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SWC Week 4: Cindy on SKIN!


Welcome to week four of Saturday With Cindy! This week we are talking about Skin. Please watch this week’s video, then leave me a blog comment below letting me know your thoughts on the subject!

01:05 – Most of us don’t know how our own body works
02:15 – Cindy’s skin’s so-called “flaws”
03:25 – The skin is the largest organ and everything that goes on the skin goes in the body
04:30 – Vitalizing your body and mind with sleep, sunshine, fresh air and exercise
05:45 – The myth that you need many different kinds of skin creme
07:00 – Why you may want to use a moisturizing creme
07:50 – How Boomsilk was created from beehive products
09:00 – Why people love Boomsilk and Boomstick Glo
11:05 – The benefits of beeswax for the skin
12:45 – Using all natural and organic products

Video Transcript:
Hey, it’s Saturday again. How’re you doing? I’m sitting here in my kitchen
with my beautiful fireplace that my friend made many years ago. It has
doors on it, and I’ve got some gorgeous sunflowers there. You can see my
funky stove, and pots and pans hanging above on the kitchen wall.

What are we going to talk about today? Well, I decided that we needed to
talk about skin and our bodies. We want to pamper and put on jewelry and
makeup and do our hair and all this stuff, but what are we doing it to?
This thing that we live in. We started living in it the day we were born,
and we don’t leave our bodies until the day we die. Think about it.

Most of us know more about how our car works, how a camera works, than we
do how our own body works. Where is your spleen? Where is your pancreas,
and what does it do? Can you live without a gallbladder? What is this
machine all about? And what is also amazing is the only absolute guarantee
you have is that you’re going to be in your body until you die for the rest
of your life. People come and go, cars come and go, houses, nothing is
guaranteed, except for that.

Maybe we should learn something about it. Maybe we should know more and
more about it as time goes by. Probably we should take really, really good
care of it because this is our vehicle. This is it. You don’t get another
set of teeth, a new heart, new eyeballs. This is it.

Skin, skin, skin. In this light you can’t see all my so-called flaws, but
people often ask, “Well, you don’t have lines, you don’t have sunspots”,
but I do. I’m going to get really, really close. I don’t know if you can
see it in this light. Let’s move this. I have a little bit of makeup on
because I had to go to an audition.

All right, there you go. Now you see the texture. You see the little spots,
little pock mark. Kind of snaky skin around here, and I have this little
puff under my eye. One of my wrinkles is kind of puffy. They always retouch
that out in pictures because it makes kind of a white spot. My skin is
really thin in here. When I’m doing pictures and stuff concealer goes
there. You know, I’ve got all the stuff everybody has. Anyway, so skin.

Our skin is the largest organ on our body, and it absorbs everything you
put on it, and that goes into your organs or those patches wouldn’t work.

If you get sea sick and you go on a boat you can put on a Dramamine patch.
What does it do? It takes the drug, goes into your organs and stops you
from getting seasick. What about nicotine patches? If you’re trying to
quit smoking but you want that hit of nicotine, they do it through your
skin. It goes through your skin.

If you’re wearing cosmetics or skin creams, skin care items, they may have
a lot of things in them that are not so good for your body because your
skin is going to absorb it, and it’s going to go in there.

Think about that. Think about this body. You get one. You’ve got to use it
until you’re done with it. Why not treat it really, really well and make
sure that what you put in it and what you put on it is healthy, good and
sustains vitality, health and everything.

You can put all kinds of topical things on your skin, but what’s going to
make it the healthiest is what you put in your mouth, in your mind and in
your heart. Sleep, sunshine, fresh air, exercise! This stuff, like a lot
of exercise, because then the blood goes through it and brings it oxygen
and makes it healthy and fresh and strong and powerful.

We’ve been told so many, so many things all our lives that just aren’t
true. One of them is that you need many different types of cream. You need
an eye cream for the delicate skin around your eyes. Then you need a face
cream for the skin on your face, probably a heavier cream for your neck.
Don’t forget lip balm. Then you need a body cream, and then it’s probably a
good idea to have a foot cream. Then you definitely need a cuticle cream.
Then don’t forget, you need a night cream. Well, it’s not true.

You actually don’t need any cream if your body is creating its own
moisturizer, which it does all night long while you’re sleeping. If you
tend to have more oily skin you’ll notice around your nose, maybe when you
younger on your chin, your forehead, the famous T-zone. You’ve produced,
your skin and your body, has produced this wonderful oil custom-made for
you. Spread it around, get it into the dry areas. That’s the best
moisturizer you could ever have. The best cleanser is water.

If we lived out in nature where it was really clean and there was no
industrialization, no air pollutants, and we weren’t putting different
things on our face every day and getting kind of polluted and toxic, we
wouldn’t have to scrub our bodies from head to toe the way we do.

Considering you probably live in the suburbs or a city, that’s what you’re
going to do. What happens is you strip off this wonderful, protective
mantle that your body creates all the time. Then you’re left exposed. The
best thing to do is to replenish it with something from a jar. It’s really
the next best thing. If you don’t wear makeup, and you don’t get
particularly dirty, you can just cleanse your body with water. You don’t
have to keep laying on lotions and things because your natural moisturizer
will take care of it, but most of us don’t do that.

So, I created BOOMSilk. You know what, I didn’t even create BOOMSilk.
BOOMSilk was created by my friends, the beekeepers. What they did, is they
took what the bees created from the hive. They just scooped out that
beeswax which is full of propolis, which keeps the hive germ free. It’s an
antiseptic and it’s also a nutrient. They take the pollen and the propolis,
and they feed it to the queen, it makes her powerful and strong. They make
royal jelly out of it. It is absolutely a miracle what goes on inside of a

All the luscious things the bees make, without harming the bees and without
taking anything they need, we only take the surplus from the beehives, they
gently remove the honey. It’s got olive oil as a base with
purified water, some vitamin E and all the goodies from the beehive. You’ve
got the honey, the propolis, the bee’s wax and the pollen.

Recently I got a letter from a woman who is 67 years old, who says her
pores are getting smaller since she started using BOOMStick GLO and
BOOMSilk. They are one in the same. We just put a little more bee’s wax in
BOOMStick GLO for the convenience of a stick and a little less in BOOMSilk
for the convenience of a lotion. You can put that lotion all over your
body, you can put BOOMStick GLO all over your body.

It’s a little less practical to spread it all over your torso and your legs
and everything, so I made BOOMSilk so it would spread around a little
better, but they’re basically the same thing. The 67 year old, whose pores,
all of her life she had huge pores. It was always a concern, so she put a
lot of attention on it. She said, “I swear to you, my pores are getting
smaller since I started using this after the first two weeks.” She said,
“I know the difference between ‘appears’ to make your pores smaller or if
it’s actually doing it.”

Now these are all things that I never claimed. I never claimed that all
this would happen, because I didn’t really know. I knew that it made my
skin much better. I used it for about two years before I asked them if I
could actually start selling it. I just want to make sure I don’t leave
anything out.

A lot of women and girls ask me, “Will it clog my pores?” Well, I’m not
quite sure why I would have made any kind of a product that would clog
pores? Bee’s wax will not clog your pores. Real, natural bee’s wax does not
clog your pores. It’s malleable, it melts, and it gets absorbed by your
skin, and the bee’s wax is what holds all those nutrients. It also sets up
the protective mantle that your skin naturally creates. You’ll notice when
you put it on a lot of it is absorbed and some of it stays on top which
creates this wonderful protective barrier between your skin and the outside
world. It also holds in all the goodies.

I can’t say enough good stuff about this. I didn’t make it. I just said,
“Hey, bees go to work. Friends, put it in a jar.” Then I deliver it to
you. That’s what BOOMSilk and BOOMStick GLO is all about. They are made by
my friends, the beekeepers, on the North Shore of Hawaii, and BOOMStick
Color and BOOMStick Glimmer are made by a cosmetic company. Two totally
different things.

BOOMSilk and BOOMStick GLO are all-natural, which means nothing that goes
into it has ever been touched by pesticides, poisons. That’s it, and if you
didn’t know this already, it’s all on the website. If you’re going to the
website, read everything. Read the ingredients, read the details, watch the
demo videos. They really work, they’re really helpful. Have your
girlfriends do it. Have your daughters, your nieces, your friends and
everybody do it, because it really makes a difference. I worked so hard on
the website, and I’d really like you to just soak up all the good, juicy
information that’s there.

I hope this was fun, and I hope you enjoyed your Saturday with Cindy. Stay
tuned. I’ll be back next Saturday.