It’s about women. It’s about beauty. It’s about time.

SWC 14: Sister Support


Welcome to week fourteen of Saturday With Cindy. This week we are talking about celebrating our sisters! How we can be close, honest, supportive, and trusting with one another. How we are building our community one woman at a time. Please watch this week’s video, then leave me a blog comment below letting me know your thoughts!

00:55 – Honor the struggles that women have faced in the past and still face
01:45 – Women believe they lose value as they age
02:20 – Support other women rather than competing with them
03:15 – Be honest when you feel envy and jealousy
04:30 – You can make a difference by being a positive example

Video Transcript:
Hey, it’s Saturday again. Yay! All right. So I want to talk about how we rock, women rock. Finally, we’re in the 21st century. We are free. We just don’t have two choices anymore. We are not just valued because we can bear children. That was long ago, and it’s over. We can honor that, honor that we went through that, honor all the women of generations past that suffered, that were burned at the stake, that could not vote, that had very little say about their lives.

We can help the women today in other parts of the world that are experiencing those same things, but here we are in America, Suffrage happened a hundred years ago, women’s lib 40 years ago. We ran for president, but we still have this piece deep in our psyche that leads us to believe we lose value as we age, that we have less value if we do not fit the American standard of beauty. And we still compete with each other. What is that about? We don’t need to do that anymore. A hundred years ago, yeah, we had to be the smartest, prettiest, most productive, whatever we could do to get the guy because we couldn’t survive without the guy. We were useless old maids if we weren’t married by the time we were 22 years old? And we still carry that as well. We still think our value goes down as we age or, at least, if we look like we’re aging, and we still compete with each other.

It’s a new time. Let it go. Drop that last piece that is deep down in there. Let it go and start supporting other women. Tell them the truth about how beautiful they are. If you feel jealousy or envy, talk about it, it’s OK. You’re only human but talk about it, say, “Oh my God, I want to tell you how beautiful your hair looks and how great you look in that dress. We’re about to go to a party together, and I’m feeling so less than you right now and so jealous that I don’t even want to give you a compliment.” Oh my God, the closeness that will come from your honesty, and you know what you might hear, “Oh my God, I was feeling the same way, and I didn’t want to say anything.”

Whatever that is, that may be a very trite example. That might not be anything you experienced, but let’s start talking about it all with each other. Let’s start trusting our sisters, our mothers, our daughters, our girlfriends, whatever women are in your life. I just think it’s so important, and I’ve discovered the more I do that wow, it’s really powerful to have a community of women you can trust. If we keep trusting each other and each of our communities start trusting each other, then all of those communities start trusting each other, we can do out in the world and do a lot. Each of us do our own part.

We’re not going to save the world in our generation. It’s little bits at a time. It’s each woman and man being born into a world that just has a little bit more consciousness, a little bit more awareness, a little bit more education. It will not happen in our lifetime, but we will know that living examples is affecting generations to come.

Let me know what you think. Write to your friends. Write on this blog. Create your own blog. We’re making it happen. We really are. It’s so exciting. All right. I’m done, and I will see you next Saturday.