkles are—they tell me I’ve been here for awhile. They tell me that I’ve been reading a whole lot. But within that reading, I’ve learned a whole lot. And it’s not just the reading. I’ve been reading people, I’ve been reading books, I’ve been reading my life. But as I move forward, it’s with a keen sense of awareness.

The phrase “pro-age” means that you’re not afraid of each year and each step that you take forward. Educating yourself, trying new things, not being afraid of change and custom. So, pro-age, to me, means always learning. Pro-age means always experiencing. Pro-age means it ain’t over until it’s over.