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SWC 10: Cindy On Fasting

01:55 – Make sure you can rest while fasting
03:00 – When you’re not digesting your body can focus on healing
03:50 – Cindy recommends books on fasting
04:15 – After you fast you will be attracted to healthier foods
05:00 – The benefits of a plant-based diet

Video Transcript:

So here I am, thinking that I wanted to answer some more of your questions. One of the questions that kept coming in over and over is about diet and fasting, which I have talked about before, but I guess I need to talk about it a little more.

Okay. When you’re going to spring clean your house and you really roll up your sleeves and dig in and wash the walls and clean out the closets, and dust the chandeliers, and really hardcore spring cleaning, do you invite a bunch of people over and have a party, and have to concentrate on something else?

No. You close the windows, close the doors. Don’t invite anybody over. Pull your sleeves up, tie your hair back, and you dig in and you work hard.

So when you fast, when you stop eating food and you allow your body to do deep cleaning, spring cleaning, you don’t want to give it anything to do. So you don’t exercise. You don’t work. You rest. Just like you have the flu. You’re just lying there until your body heals itself.

And you don’t give it any food. Because what your body does, when it’s digesting, you can hand it broccoli, or you can hand it meat, or you can hand it something with all kinds of chemicals in it, it’s like, “Huh.” Your body’s like, “Okay. We got to deal with this, guys.” And it’s digesting everything, throwing away the toxins, pulling in the vitamins, sending it in the right direction.

When you don’t do any of that, your body is, like, ‘Oh, cool. I’ve got some time to do some deep cleaning on the pancreas, or the liver, or the bowels. Or allow the heart to heal. I got a little damage, and we want to mend and knit and fix.

But, if all of a sudden, it’s like, “Oh, no, guys. There’s something coming down the pipe.” They have to stop that work and start dealing with the digestion, or the concentration on work, thinking, figuring. All those things that you do. Your body is delivering to you 24/7.

So another word for fasting is rest, rest, rest. And the joke amongst fasters is: The reason they call it a fast is because that’s when you heal the fastest. I highly recommend read any books you can get your hands on about fasting. The Miracle of Fasting is kind of the grandfather book about it. I think it’s great to do it once a year. Fasting is really miraculous.

And then after you fast, when your body is like a newborn baby’s body, and you go to the grocery store, you look at all the boxes of processed foods and it just doesn’t compute. Go to the produce section. Go to the meat section, the chicken section. But go to all the real whole foods and you will respond.

And more than likely you will find yourself a little bit, ugh, on the dead flesh and very attracted to the fruit. Fruit is a perfect recipe in a beautiful package. It was made by Mother Nature. You don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to measure anything. You don’t have to plan anything. You just pick it and enjoy it, and your body loves fruit. It’s the easiest thing to digest.

Vegetables are next. Rice and beans are next. Nuts and seeds are next. Your body loves it all. And, sorry, it’s fruit, and then the next complex is vegetables, and the next is grains. And then seeds and nuts, etc.

So I highly recommend fasting. I highly recommend a vegan diet. There’s a fantastic movie called Forks Over Knives. I recommend that and I’ll be recommending more videos in the future. But if you start looking up vegan and reading about it, all those videos will pop up. So I hope you enjoyed this Saturday with Cindy. It was a quickie. See you next Saturday.