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What’s “Pro-age Makeup” Again?

It’s no mystery why so many companies sell “anti-aging” beauty products.

Around the world, countless advertisers, websites and beauty companies are responding to all the negative ideas about aging that exist in our society.

Almost from birth, we are inundated with messages that say, “youth is the only form of beauty.” That’s especially the case for women. We are subtly and pervasively educated to avoid, hide, hold back or even fear passing what they call “a certain age.” 

It’s a little absurd when you think about it. 

We all want long, passionate, interesting lives… but we’re taught to hide (or even fear) our age, while we’re actually living out those long lives? It’s ridiculous. 

Our Boom founder, Cindy Joseph, recognized this hypocrisy. 

Cindy was always quick to point out another truth… that all those societal ideas about aging are actually made-up. They’re man-made myths that we created in our society. 

If we invented all these negative ideas, then we can challenge them. We can replace all those myths with something else… something more positive that celebrates who we are… something that recognizes that every age welcomes a new form of beauty.

That’s the idea of being pro-age. Let’s take a closer look at what this means… 

You become “more” as you age, always.

When you adopt a pro-age point of view, you free yourself from the myth that aging somehow makes you less. 

At BOOM!, we think aging makes you more. 

It makes you more intelligent. It makes you more experienced. It makes you more confident. It makes you more talented in multiple areas. It makes you more of an expert in your chosen field.

It also makes you more qualified to handle anything life can throw at you—whether that means raising your children, building your career, reinventing yourself, helping out with your grandchildren, or facing any other challenges.

And yes, it makes you more beautiful. 

It’s the kind of beauty that comes from decades of experience of being yourself, and being happy with who you are. It’s the beauty of being comfortable in your own skin. (Something that’s not always easy when you’re figuring out who you are in your 20s, 30s, and even 40s.)

So how does makeup fit into all this? 

Once you see yourself as “more” as you age… 

And once you let go of all these “anti-aging” myths that say we should hide our real ages (or even fear reaching that “certain age” they like to talk about)… 

Makeup becomes something entirely different. 

It’s not something that hides what we really look like, like a mask to separate our beautiful faces from the world. It’s no longer an “anti-aging” tool to make us try to look like someone else.

Makeup becomes something that’s just for fun. It’s just for our pleasure. It’s like an amazing piece of jewelry that we love to wear, or a fun outfit that brings out our natural beauty, and makes us feel like our best. 

That’s exactly what “pro-age makeup” is designed to do. 

Our founder, Cindy designed our entire Boom line to be the opposite of “anti-aging” makeup. It’s intended to be fun, simple and pleasurable. It’s designed to reveal—rather than conceal—your own natural beauty. It’s intended to make you look (and feel) your best at every age.

A few pro-age makeup tips to get you started…

Looking to experiment with a more pro-age look? Here are a few tips…

–Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. When you moisturize, you bring out your skin’s natural, healthy radiance. The more you moisturize, the less likely you are to want heavy foundation or concealers to cover-up your skin. We suggest starting with a full-body moisturizer that’s made with all-natural ingredients like our Boomsilk or a moisturizing serum like our Boom Nectar

–Skip the matte-based cosmetics. Matte-based cosmetics tend to dull any skin’s natural radiance. Try cream-based cosmetics instead like our Boomstick Trio. 

–Stick to cosmetics that reveal, rather than conceal, what you look like. Use cosmetics that allow your natural features to show through. For example, try a simple mascara instead of heavy liners that change your eye shape. 

–Give yourself a look of happiness. Every woman looks her best when she’s happy. You can create this look of happiness by applying our Boomstick Color everywhere you naturally blush. 

Those are just a few ideas. We’d love to hear your thoughts below. 

Are you already using pro-age makeup like our Boomstick Trio or Boomstick Color? If so, how? We’d love to hear how you’re using BOOM! In the comments below.