It’s about women. It’s about beauty. It’s about time.

SWC 17: Silver Hair Rocks!


00:55 – Why “silver hair”?
04:10 – When you believe that your silver hair rocks then others will too
05:10 – Letting your hair grow without dye before judging it
07:35 – Going Gray, Looking Great by Diana Jewell
09:30 – Looking older is exciting, it’s another kind of beautiful

Video Transcript:
It’s Saturday, it’s Saturday. Heinie-ho and a ooh cha-cha.’ So do you know
where that came from? Think childhood television. ‘It’s Saturday. It’s
Saturday. Heinie ho and a ooh cha-cha’. Well if you think you know where
it’s from; write and let me know. I’ll tell you next week.

All right. So I want to talk about silver hair some more. Why do I call it
silver hair? Because silver is valuable. Gray hair. I have gray hair. I
don’t want to grow my gray hair. Gray days, gray mood. Gray has such a
negative connotation. Silver. Silver’s something you spend a lot of money
on. Something you value. Something you polish. Something that you display
in your home. Silver. People like silver. But the funny thing is, is
there’s actually no such thing as a hair that’s the color silver. Hair can
be brown, and red, and blonde, and all the shades we see it in. And then it
loses all of its color and it grows in white. But what creates the silver
cast is the white hairs mixed with the hairs that haven’t lose their color
yet. I thought that was pretty interesting. So if you have silver hair and
you are rocking it proudly. Great.

That’s the problem with being outside; you get some noise. It was really
fun when we had the thunder the other week. I remember that. We get
helicopters that go by a lot here.

But if you haven’t seen any white hairs on your head yet and you’re
wondering how you’ll deal with it when you do, or you’ve been coloring your
white hairs and you’re thinking you want to stop. It can be pretty
confronting. For all the myriad of reasons that we know, women losing their
value as they start looking older. That it is a huge subject but today
we’re going to talk specifically about silver hair. So, you’re thinking
about doing it and then you dare to stop and you see about maybe even an
inch of it in your roots. And you’re like, ‘Oh that looks terrible. It’s
dank. It’ has no depth to it. It’s awful.’ And then you dye it. Or you get
that little bit grown out and you’re thinking, ‘This is exciting. And maybe
my hairdresser will help me.’ And you go to the salon and they’re like, ‘I
don’t think so girlfriend. You’ve got to cover that. You’ve got to cover
that silver hair. OK?’ Or ‘Oh no. You’re going to look so much older than
your husband. And what are your kids going to say? And what about your
boss? You might lose your job. Honey, color that.’ Oy vey. That is
completely and totally ridiculous. Not your feelings about it, no. But the
beliefs. Beliefs are made up by humans. They are make belief.

So the good news is, you can just change it any time you want. And it
starts with you. When you believe that your silver hair rocks, other people
will too. That’s the nature of man. You can experiment with it in other
area of your life, if this particular thing is really confronting. And I
get it. I get it. I grew up in this society too. I am a woman. So what
you’re feeling is completely righteous. And only do this if you feel like
it, if you’re committed, and it’s exciting. And sometimes scary and
exciting, you know, that thrill, they go together. So I’m here to support
you, whatever you decide. If you decide on this much hair to grow it out or
not, please know that you will never, ever be able to see the beauty of
your particular mix of white and whatever color your hair was, until it
completely grows out. And I promise this is the truth. I have seen women,
they even get to about here and then they freak out because it doesn’t look
so good. Well it doesn’t look good when there’s just this much and then
you’ve got all your dyed hair below. But when it is completely grown out
and you see all the nuances and where the most white is and the least white
and the shape and how the white does this, creates these beautiful patterns
in your hair, you just won’t know how gorgeous it is. And the women that
have dared to do it, 30 years of dying and they throw that bottle in the
garbage and they wear hats and they wear wigs, or they just let the line
show. Once it’s out and they’ve cut off the last bit of dye. They’re like
giddy excited with how beautiful their hair is. And it could be pewter, it
could be salt and pepper, it could be snow white; it could be deep silver,
or bright light silvery pearl silver. Oh my G**, I mean the variety of
colors that women’s hair grows is amazing. Did I say that right? Sometimes
I listen to these Saturday with Cindy videos and I’m like, I should not be
speaking. Oh geez.

Anyway. I just so encourage if you’re really ready, don’t go by two inches.
Let her rip. And if it drives you crazy to have the line, cut your hair
really short, or wear a wig or a hat or a hair band or have your hair
dresser try to get the rest of your hair to look more like the color of
your roots so you won’t have that line. There are so many things you can
do. And the book, the queen of all the books about going silver is ‘Going
Gray; Looking Great’ written by Diana Jewel. And she was asked to write the
book. And the first question was: do I have to go gray to write it? And
they said, ‘No, no, no. You’re a writer. Just write the book.’ As she was
writing the book she got so inspired and so excited and so busy, she forgot
to color her hair and it got about three inches and she though, ‘All right.
Forget it. I’m not dying it any more.’ And on she went, writing, writing,
writing. She ended up creating this magnificent community of women which I
know many of you are in. And she had a website for a very long time. And
now she has Cafe Gray on Zetaboards. Google it and you will see photographs
of women in their 20’s all the way up to their 80’s and 90’s who never dyed
their hair, who always dyed their hair and they’re growing it out inch by
inch. They’re reporting to each other, they’re showing their new styles.
They’re showing, one inch, two inch, three inch, four inch. What they look
like photographed with their families, et cetera et cetera. And I will tell
you, I recently got a message form one of you. And I don’t know the names,
so I’m sorry. However, you said that you’ve been wearing Boom for over a
year and a half. You’ve been behind the message 100% pro-age but it didn’t
click until a Saturday or two ago and you finally the ‘a-ha’ moment and
somebody said to you, ‘Your silver hair looks very beautiful. But I have to
be honest, it makes you look older.’ And you said, ‘Thank you. That’s
wonderful.’ You got it. You got it. Looking older is good. It’s exciting.
It’s another kind of beautiful. So one inch, two inch, three inch, don’t
judge. Let it keep growing until you see it in its full glory and you will
have the most unique, beautiful, special head of hair that belongs to only
one person and that’s you.