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SWC 12: Response to Viewers Questions II


Welcome to week Twelve of Saturday With Cindy! This week we are talking about Makeup, Workouts, Facial Cleansers, Veganism, & More! Please watch the video below, then leave me a comment with your thoughts on the subject.

01:45 – Cindy recommends a great workout video
03:35 – How Cindy gets started with her daily workout
04:25 – Cindy’s favorite mascara and facial cleanser
06:15 – Experiment with different shampoos and mascaras – everyone’s hair is different
07:25 – Taking only the surplus honey from the bees
09:00 – Benefits of avoiding ingesting chemicals in your diet
13:10 – Fasting cleanses you of the harmful chemicals in your body
13:30 – Going from good to better

Video Transcript:
Good morning. It’s Saturday. Nice to see you. I’m back. Strong, rested. It’s very good that I took that time off. So, I’m gonna just do a little bit of my makeup here because I just, I’m not gonna talk about it. I’m just gonna do it and you can see what happens. I know I’ve done this before. I don’t have my glasses on because I wanted to be able to get it all the parts of my face. And, how’s the sound these days? I’ve got a little mic here. So, let me know if the sound is working.

All right. So, nothing on my face. All I’m adding is color. It looks really red right now, I know. Part of it is the camera and part of it is I’m rubbing myself. When you rub yourself you get red. And, that’s it. Talk about getting dressed up fast. Isn’t that amazing? It’s like, okay, I’m ready to go. I had a little Boom Silk on ahead of time. All right. Could comb my hair.

So I have a bunch of things I want to talk about, and one of them is my workout. I have not been back to that [inaudible 01:26] since that intense workout because I’ve been so, so busy. I went up to Springfield mass for the TV thing and then did the radio, and it just seems like I can’t get to the gym. So, I am now starting my trainer’s fitness video. It’s only 20 minutes. And, last night I pushed it. I pushed it yesterday. And, at four o’ clock I said, “That’s it, I’m going to do it.”

So, you see the kettle bells in the background over here? So, I did my 20 minute workout. I sweated like a pig, I felt great, and I only took a half an hour out of my day. So, I’m gonna do that every single day no matter what, no excuses until I get enough strength. And then I’ll go in and see that [inaudible 00:02:17] whenever I can.

Now, I haven’t told him this yet. But, I think he’ll be impressed and I think he’ll be very happy that I advertised his video on Saturday With Cindy. It’s a great video. You can get it on Amazon. It’s $15 and it’s not pretty, it’s not fancy. But, I am telling you it is an intense workout. And, you can start out with no weights, and then, add light weights, and then, keep adding heavier. I’m back to five pound dumbbells and only a five pound kettle bell. I was up all the way to a 15 pound kettle bell, which is really heavy, and 10 pound weights. And, your body will respond pretty quickly. You’ll get a little sore but just keep doing it. It’s a fantastic workout and I’m really not just telling you that because I want Fadine to, you know, be known as the great trainer of the century and sell his videos. It’s really good and you can also get it with your girlfriends, you know, and do it together. You don’t have to do it by yourself.

That’s the thing I find the very hardest is working out by myself, getting up the gumption and the wear-with-all to just do it. And one of the things that really helps is if I put on my exercise clothes, and even if I spend the couple hours avoiding it or putting my attention on other things, I always find something to do rather than exercise. Once I start, it’s like getting into character as an actor. You put on your shirt, you put on your pants, you put on your runners, then you’re ready to go. Maybe you’ll run to the store and back before you do it. Put the video in your computer on your TV screen and turn it on. And, once you start you just keep going. It really really makes a difference.

Okay, another subject. Many of you have asked me, what do I use for facial cleanser? What do I use for shampoo? What kind of mascara do I use? And I’ve told you a lot, but I’m going to tell you again. I use Bare Essentials Buxom in black Mascara. I buy it at Sephora. Bare Essentials Buxom Black Mascara.

My facial cleanser which I’ve used forever and a half is by Usana. They have a skincare line and a bath line called Sense. You can get it online under Usana or you can get it from a distributor. It’s sold like, Amway and Jack Lee, and that type of company. It’s based in Utah. And the reason I use their facial cleanser is because I can rub it all over my eyelashes and my eyes and it does not sting my eyes. And, that’s kind of a test to me for how safe it is. They don’t use preservatives. They have quite a list of ingredients. It seems like they may not be natural, but they have put a lot of attention on putting in the safest most natural products they can into their line. They also make vitamins and all kinds of other things.

I only use their facial cleanser and their shampoo and conditioner. But, if you think about it, all of our hair is totally different. So, if you have coarse hair, it may or may not work for you. You always have to experiment with shampoos, conditioners, and mascara. Because your eyelashes are made of hair and everybody’s eyelashes are different. Some of them their eyelashes get wet and they go straight. Some of them get wet and they get curly. Some of them dry differently than others. So, the mascara is an experiment. So, keep trying until you find one that works for you.

The reason why I like Buxom is because it stays soft on the eyelashes. It doesn’t flake down on to your cheeks. I only put it on the top lashes because when I put mascara on my bottom lashes, it may make my eyes looks bigger and more open, but it makes my eyes look sad. Also, I don’t like to call attention to the mascara. Back to that whole idea behind Boom which is call attention to you rather than your makeup.

Okay, sunscreen. I only use a sunscreen when it’s absolutely critical, necessary. I try to use umbrellas, clothing, buildings, shade, rather than putting those chemicals on my skin. However, if I do, I put a coat of Boom Silk or Boom Stick Glow over the area I am putting sunscreen. Let it soak in, let it do its thing, and then, I put the sunscreen on because it’s a barrier between my skin, my organs and the sunscreen.

Okay. So, what is vegan? Vegan means a lot of different things but it basically means that you do not eat, ingest or use anything from an animal. So that would include honey. So, I am obviously not a vegan. However, I don’t wanna hurt the bees. And, Boom Silk and Boom Stick Glow comes form the hive. But, we don’t take anything that the bees use. They make a massive amount of surplus. So, we only use their surplus. We don’t take what they need to survive because for us to survive and be able to make great skincare products, we want the bees to survive. And also, for humans to survive, the bees have to survive. And, there are a lot of videos out there where you can learn about what’s happening with the bee population, the cycles they go through and how critical it is that we live in harmony together. We need them and they need us. Alright. So, you could be a vegan and eat potato chips, Cola Cola and cookies all day. As long as there’s no eggs, no dairy, no butter, etc. So, let’s move away from the idea of vegan and let’s talk about eating real food. Real food grows on trees, grows on bushes, grows under the ground, grows in fields. People that like to eat carnivore, it grows is animals. But they’re all whole real things that mother nature created. Monosodium Glutamate, Benzoate of Soda, all the preservatives, all of the color additives, all of the chemicals that are being put in food are not food. So,if it needs a label, don’t eat it. That’s the bottom line of how to stay healthy.

A hundred years ago before the Industrial Revolution, we didn’t put any of that in our foods. People grew their own foods, they bought from the local farms. But, now that everything is mass grown, mass produced. So check this out. I don’t know the name of the book right now. I probably should have been prepared. But, there was a father sitting at the breakfast table with his kids and his six-year-old said, “What is this daddy? What are we eating?”. So, he looked at the label on the box and it was probably one of these sweet breakfast cereals. I just noticed that my face froze. So, I’m not sure if this is recording properly. Anyway, he started reading what is in the food and after he said flour and sugar, everything else was chemicals. And so, his daughter said, “What’s that? What’s that?” and he couldn’t answer her. And, he wanted to answer her so he started researching. He has since written a book because he discovered that one of the reasons they put so many chemicals in food, besides so it will last a really long time. Wonder bread has a shelf life of seven years. So, even though it cost more initially to make the loaf of bread, it lasts so much longer. They can keep it on the shelves, because food spoiling is what has the food industry lose money. Do they care what goes into it? I guess not.

So, when you’re making one cake at home, for you family, for six people, you’re putting a little teeny bit of baking soda or baking powder to have it rise. But, when you’re making 2,000 cakes that’s going to be distributed across the nation, you’re creating it in this huge vats, in these massive kitchens. And, when you put the cake batter in, baking soda isn’t gonna do it. They need to put in these hardcore chemicals in there to get it to rise and bubble so the batter doesn’t flatten way at the bottom of these massive vats that two people can get in and clean. So, think about it. I’m not gonna go into any more detail. Please do the research. Please go in the internet and look it up yourself. But, we don’t need those chemicals in our body. Those chemicals are not food. Just eat real food. Take an apple, eat it. If you want a steak, go get a steak that was grown by an animal that ate real food, was treated properly, was not flipped out and, you know, full of adrenaline when they killed it. And, put the things in your body that are real, that mother nature has provided for us. Are we omnivore, vegan, herbivore, frugivore. That’s a controversy, that’s a huge question each person has to figure it out for themselves. But, we’re all smart enough to know that all the added chemicals in foods to make them pretty, to make them smell good, to make them taste good are not necessary and are actually harmful to our bodies. And, that’s why I fast because if I do get some of that in my body, the body cleans it out during the fast.

Okay. Going from good to better. So, if you find things really bad in any situation, it’s a huge leap to go from bad to good. But, if you look at any situation, look at yourself, your skin, your hair, your body, your friends, your relationship, your country, your politics and you find one thing that’s good. Find one thing that’s good about your face. Do you like the shape of your lips, the shape of your eyes, your shoulders, the color of your skin, one eyebrow. All you need to find is one thing right, one thing good. And, it’s amazing what happens. It’s magical. All of a sudden you find something else that’s good and then you find something else. So, when you find something good in the first place, it always gets better. It’s pretty remarkable, it’s magical.

Okay. I’m on a roll. Should I keep going? Or, should I wait for another Saturday? Let’s see. A good philosophy is, leave the party when your having a really good time. Don’t wait until it starts to go down. Or, if you do, and there’s that low, wait for it to go back up and then jump. All right, see you next Saturday.