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077: Taking Joy in Life

A fan just asked me this very personal question:

“I’ve always worn a ton of makeup. I’d like to wear less, but I still want to feel beautiful—do you have any advice for me?” 

We’ve all been there. Don’t you feel for her? Well, gave her some advice in this video (and I think we could all use it from time to time)

0:08 Cindy was on TV in Sacramento
0:30 We’re live let’s talk
1:10 BOOM! and Sunscreen
1:44 Dark circles and puffy eyes
2:12 Dark circles can be sexy and smokey
2:40 How to cover dark circles
3:15 Boomstick Color
3:44 Applying Boomstick Color
4:09 A Fantastic question from Michelle
4:23 You are already beautiful!
4:37 What makes you attractive
5:18 All about Boomstick Trio
5:53 Having fun with makeup
6:26 Holiday specials are coming
7:00 I’ll be back!

Video Transcript
Cindy: Hey, we’re live on Facebook! Yo! It’s really a fun way to drop in and say hi to you guys and give you some news. I just was on television in Sacramento.

It’s called Good Day Sacramento. We got two spots. I made up a couple women, demonstrated BOOMSTICK color, talked about BOOMSILK, talked about the pro-age revolution.

You can check it out on Facebook here. We’re gonna post the videos for you. So, I’m live. I’m here. We can talk. Do you have any questions?

Interviewer: We got a question that just came in, Cindy, and the first one is, what sunscreen do you use and how do you use that sunscreen along with BOOM?

Cindy: Okay, good question. I actually don’t use cream sunscreen.

Interviewer: Saying no audio.

Cindy: Oh, no audio? Can you hear me now, everybody? Hello, hello? Testing, testing.

Interviewer: Says he got audio.

Cindy: Okay, good. I’m gonna do a little striptease here. Okay, sunscreens. So, I have never found a sunscreen that has the ingredients I feel comfortable spreading all over my body.

So I use clothing, hats, umbrellas, buildings, shade. I enjoy being in the sun, I like to swim, I like to hike, etc.

And there are ways to protect yourself other than sunscreen lotions. But stay tuned because I’m working on a little secret formula you may find out about very soon.

Interviewer: Okay, I’ve got another question here. Women want to know what do you do about dark circles or puffy eyes?

Cindy: You know, dark circles can be very natural. If you have ancestry from Eastern Europe, sometimes French, there are different ancestries and heritages that bring dark circles.

And when I was a makeup artist back in the early ’80s in France, we used to purposely put dark circles on the models that were in Vogue Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, etc., and it made them look sexy and smoky and interesting.

So they can be considered beautiful and a part of what makes a woman attractive.

What I suggest is talk to your physician and find out if you have dark circles because of a health problem. That’s a whole ‘nother story.

In the meantime, if you do not want them to show, you can use a concealer.

I do not sell concealers but there are thousands of them out there.

Make sure they match your skin tone exactly, and put on as little as possible because when you add makeup and powders and concealers to your skin, you amplify the texture of your skin.

You’re adding more textures. So you kind of have to give and take.

Interviewer: Okay. Another question coming in. Are you going to make BOOMSTICK in other colors?

Cindy: You know, I’ve been asked that again and again and again. I use BOOMSTICK color on every complexion.

You may find that if you see a demo video… In fact, on this Good Day Sacramento, you may notice that it looks a little pink. That’s actually not the color.

The color is very sheer. It’s not too light. It’s not too dark. It’s not too pink. It’s not too blue. It’s not too orange. It’s not too red.

It’s a universal color, and it has to do with how you apply it.

You can tap it and rub it in, or you can swipe it. It depends on how dark or light your complexion is.

And yes, I’ve thought about it. You can let me know if that’s something you really want, but I refuse to do twelve different colors to match your favorite outfit.

It’s about looking natural and looking like your circulation is revved up, as it naturally does when you’re having a good time.

Interviewer: We just got a question from Michelle Hardy. She says, “I have always worn a ton of makeup.

I am looking to wear much less but I still want to feel beautiful. Do you have any advice for me?”

Cindy: Oh Michelle, my heart goes out to you. You already are beautiful.

Wash your face and don’t wear a stitch of makeup for an entire week. If you want to get dressed up, use jewelry, use clothing, use your spirit.

What makes you attractive is not your complexion and the size of your nose and the shape of your derriere. What makes you attractive is how much joy you’re taking in your life.

Makeup is just for fun. It’s just an add-on, it is not necessary to look beautiful. If you want to look like you take care of yourself, be as healthy as you can, groom yourself well.

And…okay. Another question?

Okay, I’m talking to my tech guy here. We just had a moment.

Another thing that you might want to know, when you are happy, your circulation revs up and you get color.

That’s what BOOMSTICK color is all about. When your skin is healthy, it’s dewy, it glows. That’s what BOOMSILK and BOOMSTICK Glow is all about.

And BOOMSTICK Glimmer is a little bling. You also become radiant.

Your skin actually kind of creates a shimmer when you’re really feeling good and experiencing lots of pleasure. Wink, wink. BOOMSTICK Glimmer is all about radiance.

So you can have fun with makeup and still look completely natural.

And a lot of women that are kind of moving from a lot of makeup to very little, they love the BOOMSTICK Trio because you can feel like you’ve put a little bit of…not the word bling… You’re sort of helping yourself appreciate how you naturally become glowy and beautiful with a little bit of help from the BOOMSTICK Trio.

Interviewer: And anything special for the holidays?

Cindy: Oh yes, yes, yes, yes! We’ve got three BOOM bags.

So if you want to get your friends, your family or yourself a really fun holiday gift,  we’re gonna put these packages together.

So you can get a little BOOM bag of the basic essentials, or you can get a big BOOM bag of the whole family of BOOM products, in different sizes.

We’ll explain it all online. You’ll get all the information very soon.

So that’s it, guys. If we don’t have any more questions, I’m gonna head out but I will be back live on Facebook. See you soon.