It’s about women. It’s about beauty. It’s about time.

SWC 2: Aging!

01:00 – Celebrating your own unique self
01:40 – Women are bombarded by judgment on their looks
02:35 – How about saying that life after 25 gets better?
03:30 – Valuing our silver hair and age and experience
04:25 – Feeling good about silvering hair and aging

Video Transcript:
I wanted to share with you something about all the emails I get from customers of Boom! who purchase my
cosmetics, which you probably know by now are organic and safe and it’s all
about looking like you look when you’re at your happiest and not trying to
cover and conceal or try to look younger than you are or older than you
are, but really celebrating and looking the best that you are in your own
unique self.

That has touched a lot of women. Having a pro-age message, as opposed to
anti-age, has hit a chord in a lot of people, and I say it’s about time.
It’s about time that we start talking about what’s real and what isn’t.

Women are bombarded with judgment on their looks all day, every day from
the minute they are born to the minute they die. We’re told our looks start
to fade disappear and go away by the time we are 25 or 29 years old. I
think it’s time to talk about that, because we are over 25 years old a much
larger percentage of our life than we are under, and we are supposed to
believe that everything starts going downhill after 25. That is crazy. That
is absurd.

The good news is it’s make believe. People in our society just made that
up. So that means we can make up anything we want. We are in control. We
are in power, and if we decide that that is a bunch of bull, then we can
just make up something else.

So how about saying that life after 25 is fabulous and gets better and
better and better, and that we can say, “I’m 35 and three quarters year old
and I can’t wait until I’m 40.” Just like we did back when we were five and
six years old.

We haven’t had a lot of examples to look up to, to see that women in their
40’s and 50’s and 60’s are rocking and having a great time and feeling good
and looking good. But times have changed. Start looking around. Look at my
generation. Look at the Boomers. Man, we are doing some amazing things, and
we are looking good while doing it.

Silver hair is not a bad thing. I like to call it silver instead of gray
because silver has value. When we start valuing our silver hair and our
crow’s feet and our age, our wisdom, our experience, the whole ball of wax,
age is going to start looking better and better to everybody.

So I get letters from women. I recently got a letter from a young woman.
She started going silver when she was 27.

She is now 34. She’s thought about dying it, but apparently, she’s highly sensitive to the chemicals in
dyes and can’t do it. So she’s struggling because she’s trying to feel good
about what Mother Nature has naturally done to her, and I think every woman
struggles with that. So I don’t want to make this particular blog any
longer. I feel like I’ve said what I want to say, but I have a whole lot
more to say about it. So stay tuned.